What A Tool: Mercedes-AMG Causes Accident After Brake Checking Car

Videos like this do absolutely nothing to banish some stereotypes often attached to Mercedes-Benz drivers.

This clip, captured on a highway in Australia, shows the driver of a Mercedes-Benz causing an accident before fleeing the scene.

The dashcam footage starts when the driver of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe aggressively overtakes a black Toyota Hilux. After speeding past three vehicles traveling in the fast lane, the Mercedes driver suddenly steers back into the right lane, almost causing an accident and immediately prompting a typical (and hilarious) Aussie insult from the driver of the filming vehicle.

For some unknown reason, the stupidity of the Mercedes driver doesn’t stop there as they decide to brake check a Mazda6 Estate traveling behind. While the Mazda manages to brake in time to avoid rear-ending the C63, the driver of a white ute behind the Mazda can’t react quickly enough, locks up the brakes, and hits the rear of the Mazda. The black Hilux then narrowly escapes turning this into a three-car pile-up.

Fortunately, one of the men in the filming car is able to jot down the license plate of the Mercedes before it accelerates off into the distance.

Here’s hoping police manage to quickly track down the driver before they cause any more accidents.


  • дапвт

    I don’t understand brake checking douches. Do they not care about their own cars? Ok, the guy behind you will crash into you, if they don’t have a dash cam they will end up paying for your damages. But your stupid car will still be damaged, drop in value like a rock and will spend 2 weeks in a body shop. Why even do it? ?

    • Vassilis

      There’s a right and wrong way to brake-check. The right one is to barely touch the pedal so the brake lights flash. The wrong one is to actually brake.

  • tbonesteak33

    Would love to see an update to this story. The asshat in the Merc deserves retribution.

  • izzey04

    typical Merc driver…asshat

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    In Australia, the C63 is the unofficial ‘company car’ of every middle eastern ‘gangstar’. Very often, when there is a major drug bust, a C63 is seen on the back of a flat bed as it is confiscated by police. No surprise that you see the drivers of these behaving like idiots on our roads.

  • salamOOn

    every time i see an aussie dashcam, im amazed how is everybody in the fast lane. no matter if in hatchback, or HGV. (in fact, you can see 2 HGVs in this video driving in the fast lane in the distance)
    and second thing is pure ignorance of laws. its worse than in videos from russia, where its already bad.
    just check “scotts car cameras” or “dash cam owners australia” and your brain will stop working…

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Typical Mercedes driver. However, they all look like they are driving far too close together.


    BMW > Mercedes

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      lol no. gtfo, bmw drivers are usually among the worst drivers there are

      • F30FLORIPA

        I think you drive a Mercedes.

  • LJ

    The brake checking was a douche move for sure, but the cars behind the Mazda 6 wagon are following way too close. If they were spaced out properly, they would’ve had time to stop.

    • Jim Ragland

      Exactly and if you slow the vid down and look closely enough the brake lights came on on the Mazda in my opinion in enough time for the truck behind it realize he need to slow down and not follow so closely.

    • Ken Lyns

      But they did have time to stop…

      • LJ

        If that were true, they wouldn’t have rear ended each other.

        • Sébastien

          Having time and taking action are two different things… Maybe he was texting

          • LJ

            Maybe he was practicing magic tricks, who knows?

            Regardless, those cars are clearly following the Mazda 6 wagon too close.

        • Ken Lyns

          Look closely. There was no contact. It was a near miss.

          • LJ

            The middle truck hit the Mazda. Pause it at 23 sec and you can see the dent in its bumper.

      • Da Only Skid

        Typically, at least I do, drive “3 cars ahead.” I watch the vehicle in front of me but also observe vehicles further ahead. They are following close but there was also no clear indication that anything was afoul until the dbag in the Merc decided they wanted to play the “look at me, I’m better than you and angry, brake check card.”

        And rear ending can happen even at a so called proper distance.

  • Hasselblad X1D-50c

    What a stupid asshole. thinks hes entitled to brake check others causes he’s some kind of hurry.

  • Vassilis

    Ah so they hog the fast lane in Australia as well.


    Why do you hate your dad?
    Your dad drive a BMW?

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      because he drives like an asshole when he drives my car. Other than that i’m ok with him, mr counselor.

      he drives a new-gen XC90

      • F30FLORIPA

        BMW > Volvo

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