Fiat Is Readying An Expanded Family Of New ‘500’ Models

Fiat is planning to cash in on the popularity of the 500 with a new, and expanded, range of its stylish city car.

According to Autocar, a recent high-level meeting at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Turin design center last month, led by Fiat chief executive, Oliver François, saw the car manufacturer commit to its flourishing city car business as well as a selection of larger vehicles.

“Fiat has a double mission. Urban mobility is core today, but at the same time, it means family transportation. In southern Europe, this is especially true,” François said.

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“For our future product plan, we need the right balance between the two dimensions: the Fiat 500 family and family transportation. There will be no big cars, no premium cars, no sporty cars because they have no legitimacy. We will be present in the C-segment [Ford Focus class] but not much more. All models will sit within 3.5m and 4.5m (11.4 feet to 14.7 feet). This is where Fiat will play. We need more EVs. And we need more 500 models that look legitimate enough to take higher pricing,” the chief executive confirmed.

Leading the charge will be an electric successor to the 500. This model is expected to abandon the three-door design of the current model in favor of a compact five-door arrangement that includes small suicide rear doors like the BMW i3 and the classic Mazda RX-8. In addition, Fiat will drop the 500X SUV from its line-up and effectively replace it with a successor to the classic 500 Giardiniera estate.

Fiat is also planning an all-new Panda, which is set to arrive in 2021 with styling inspired by the Centoventi concept. An all-electric variant will be offered roughly two years after the car’s launch. Another model said to be in the works is a replacement to the Tipo expected to take the shape of a small SUV that could be based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade and forthcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale.

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  • WalthamDan

    “Another model said to be in the works is a replacement to the Tipo expected to take the shape of a small SUV that could be based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade.”

    Isn’t that the 500X?

    • J. P.

      I agree, isn’t the successor of the 500 Giardiniera supposed to replace the 500X?

  • Bash

    I bet on series of EVs and hybrids and probably some sort of an EV-SUV version.

    • USOZ

      FIAT should just leave the NA market. Sales continue to be abysmal no matter what they try.

  • StrangerGP

    Their plans always make me laugh. Sure let’s ditch Tipo because we don’t want to spend money on building new engines and instead let’s spend money on constructing a small SUV even though we already have the 500X.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    So the X is being dropped ? Considering it’s an SUV?
    and replace it with the 500 estate?

    Don’t you mean the 500L ?

    Surely the X will remain as there “suv”

    • “Tipo expected to take the shape of a small SUV that could be based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade” it might get a new name? dunno why…

  • USOZ

    FIat is a joke! It’s best if you drop it from the North American market.

  • Richard Taylor

    None of these statements from Fiat are particularly new – even for Fiat. Their portfolio (at least in Europe) is already focused on cars smaller than the Ford Focus with the exception of the roadster. The only surprise (not really) is that there’s still no actual replacement for the 500 or it’s derivatives. The L is dreadful, but hopefully they can make a go of the new styles when they get around to the next gen, and without messing up the proportions.

  • WalthamDan
  • so Panda, 500 family, and Tipo family?

    can we please get the Tipo, and Tipo CUV in the states as a new Dodge Neon and Caliber? or Neon CUV? or whatever? learn from your errors with the Dart, with Ford and GM pulling out you’ll have a bigger market window for a new Neon!

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Why would they not properly replace the 500x? It’s like the biggest growing segment – small suvs lol. However, I’m not surprised. This is a company that never replaced the Punto, which at one time was Europes best selling car. Can you imagine Ford not replacing the Fiesta or VW the Polo? These guys are crazy.

  • Hot Twink

    replacement to the Tipo expected to take the shape of a small SUV that could be based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade…

    Which is not a Jeep platform. The Renegade is based on the Fiat Small Wide platform.

    The Renegade and Compass (also based on stretched Small Wide) are Fiats with Jeep badges.

  • Alexandro Pietro

    It´s specially true that this range is to more to please concorrents than enthusiasts or public in general…

  • J. P.

    But what if they decide to replace both the 500L/500X with a single vehicle? The 500 Giardiniera estate could clearly do the job of replacing both models

  • robotlogic

    Purchasing Fiat in the US is the best way to experience instant 50% depreciation. You are better off donating 50% of your Fiat $ to charity and leasing a new Civic instead. Trust me on this!

  • Marco Moioli

    It is madness that FCA would invest in expanding 500 into a proper subbrand when it has so many prestigeous and underfunded brands already. Lancia, Dodge, Chrysler need money thrown at them. now.

  • SavetheCamaro

    Sorry, that’s not happening. Fiat may have a possibility to leave the US anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean its cars go under either the Dodge or Chrysler brands. This means they leave with the brand that created them. Ram will build its own vans from scratch, just like they did for their award-winning and cash-hungry pickup trucks. Ram should have SUVs and crossovers in its lineup, especially since Jeep added a pickup truck to its SUV and crossover dominated lineup earlier this year.

    • That Redman Guy

      I agree… though I think crossovers wouldn’t fit for a brand like RAM. Maybe RAM needs mid-size and compact pickups and true SUVs, and that’s that.

  • That Redman Guy

    I like your take on FCA and why they need to get their act together. If I ran FCA worldwide, here’s what I would do to the global lineup other than drastically and painstakingly increase its reliability to a make it a major player in automotive industry. It would go like this:

    All they really need is FIAT, Alfa Romeo*, Maserati, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM.


