Orange 2017 Ford GT With 400 Miles May Fetch Up To $1.5 Million!

A stunning 2017 Ford GT will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s during the company’s Monterey auctions next week, on August 15-17.

Ford required owners of the latest-generation GT to each sign contracts confirming they would not sell the vehicles for at least two years.

With the (infamous, by now) infamous John Cena car, no new GTs have hit the used car market or auction lots. However, the two-year contract for this GT (and some others) has expired, and its owner is free to do as they please.

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The listing states that the owner of this 2017 GT was given one of the very first allocations and received the car on the 5th of August 2017. They chose to have it finished in a one-off color dubbed Beryllium Orange, which cost $30,000, and also opted for black racing stripes and a plethora of exposed carbon fiber parts, including the front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser. The exterior was also covered in a paint protection film before it was driven a single mile.

With just 400 miles (643 km) on the clock, it seems apparent that the car’s owner always had the intention of keeping it unblemished and selling it once the two-year no-sales period was up. This could prove to be a very wise financial decision, as the auction house estimates it will sell for between $1.2 million and $1.5 million. If that upper figure is reached, the owner would have banked about $1 million in just 24 months. A hugely successful investment, if we ever saw one.

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  • Ben

    I know I may be talking crazy boys, so don’t stone me yet…but, could a ZR1(Z06 possibly) C8 out perform a Ford GT? I mean, I’m sure the Corvette would have the power advantage, but the Ford clearly has the weight and aerodynamic advantage. All I know is its a good time to be an automotive enthusiast.

    • Six_Tymes

      Ben, take no offence when I say this, OK? But “stoning” isn’t a joke, by you using it as such you are part of society that condones it. Its not the year 622 anymore, move on and think of an actual funny comparison, not something that is barbaric and horrible human murderous behavior that should have been banished generations ago.

      • Ben

        Apologies. The web is a wonderful thing and reaches many different people across the globe. Certain idioms and phrases used in one place can be quite offensive in another. I truly didn’t mean to offend, at all. In my experience, terms/idioms like “Don’t hold my feet to the fire on that one” are used in the modern workplace even though at one point it was a real form of torture.

        Things like that get said nowadays because it is generally believed that such acts don’t occur still. I’m guilt of it myself saying things like “Don’t hang me out to dry” in relation to a business deal or even a social setting. Hanging someone “out to dry” was a cruel form of capital punishment or by mobs, but nowadays its an everyday idiom. I really didn’t mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable. It is odd how terrible feats are turned into idioms, phrases and even nursery rhymes(Three blind mice/ London bridges/Ring around the rosie) that our children sing before they learn to count. I apologize.

        • LJ

          You have no need to apologize. It’s a harmless phrase. People need to grow up.

      • LJ

        Oh my god, shut the hell up.

      • db

        You better stay out of Canada then, we can get “stoned” legally now.

    • Bash

      Ben. That’s actually a fair and a legit point.

      • Ben


    • Porkopolis

      I’ll wager the C8 ZR1 outperforms a Ford GT. It wasn’t long ago the 918, LaFerrari, and P1 debuted, and in only eight years they’re practically chopped liver. (They’re still amazing cars, I’m just talking numbers.)

      • Ben

        The rate vehicles are developing is crazy. In another 15 years, we’ll have Camry’s that could roast a decent sports car nowadays. However, like the 918, LaFerrari, P1 and possibly the GT, I think they’ll still be prized over the Corvette due to their rarity rather than performance : Dollar ratio.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Look up Car and Driver Lightning Lap times and you’ll see that the C7 ZR1 smokes the GT on a track.

      • Ben

        Wow! I didn’t know that. For the longest, I’ve wondered why Ford didn’t build something to fight the Corvette, but it seems its Corvette that has went up a weight class to fight the best of Ford.

  • Holmer_k

    What it is is proof that Ford’s “screening” of buyers was pathetically lacking.

  • SteersUright

    Beautiful car, hardly worth even its original price tag. I view this much in the same vein as the LFA, both stunning machines that were grossly overpriced. There’s so many better cars to spend that kind of money on unless, of course, you roast your marshmallows over stacks of hundreds just for fun.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    a perfectly gorgeous & advanced design! an instant sublime classic

  • db

    I thought $30,000 was an absurd about of money to waste on a paint job until I read how much profit this owner is making off this car.

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