2019 Audi Q3 Looks About Ready To Renew Its Assault On Its Luxury Subcompacts

Audi just revealed the new Q8 and Q2. It rolled out a new Q7 in 2015, and the current Q5 just last year. And it has a new E-Tron EV coming soon. That leaves the Q3 as the oldest crossover in its lineup. But the German automaker is working on that, as these spy shots reveal.

Though we’ve seen prototypes for the new Q3 running around under disguise, this is the first time we’ve seen it in the bear metal. And it looks suitably modern, bearing familiar design cues from its newer and larger stablemates. Note the wider trapezoidal grille, the thin angular headlights, the more sculpted flanks, and the altogether more grown-up silhouette.

Introduced back in 2011, the current Q3 is also one of the oldest models in its class. The Cadillac XT4 and Lexus UX were just revealed, following the Volvo XC40 and Jaguar E-Pace last year. Infiniti introduced the QX30 in 2016, BMW the current X1 in 2015, and even the Mercedes GLA arrived in 2013. It’s an increasingly competitive market segment, and with the introduction of this new model, Audi will be keen to keep it share of the pie – and maybe grow it a bit, too.

Last year, Audi sold just over 20,000 Q3s in the United States, placing it third behind the X1 and GLA – but well ahead of the QX30 and Range Rover Evoque, which itself is starting to show its age and is soon due for replacement (to join the new Land Rover Discovery Sport).

We’ve been expecting Ingolstadt to roll out the new Q3 sometime later this year. Given the preparedness evident in this latest pre-production prototype, we have ever reason to believe that it’s running on schedule – so watch this space.

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Photos: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

  • Rocket

    Long overdue. But would it kill you to do something different?

    • Infinite1

      Probably, lol

    • Spyder Hole Fantome

      All i see is cheap VW crap under that shell.


    is this baby Q8?

    • TheHake

      No just a smaller Q5.

  • Hoe

    Audi makes the worst looking premium SUV’s… In general, the full VAG…
    Can’t compare to Volvo, LR, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc etc etc

    • Bob

      Except I dig the Q8, it’s a revelation next to an X6.

      • Hoe

        Well, the slope of the roofs are completely different.
        While GLE and X6 try to imitate a coupé, Q8 keeps it quite horizontal, so it is more like a GTI Golf, which is/was not a coupé, but a sport version of a hatch…

        • Bob

          And I think that’s okay. It ultimately looks better.

    • Daniela Wolf

      please visit a

      ophthalmologist thx!

      • Hoe

        not yours, obviously

    • Q2 is very strange, when it came out I thought it was Audi’s new design (help), now it’s a strange SUV, take the grille out, it’s not an Audi, maybe a T-roc.

  • haudit

    I quite like it. It’s more baby Q8 than an insipid, uninspired rehash of the previous Q3. Looks a good bit less awkward than the second-generation Q5 does.

  • xconnor

    Isn’t this the car that the e-tron will be based off of? They look the exact same

    • wintergraan

      No it’s not. The e-Tron Quattro is longer, wider and lower than the new Q3, which is based on the MQB platform.
      And I remember reading that the E-Tron Quattro will ride on a modified mlb platform which Audi uses for all their bigger cars 😉

      • xconnor

        Oh, so it’s more like a Q8 then huh

        • wintergraan

          Yeah, kind of. It’s just a tad shorter with 4,90 m in length and it looses a few cm in height compared to the Q8. So it’s actually a lot bigger than one might think.

  • Is it me of VW SUVs and Audi SUVs always looked like they came from the same group… but now they look like they are just designed and made by the same people. Audis just look facelifted VWs… or the opposite, but you get the idea.

    • Hoe

      How does VAG want to keep Audi against MB or BMW?
      Just halo advertising and interior screens everywhere won’t do it.
      And design wise, an element they could definitely use as they have the technology, etc (and Porsche…) would be styling their cars absolutely differently from VW…
      This design thing is going on for some decades now… why doesn’t mother VW free Audi?

  • Robert

    The wheel haunches look a bit forced on the Q3, much better execution on its big brother Q8 in my opinion.

  • Galaxium

    Just go back to the hexagonal grille and stop this octagonal madness

  • driv3r

    I am happy that the got rid of the very bubbly, roundish shape of the current gen. Q3 which always looked like it had a way too short wheelbase. Also adding more differentiating elements such as the new Q-grille will help making it look bolder and more prominent on the streets and more easily distinguishable from other Audi models.
    It should be noted, that the model shown looks like a base version since its featuring no full-LED back and head lights.

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