Driver Falls Asleep, Causes Caravan Mayhem Down Under

Generally speaking, towing a caravan is very safe, until somebody does something that not only jeopardizes your caravan, but your car as well.

That’s definitely one of the worst scenarios for any driver pulling a trailer, and it just so happens, is exactly what happens in this video captured via dashcam from inside that Land Cruiser.

Look close around the 28-second mark and you’ll notice a small hatchback emerging from behind that Mazda SUV. You’ll also notice that it’s driving erratically, due to the driver being asleep and all.

The description of the video reads:

“This is my footage from 17/1/17 southbound along the Pacific Highway, near Brunswick Heads. The other driver fell asleep and slammed into the side of my Prado, which was towing a large caravan at the time. This caused us to spin 180 deg and flip the van. I had my wife and 3 young children on board at the time and as you can see, there is nothing I could do to avoid the impact, just grateful we all came out relatively unscathed.”

It all happened very quickly so chances are there was truly very little the driver could have done – if anything at all, as he states.