Semi Annihilates Caravan On British Motorway, Multiple Cars Damaged

Anyone who still thinks driving on the motorway is somehow safer than in the city (seen as how you’re surrounded by fewer cars), needs to take into account the speed limit difference.

The faster you drive, the more focused you have to be, otherwise you might just get caught off guard by somebody all of a sudden slowing down ahead of you, which is precisely what happened here, with devastating results.

Starting with the semi driver, they were clearly following the caravan a little too close for comfort, which actually made this crash rather inevitable, at least in these circumstances.

Then there’s the silver car ahead of the caravan, which is a little difficult to spot at first. There’s a possibility that the silver car may have been brake checking the black vehicle towing the caravan, although at that point, slowing down to a crawl for whatever reason other than a catastrophic mechanical failure is pretty inexcusable.

Either way, all these factors coming together is what led to that caravan getting obliterated by the semi. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be anybody inside – it is illegal to ride in a towed caravan.

To make matters worse, other vehicles were affected too, like that blue VW van that almost crashed into the concrete divider.


  • Jay

    Safe following distance is 3-5 seconds behind anything. Trucker was wrong for following so close but it seems like the brake checker was the cause. It’s a shame they could’ve killed someone for “showing” someone lesson about following too close.

    • LeStori

      Think the “brake checker broke” down on a UK smart motorway where the emergency lane is used as a lane. Caravan towing vehicle slowed as it is hard to rapidly change lanes whilst towing a caravan. The articulated lorry driver was essentially driving dangerously as they would have seen the event unfolding.

  • ace_9

    Many people are not keeping any distance, let alone safe one. Just two days ago I was very closely followed by an ambulance (without lights and siren) on a snowy highway going around 90 km/h (pushing my luck anyway at those conditions). The driver did not dare to overtake me because the left lane was covered in snow even more. I very lightly braked consecutively three times, just to flash the braking lights and indicate that he is too close. Then the driver increased the distance by around one meter. And I could not do anything else then just hope I won’t have to brake. So, I would like to know how to defend against such drivers. because I cannot think up anything. I let him pass as soon as the left lane was more clear.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Just go slower and slower. He should eventually get the hint.

      • ace_9

        Yes, it might help, but I didn’t want to risk it on a two lane highway, especially when it was already dark and snowing. Visibility was around 50 meters max. And I actually slowed down to a stop and then went quickly away when some women was stuck to me in a city. She did not get it and then she kept following me very closely. Some people are probably just too stupid…

        • Momogg

          Maybe they don’t see the road, they see only your lights. 😬 Blind morons…

      • Momogg

        This is what i do. Sometimes i use windshield washer if they are too close and usually they slowdown/light call/horn. 😂😂

        • LeStori

          Or they pass you and use their washers as a way of saying thanks for the “spray”.

          • Momogg

            Yes maybe. 😬

    • Marty

      Yes, slowing down gradually is actually the right thing to do. Not to get a message through, but because it is the only thing you can do to increase the stopping time. It’s simple maths: if you can’t increase the distance, you can decrease the speed. The result is more time to react and stop.

      • ace_9

        But still, there is a certain limit of how much one can slow down before it gets dangerous. Especially on a snowy highway… And many times it causes them to get closer even more. I also wasn’t sure why he was going so recklessly. Ambulance drivers are supposed to be good. So I did not want to slow it down. But he didn’t turn on the siren and later I caught him in a city and he was driving slowly in a dense traffic.

        • Marty

          Yes, you can only do so much. Going slow defuses the situation between the car behind you, but too slow creates new risks with other drivers.

  • KAG25

    The car pulling the RV just seem to almost come to a stop for no reason on that busy highway, good thing no other car got taken out.

    • Rj Mansfield

      it looks like there was a car in front of the RV pulling car that just stopped.

      • KAG25

        thought that was the car pulling the camper, looks like it was in back of a slow moving car

    • Christian

      RV? What is that… I only see a caravan in the video…

      dumb Murican.

      • KAG25

        Caravan, what are you a in a circus, it is a RV

        • Christian

          An RV is like a big bus for fat people… What does this look like to you? Repuplican’s smeh.

          • KAG25

            you really need to learn Engrish, and how do you not know that was full of people.

          • Christian

            At least I didn’t vote for the yellow mad man… Go Hillary !

          • KAG25

            you don’t even live here, you don’t know about the war last week, millions lost

          • Christian


          • KAG25

            You eat McDonalds

          • Christian

            Not anymore… They don’t like my race too. I eat at KFC now

          • KAG25


        • Faolan22

          Maybe they call an RV a caravan in UK… but then if you knew that, you wouldn’t have reason to hear yourself rattle with snarky, unwise remarks…

          • LeStori

            Yes it is a caravan. No trailer trash in the UK.

    • carsmofo

      there were three cars involved in that collision, the silver/gold car in front of the caravan, the caravan & the black car pulling it, and the semi. The car in front braked out of no where, causing the semi to slam into the caravan and sandwiched it.

      • LeStori

        A British “smart t” motorway in action. Car stops with no emergency lane as the emergency lane is now being designated as a road. The vehicle behind, towing a caravan, has to slow suddenly as they cannot rapidly change lanes towing a caravan. The articulated lorry finishes them both off as it also cannot change lanes rapidly .

        Smart roadways brought to you courtesy of dumb politicians.

    • LeStori

      The car towing the caravan stops because the car in front of it stops suddenly. Possible because of mechanical failure. With no where to go on the British “smart” motorways which use the emergency lane as a normal lane, it is , in this case, smash the caravan time.

  • Brent Morrison


  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Perhaps you should have got someone British to write this? Urban Dictionary will help you understand why you shouldn’t have called it a “semi”.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      But the van went all floppy when it was hit!
      Incidentally, the amount of erectile dysfunction adverts that are aired on American radio!
      Can’t you guys get it up?

  • Todd Colomy

    HA HA HA!!!!! Guess I’m the only one that saw the toilet seat go spinning at the bottom middle of the video.

  • Chris Kay

    The good news is The Range sell tent’s should that driver not be able to afford a new caravan, who knows you might get a discount too.

  • Chris Kay

    I noticed this is one of those so say ‘smart’ Motorways but without overhead gantry with electronic warning signs so just shows how dangerous these Motorways that have had there hard shoulder turned into a standard traffic lane can be.

    More than likely the car in front had a problem but had nowhere to go with it.

    Unfortunately for us we have to do what the morons in traffic management and government says is best for us even though they get it wrong at every turn.

  • Paul

    And the potty seat goes skittering down the motorway. Egads what a mess.

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