New 2020 Corvette C8 Convertible Looks And Sounds The Part

A prototype of the upcoming 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible has been spied testing with very minimal camouflage painted in what appears to be either Sebring Orange or Torch Red.

Following the launch of the new Corvette roughly three weeks ago, Chevrolet has stripped away the camouflage from most of its prototypes with the exception of some Convertible testers doing the rounds. Most of this car’s exterior is free from camouflage except for the rear decklid, engine cover, and roof.

A teaser video previously released by Chevrolet for the new Corvette Stingray Convertible has already revealed that the car will receive a pair of buttresses directly behind the passenger cell. The design looks very promising.

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This particular spy video of the car also takes a look at the high-end leather interior of the car clad almost entirely in red. Behind the wheel of the prototype appears to be Corvette and Camaro product marketing manager Harlan Charles.

We know that the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible will premiere this fall alongside the C8.R race car. With the release of these models, the C8 Corvette family will grow to three and in the coming years, the range will inevitably expand further.

In all likelihood, the Corvette droptop will feature the same 6.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine as the coupe, pumping out an identical 490 hp or 495 hp with the optional sports exhaust available alongside the Z51 Performance Package. Power will be sent exclusively through the rear wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission providing lightning-fast gear changes.


  • TheBelltower

    I’m a huge fan of the new C8. But there is a simple elegance to the traditional round Corvette tail lights. These are really busy looking. The Ford GT and the 812 Superfast are perfection.

  • Ben

    What IS the difference between “spyder” and “convertible”? A “roadster” is a model that absolutely has no roof, correct? I’ve always understood that a “spyder” is essentially a convertible, but in mid-engine format while a convertible is what traditional cars are called. But I’ll admit I’m confused and never really looked into it, I like hard tops.

    • trucks doing sedan stuff

      Roadsters are lightweight, purpose built 2 seaters usually without excessive power. They’re neither muscle cars or of course supercars. Convertibles are usually drop top versions of hard top cars though technically include include roadsters and “spyders” because the car “converts” from having a roof to not having one. Spyders are typically sports car/supercar convertibles. Convertibles include all the above and non sports/sporty/supercars with drop tops like convertible sedans and non-sporty 2 doors.

      • Ben

        I found an answer that seems really agreeable and echos some of the points you’ve made. It was posted on a miata forum by user “Carlisimo”. He states:

        They’re all words from the past, and their meanings have converged as cars have changed. Some people say roadsters shouldn’t have windows, and that’s probably true if you’re stuck in the ’40s. Go back another 50 years, and cabriolets were horse-drawn carriages with just two wheels.

        Roadster and speedster imply sportiness, and are more likely to have 2 doors. Cabriolet is only popular among European manufacturers, usually for convertible versions of 4-seaters. Spyders might have that name because soft-tops look like webs, so they’re usually associated with soft-tops.

        But now we’ve got 4-door coupes. No word is sacred.

        Lamborghini of Palm beach defines roadsters as “a modern roadster will have a hardtop that can be put in place in one or two sections.” They also defined spyders as “a European term referring to two-seat two-door vehicles with a top down option. Typically a spyder is a convertible, meaning you can put the top up, however for most car companies a convertible is typically just a standard car with the top chopped off

        • trucks doing sedan stuff

          Yeah, “spider” / “spyder” actually derives from small, lightweight horse drawn carriages that happened to have tall spindly wheels (like all carriages did). The small body and many long spokes made the things look like the arachnid spider, thus the name.

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