Semi Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel, Causes A Massive Wreck

The problem with driving when you’re tired is that, in many cases, people fail to realize that they’re about to fall asleep. That drowsy feeling we are all familiar with can set in extremely quickly, taking you on a very dangerous path, both literally and figuratively.

Forcing yourself to keep going when you feel really tired is a big mistake many drivers make. Signs such as repeated yawning, frequent blinking, heavy eyelids or wandering thoughts should be enough to ring anybody’s alarm bell; it means pull over and get some rest.

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in the U.S., as many as 60% of Americans have driven while feeling sleepy, with 37% admitting to having actually fallen asleep at the wheel.

Stats like these alone should be enough to keep us awake at night – pun most definitely intended.

This particular accident didn’t happen in the U.S., though, but in Brazil, where the driver of this semi truck apparently was obviously not in full control of the vehicle. We count at least 20+ seconds of erratic behavior (mainly drifting away from the lane), at which point the driver was either already asleep or was experiencing extreme difficulty focusing.

Either way, a crash ensued, and it thankfully didn’t involve any other vehicles. We also hope the driver of the semi walked away without serious injuries.

  • S3XY

    Now if he was driving a Tesla Semi…

    • Jay

      It would have burst into flames yes we know. Yes I know you were insinuating that things like this won’t happen..

      • TheHake

        It would still be burning today.

  • Randy Terpstra

    @ 0:10, if that doesn’t soil your undies, nothing will :O .

    After hitting that light standard, even from this angle, the integrity of that COE’s cab doesn’t look good. If the driver did escape serious injury, perhaps it was only because…he was asleep 😛 .

  • Ilbirs

    Probably this driver wasn’t simply asleep at the wheel but under the influence. There’s a percentage (low in reality but with power to make tragedies) that use some medicines without any prescription, like Nobese (sibutramine), for their side effects, like being able to drive up to 24 hours straight.
    The problem is that sleep under the effects of these amphetamines doesn’t come with subtle signs like eye blinking or yawning but in a sudden. We must also point other consequences like hallucinations, abstinence syndrome and other ones that can also lead to accidents when driving.

    What leads to amphetamine using by some truck drivers here is a combination of tight time schedules, low freight rates and also the high expenses that a truck driver has. Remember that Brazil is a land that taxes its people like they were Swedes or Danes but reverts these taxes in Ethiopian or Sudanese quality public services, meaning that this truck driver will also have to spend more on maintenance of the vehicle due to bad roads, meaning that not only handles to the government money that would almost double his/her income if kept on the pocket (or, better say, invested in a bank) but also has to spend more money due to inneficiency of public services like the roads.
    Remember that the Brazilian truck driver profile reminds in some measures the American one: you drive long distances across a continent sized country that would fit almost all European countries inside. Despite this, our regulations are Euro-like, meaning that a semi will have a maximum length that counts both the tractor and the trailer, leading to at most a cubicle-like sleeper like the ones saw in Euro trucks instead of a huge sleeper like the ones seen in U.S. trucks due to a length limit applied just on the trailer. It must also be put on account that a lot of roads that these truckers drive would make an American trucker consider that isn’t that bad to drive to an Alaskan isolated city.

    Add to this sad receipt that there’s isn’t a scheme of a maximum of eight hours on the road like what’s seen in U.S., meaning that a Brazilian truck driver can go more than this mark without the legal apparatus going after him/her. Considering how low is law enforcement here, even if a law like this exists here it would be some of these that are only on paper. Like France, Brazil was influenced by political positivism, meaning that there’s a lot of written laws and codes that can even contradict themselves when compared.

    • Galaxium

      Interesting. I didn’t consider that semi drivers could be using other stimulants to help them. I know first hand how the body can crash after using them.

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