Karma Unveils 2020 Revero GT With New Face And 528HP, Plus GT Coupe, SC1 Speedster Concept

Chinese-backed Karma Automotive has revealed the new Revero GT, a heavily revised version of the hybrid saloon that was originally known as the Fisker Karma, as well as the new Pininfarina GT coupe and the SC1 Vision Concept.

The new Karma Revero GT features a redesigned bodywork and a new “world-class” hybrid electric powetrain that uses a BMW-sourced TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder petrol engine as a range-extender.

The combined output is claimed to be 528hp (535PS) while the battery pack comes with a capacity of 28kWh. Karma says that the new Revero GT offers 80 miles (128km) of pure electric range and a 0-62mph (100km/h) in 4.5 seconds.

Karma Automotive will launch the new Revero GT in Europe and the Middle East by next year, with China to follow in 2021, according to the company’s CEO Dr. Lance Zhou.

Karma Pininfarina GT Coupe

Created in collaboration with Pininfarina, the new GT Coupe is essentially a 2020 Revero GT with a brand new two-door bodywork on top, retaining the same hybrid electric powetrain. The seductive coupe, which also features a redesigned interior wrapped in white and off-white leathers, is finished in Bone Gray with a contrasting black roof.

Karma Automotive says that if there’s enough interest, they will put the Pininfarina GT Coupe into limited production, with Pininfarina to build them in their facilities in Italy.

Karma SC1 Vision Concept

Last but not least we have the SC1 Vision Concept, which was created to preview the brand’s future full-electric plans. The impressive electric roadster features clean lines and huge butterfly doors that when opened provide access to the luggage area as well.

The full electric study also features Karma’s future take on infotainment systems that includes 5G connectivity as well as touch, voice, eye and graphical interfaces for “seamless interaction” with the vehicle.

“Taken together, our Shanghai Big Three shows what Karma is today, what Karma can be tomorrow, and where Karma is heading in the future,” Zhou said.

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  • Dennis James

    The Pininfarina body looks vastly better, they build that instead.

    • Mike anonymous

      To my knowledge they will be building it. It and the Revero are the two production vehicles they showed off.

  • HawkeyeVG

    Pininfarina = turd!!!

  • Matteo Tommasi

    They should have asked Pininfarina to redesign the Revero instead

  • That Ross Chap

    The Pininfarina concept looks fantastic, but probably will never reach production, and the ‘Vision’ concept looks a billion other concepts from the 2000s and 2010s that never went anywhere; but far more disappointing is the Karma Revero, which does nothing to improve upon the original Fisker Karma, just taking most of its design from it, but neutering the front of it, replacing the distinct and beautiful front of the original with a dull, cheaper and older looking design. What a disappointment.

  • Denzel

    The fisker was way prettier in the front compared to this redesign. The coupes front should have been used

    • donald seymour

      You are so on point.

  • McFly
    • Mike anonymous

      Looks like a Fishker.

      But doesn’t like… every other car out there?

      • Nordschleife


  • lapirk

    that face belongs on a gaboon’s bottom

  • Brian Regan

    Definitely a big step in the right direction. The Vision concept is a big miss for me, though.

  • Nordschleife

    It’s not enough Karma. That front end looks like the Model S pre-refresh. When this came out it was a stunner and now its just meh.

    • ErnieB

      Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Leconte Dave

    Look like a duck

  • Mike anonymous


    #1 : Karma Pininfarina GT Coupe is NOT a concept. This is the (limited) production Model.
    The Pininfarina GT Coupe is not a concept car. They are showing off 2 production models and One concept. The ReveroGT will sit alongside the outgoing Revero until the outgoing model is phased out.


    The Pininfarina GT Coupe is based on the new ReveroGT and that will be a limited production model (meaning it will be produced as you see it here). It is being built to celebrate & “represent a partnership with the design and engineering firm—and, according to Karma, it offers an alternative design interpretation.”. Essentially they will be bespoke models, BUT it is something you can buy and something that actually drives on the road.

    #2 : The Revero GT; Not A Facelift, Instead It Is A ‘Heavy Refresh’. New Seats, Updated Interior (higher quality), Completely New Body-Pannels/Sheet-Metal. & New Powertrain.
    Now it may not look like it, but the ReveroGT is completely new on the exterior. It’s hard to see a lot of the new details just by a first look (due to the ‘not the best’ photography) Hopefully better ‘in the flesh‘ photographs will be made available soon.


    They’ve Added about 30 extra miles of Pure EV range (80 miles total), and have switched to a BMW sourced Engine for improved vehicle efficiency performance. As for the interior actually taking a look at the real photographs, the quality materials and most everything has been completely re-done and the seats are all new as well.

    #3 : The Only Concept Vehicle is the Vision GT (the orange car).
    … That’s really about it. It’s a concept vehicle that previews what they envision for the future. (I don’t have much to say about it)… It looks nice I suppose.


    Overall the future seems promising for Karma Automotive, and they are really carving out a path for themselves separate from Fisker Automotive (which the two companies do not share any linkage between other than the patents they bought from Fiskers’ Bankruptcy). The Vision GT is a nice concept, there isn’t really a whole lot I have to say about it. The Revero GT in my opinion is a great update/addition to the Revero line-up, Hopefully we will have a more detailed look at the vehicle because from what I’ve been able to find (across the WWW) is very little, but what very little I’ve found shows a lot more updates to the vehicle then what is shown here. Finally the Pininfarina GT Coupe,.. it’s not the best design in the world,.. but my goodness is it nice. If I was in the market for one I would sure (the GT Coupe specifically) look to have one to call my own.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Thank you for the clarification. And I couldn’t have said it better myself, that GT Coupe is something the car design world has needed for a long time, Paninfarina has been on such a roll lately. It would be a dream come true if Polestar, Lincoln, Tesla, or Aston came out with a big show-stopping gran tourer like this, the only large gran tourer’s we have like this are from Mercedes.

      ( I’m excluding Bentley and Rolls Royce because of price and design limitations, and Masserati and Jaguar because of financial troubles. )

  • Dude

    They ruined the front end! Why?! It was so good. What a tragedy. At least the Pininfarina model looks nice. A combo Californian/Italian super hybrid coupe sounds amazing.

  • So now it looks like a Sad fish… The GT coupe looks like a Supra based on an Aston DB11 with Revero tail lights… All this is not very exciting. Too bad the looks is all what the Karma had going on.

  • raikkonen

    Over the next two years:
    Slow sales/limited interest…management shakeup….announce they’ve hired a new Chief Designer and/or CEO….zero cash flow….lose financial backing….file for bankruptcy

    • HawkeyeVG

      Ding Ding Ding!!! You are correct sir! They should actually remove their own management from design decisions, like they did with the Pininfarina concept…

  • ErnieB

    That interior was really nice back in 2005.. now it looks really really old!

    • Mike anonymous

      That interior was originally designed in 2009/2010. It was designed to have a ‘retro-futuristic‘ look (hence why it may look ‘old‘).

  • Michael_66589

    Three cylinder sport car lol.

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