Semi Smashes Vehicles Ahead Like Bowling Pins, Court Rules It Wasn’t Its Driver’s Fault

Shocking footage of a major crash surfaced recently on social media serving as yet another reminder of how wrong things can go when drivers don’t keep a safe following distance.

The violent accident happened more than five years ago on a U.S. highway, but the dashcam footage taken from a semi truck has only now been uploaded online. It shows the truck following a white pickup for a while when, all of a sudden a red SUV makes a lane change, forcing the semi driver to slam on the brakes.

Although traffic ahead had already stopped independently of the SUV’s questionable lane change, the truck driver got taken by surprise and despite the hard braking he could not stop in time. At that point, the vehicles ahead were like pins on a bowling lane and the truck was the ball that took three of them down — including the red SUV.

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Remarkably, the driver of the white pickup noticed the semi coming from behind and switched lanes at the last minute, avoiding a potentially deadly situation. Fortunately, there were no casualties at all, just one reported injury — the lady who exited the red SUV scraped her left elbow on broken glass when getting out of the car but other than that she was okay.

Before starting a conversation about who was to blame for the entire mess, you should know that, according to the video uploader, the trucker was initially ticketed but a court dismissed any charges against him after watching the dashcam footage. Instead, the driver of the red SUV was found guilty of making an illegal lane change by not allowing enough room.


  • Leconte Dave

    Title make no sense

    • Sébastien

      That post neither

  • salamOOn

    “Instead, the driver of the red SUV was found guilty of making an by not allowing enough room.”

    enough room for what? for the truck to safely stop? thats BS. he would need another 10+ car lenghts for safe stop. red suv cut off white pickup truck, but its wasnt the cause of the accident… trucker not able to safely stop before traffic jam is the cause.

    • emjayay

      What I thought after watching it at half speed twice. And quite obviously.

  • Sébastien

    “according to the video uploader”
    Must be hard all this investigation work before posting a story

  • Mr. EP9

    So this is basically old news as it happened five years ago and has long since been resolved.

    • Ben


  • Paul

    I think this is a two way situation. Yes you could say that the trucker was at fault by not looking at what was happening in front considering he has a higher viewpoint, but then you cant just squeeze in and think the one you cut off will be fine.

  • Aeromann

    Unsafety distance and low reaction from the truck driver.

    • baofe

      umm.. no

      • brn

        Umm, yes.

        No one cut the semi off. If he can’t stop for what’s happening in front of him, he’s too close.

        • SD38439

          Ever drive a semi, especially with a load? Here’s a hint: it doesn’t brake like a Porsche.

          • Aeromann

            I drive, I know, thank you.

            My motto is : anticipate

          • emjayay

            Which is why the driver has to look ahead from their elevated perch and not follow too closely for the braking distance of the truck.

  • Socarboy

    Are you kidding? Keep in mind that a loaded 18-wheeler grosses out at over 80,000 pounds the laws of physics dictate otherwise. If you think a loaded truck can stop as quick as a sedan you have obviously never been in a truck or driven one

    • brn

      I’m thinking it was supposed to be sarcasm.

    • Philthy

      So if a car stops ahead we should just accept the semi will have to plow into them? It’s every driver’s responsibility to leave room to react to the car in front. Semi drivers have to leave space commensurate to the braking distance of the truck. This is 100% the semi driver’s fault.

  • Pavel B.

    Never seen this video. That white pickup got lucky, left that lane in the nick of time.

  • TRB0T0Y

    Makes a fine Thug Life clip!
    Still a silver medal to the champ, Bus 62.

  • john1168

    That driver in the white pick up is on the ball. Actually used their mirrors and said, “I’m outta here!” Sorry about the rest though.

    • brn

      Came pretty darn close to sideswiping the yellow car. Still better than getting rear ended by a semi, I suppose.

      • john1168

        Yeah, it doesn’t get any closer than that!

  • benT

    truck :
    should be hard breaking by 0.15 indicating shift to left lane
    should be heavy breaking by 0.17 indicating shift to left lane
    should be moving left (if safey allows) with heavy breaking by 0.19

    White unit : should have emergency lights on @0.15
    Still, pile up was pretty much inevitable

  • db

    I think the root cause here was nobody really expected the exit ramp to be backed up so far that it backed up the right lane on the freeway.
    When the first red SUV initially pulled onto the shoulder, methinks we wanted to sneak up riding on the shoulder and the second red SUV was going to follow. He had a change of mind and the second red SUV was lost in not knowing what to do which set off the white pick up to make a dramatic lane change.

    Having said that, the trucker with his height advantage should of been able to see the right lane was at a stand still and should have got out of that lane assuming he was exiting.

  • BlackPegasus

    Slow down!

  • Knotmyrealname

    All that extra elevated vision and he still can’t see what’s ahead of him? Twit.

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