Karma GT Set To Stun Pebble Beach Visitors At North American Debut

Those heading to California for the 2019 Monterey Car Week will get to see a large selection of premieres, one of which is going to be the Karma GT.

Designed by Pininfarina as part of a partnership between the two companies that was announced in January, the stunning coupe joins the Revero GT and SC1 Vision Concept and previewing Karma’s aspirations for the future, in the short and long run.

The Karma GT is inspired by the Revero GT, albeit with two less doors and custom body panels beautifully crafted by the Italian design house.

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The interior of the concept is also different and features plush materials such as white leather and some tech, like the infotainment system, incorporated into the dashboard, plus a digital instrument cluster.

“Presenting to Pebble Beach our strategic relationship with a Southern California-based brand is perfectly aligned to Pininfarina’s growth strategy in the North American market”, said Pininfarina’s Sales and Marketing Director, Giuseppe Bonollo. “We bring to the U.S. our expertise in design, in the creation of customized luxury vehicles and in premium brand lifestyle. We are sure that the stunning electric GT we designed for Karma will be very much appreciated by Pebble Beach collectors.”

The Karma GT’s future is still undetermined, as depending on the feedback it gets, it could make it into production. Even if it gets greenlit, the vehicle will be offered in a very limited number, which should keep the interest of collectors high. Should it hit assembly, it will be put together in Italy by Pininfarina.

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  • Mynameis Taylor

    why didn’t they show the rear?

    • PhilMcGraw

      You can see it on Karma’s website.

  • Mynameis Taylor
  • Nick Hebert

    Pure vaporjunk! And if it does arrive one day, it will not hold up against a Tesla whatsoever. I’m not sure why anyone would buy a Fisker product other than purely for it’s looks. He hypes his cars up then doesn’t deliver on his claims.

    • europeon

      But a hell of a good looking vaporjunk.

    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      Uhh, this Karma GT is not a Fisker product. Karma is entirely different company and has no association with Henrik Fisker. That being said, the fact that Karma is still using one of Fiskers designs from years ago says a lot about his design talent.

      • Nick Hebert

        It’s just a rebranded Fisker. The assets are still the same and were purchased by Wanxiang. I still remain skeptical.

    • Matt

      Tesla fanboys are so sensitive.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Hmm..sounds like a description of Elon Musk to me.

      At least you agree this thing looks fab.

      • Nick Hebert

        I don’t recall Fisker being any kind of success, much less outselling everything in it’s class. Oh wait, Elon delivered on the car he promised and hyped up while upending the industry and getting praise from other auto CEO’s for it. Move along now.

        • Andrewthecarguy

          Lol. ok. let’s highlight only the information we like.
          How long did the Model 3 take to come to market again? With electric tape fixes no less.
          Stand proud as a Tesla fanboi that you are. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But…be honest. Everything else is not fashionable even in today’s interwebs world 🙂

          • Nick Hebert

            How long to market? Do you realize how difficult the car industry is to break into for a new car company out of ones with a century of experience and capital and resources? And does it even matter how long it took? Obviously they didn’t have competition to worry about because the other auto’s are dinosaur’s who didn’t buy into electric. Now look at them – all scrambling to catch up. Tape fixes? You must love buying into FUD headlines with zero proof behind them (and I know the one you’re referring to as well). Zero reported cars from owners about tape fixes in my group of 30,000+ owners and Tesla responded to it vigilantly denying it. It’s okay to remain ignorant, you aren’t going to slow down their success any one bit, and that’s just fine because there are hundreds of thousands of others who will continue to build it (including many friends of mine who will be buying Teslas soon).

          • Andrewthecarguy

            Wow, NH, so personal with it. Does Tesla pay you? I wouldn’t mind getting in on that gig.
            Back to the topic tho. You said in your original post: hypes his cars and then does not deliver. That’s what I am after here. Musk is notorious for hyping then not delivering…on time as was the case with the Model 3. And the fiasco it took to actually arrive at the promised $30k Tesla.
            Anyhoo, yes electric is the future. but Tesla is in danger once the big guns decide to fully enter the market.
            As an American, I am VERY proud of Tesla, just not a fan of Mr. Musk, even if I do admire his vision.

          • Nick Hebert

            Look, I’m defniitely not paid by Tesla and I certainly don’t think they’re a perfect company – in fact they have many different issues I can attest to. But my point is that if you know the history of Fisker, Tesla is nothing like it. And yes Tesla will face fierce competition no doubt. It’s only a matter of time before the rest catch up. But I don’t think Tesla is resting on is laurels either. They have a lot of talent in house and as long as they keep innovating, they might be able to survive.

          • Andrewthecarguy

            Tesla will more than survive, Elon musk will make sure of it. i just wish they’d do more and do better. It is not that hard, they’ve proved it before.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The person who designed that front fascia should be shot on sight. Ruins the whole design.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Too much like it anyway. i guess to keep the Fiskar loyals happy?
      I would have rather preferred a large iPad like touch screen. that’s the future.

  • pcurve

    wish they’d changed the interior… it looks exactly like the old one.

  • TechLegend

    That front end looks like a sharper edged supra. Definitely not a Fiskar design… which was the single reason why any of the original Karmas sold.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I think Pinifarina has done an excellent job of conveying “Fiskar-ness” in this design. One look and you know it is a Fiskar product.

  • Cool guy

    Definitely, those skinny headlights and tail lights would never make it to production anyway!

  • robotlogic

    Looks amazballz!

  • Smith

    The only stunning thing is that this is another re-work of a very, very old Fisker design that has never taken off and does not appear to be doing so even now, 20 years later. Boring, very boring. NOT STUNNING.

  • kDawg

    Why is the front hood so big and long? Is there a V12 under that sucker or something? Doesn’t make any sense if it’s an EV. I would rather have more leg room.

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