    All they mostly need are small cars, but FIAT still needs to be a major player in FCA’s portfolio.

    The Centoventi (a.k.a the new Panda) will continue to be an A-segment vehicle albeit all-electric.

    However, this means the new all-electric 500 (not to be confused with the 500e) will be 5-door B-segment, replacing the recently discontinued Punto. There will be a sportier Abarth variant so it won’t completely waste the nameplate.

    The Tipo, 500L, and Qubo will be replaced by different three vehicles—one being a B-segment crossover also replacing the 500X, another that is going to be a C-class vehicle competing with the Mini Clubman, and the final one being a people carrier also replacing both the 500L Living/MPW variant (a.k.a the 500XL) and the long discontinued Freemont.

    The B-SUV (replacing the Tipo, 500L, Qubo, Punto, and 500X) will still be called 500X. Everything will be the still be the same. However, there will be a sportier Abarth version as well to compete with sportier version(s) of the Nissan Juke (e.g. Nissan Juke Nismo).

    The 500 Giardiniera (replacing the Tipo (in class), 500L, Punto, and Qubo) will be C-class compact bridging the gap between hatchback and estate wagon. This will compete with the Mini Clubman.

    A new seven-seater commercial van (replacing the 500L MPW/Living, Qubo, Freemont, Fiorino, and Doblò) will be presented in its lineup replacing the previous Fiorino, as well as the Qubo and Doblò, and this will be the NEW Fiorino. Everything will be same like the vehicles; however, the Trekking variant will be more a lot more off-road-oriented. There should be a FIAT and RAM version.

    In fact, the Talento will have the same Trekking 4×4 treatment see in the Fiorino as well. Moreover, the Doblò Maxi/Doblò XL will be replaced by the Talento as well. Once again, there should be a FIAT amd RAM version as well.

    Of course, this means the new Fiorino will also be replace by the commercial versions of the Doblò and the old Fiorino. (See RAM)

    The 500C and Miata-based 124 Spider will both replace by a single all-electric roadster/two-seater coupe in co-production with Alfa Romeo called 500 Spider/Berlinetta. There will be an Abarth version.

    The new generation FIAT Toro will be introduced to Europe and North America from Latin America replacing the Strada and the Mitsubishi-based Fullback. Once again, there will be an Abarth variation. There should be both a FIAT and RAM version.

    The Ducato will be the same until a generation is in the works. This would probably be created from scratch. (See RAM)

    ==FIAT Professional==

    There’s really no need for FIAT Professional to exist since they have RAM. Fiat’s commercial division should be merged into RAM. (See below)


    Ram should be the same except for some minor changes.

    The Ducato should be the RAM Promaster

    The commercial versions of the Talento will be the Promaster Rapid

    The commercial versions of the New Fiorino mentioned above should be the Promaster City

    The commercial versions of the Toro/RAM 1000 should be the Dakota.

    The Strada/RAM 700 should be the Scamper


    It should be the same. Just add the Grand Wagoneer.


    Should be the same. Make some fresh new models, increase reliability, and give some spotlight to Alfa Romeo

    ==Alfa Romeo*==

    Needs more attention with some minor changes.

    The MiTo is replaced by a subcompact crossover of the same name.

    The Tonale company SUV is introduced to the lineup.

    *Alfa Romeo could also be better sold off a company like Groupe PSA.


    The three companies—Chrysler, Lancia, and Dodge—needs to be merged into company. I chose Dodge because it is a brand that has more prowess more than Chrysler and even Lancia. Besides, both Chrysler and Lancia are lost causes. At least with Chrysler wanted to be a mobility brand and Lancia has a heritage of more iconic vehicles such as the Delta Integrale, Stratos, Fulvia, Flavia, Thema, et cetera. But FIAT ruined those nameplates to Lancia’s ruin a long time ago and there is no point using Chrysler to be the mobility brand when I can just use or Guinea pig FIAT, RAM, or even Dodge to be mobility brand(s).

    After the merger, here is what should be the lineup for this new Dodge iteration:

    The Delta from Lancia should be a Dodge C-segment vehicle of the same nameplate so at least an iconic is still used from the Lancia days. The Lancia Ypsilon and Musa should also be replaced by a crossover variant of this new “Dodge Delta.” Incidentally, it also replaced the Dodge Neon sold in Mexico and the long discontinued Dodge Dart. It is based on the same platform as the new 500X and/or 500 Giardiniera. (see FIAT) There will be an SRT trim level.

    The Chrysler Pacifica would now be the Dodge Pacifica or the Dodge Voyager, and this van should be completely distinct from the Talento and the Fiorino and their RAM derivatives (see FIAT and RAM)

    The Dodge Challenger and Charger will be based on the Giorgio platform.

    The Charger will replace its previous generation. However, considering the sales of full-size/non-luxury E-segment vehicles have have been dwindle by crossovers, the Charger will be a mid-size vehicle, thus also replacing the long-discontinued Chrysler 200.

    Subsequently, the Chrysler 300, on the other hand, will be replaced by three-row, mid-size crossover based on the Jeep Grand Commander called the Dodge Aspen (named after the Chrysler Aspen SUV) and a more expensive trim level of the Charger called the Dodge Charger Imperial.

    The Dodge Journey will be replaced by the Dodge Aspen. The Dodge Durango would be downsized as a compact SUV based on the Giorgio platform.

    … And that’s my suggestion if FCA was run under me. What did you guys think?

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