Mercedes Driver’s Lane Change Causes Speeding Audi To Crash Hard

Another day, another pair of drivers making a mess of things on a public road. This one is actually really bad, as the driver and any passengers in that Audi A6 might have been seriously injured.

While it’s easy to place all the blame on the person manning that C-Class, since they obviously didn’t pay enough attention to their mirrors, we can’t just browse over the fact that the Audi was clearly going way too fast.

If they didn’t, this should have been a classic rear-ending type of crash, albeit a very harsh one. Instead, the Audi skidded as its driver was speeding and simply couldn’t stop, or even decelerate, in time.

Aside from it taking place somewhere in Belarus, there isn’t any other official information about this crash, such as what happened to the driver/passengers of the Audi and what the authorities made of the whole thing.

On the bright side, at least there were no pedestrians on that sidewalk, or else the A6 would, in all likelihood, have mowed them down.


  • Dude

    This site should really just copy content from Jalopnik instead of posting boring crash videos and Doug reviews.

  • charlotteharry57

    Excuse me for thinking “don’t all S-Class M-Bs have lane change assist?’. I guess all this techy stuff really doesn’t matter. A neighbor down the street just backed her brand new Lexus LS500 into another car, despite all the beeping.

    • ace_9

      It cannot react in such situations. The audi was too far. Maybe the mercedes driver even looked in the mirror for a brief moment (usually that’s enough) and he maybe saw that the lane is free, and there is only some audi in the distance. It is hard to judge the speeds from a brief look into the mirror.

    • Vassilis

      That was a C-Class.

  • Jonr

    I am an Audi driver as is my fiancee and that is a ridiculous comment to make, we are both very good drivers and to suggest Audi drivers are all the same is a crass statement without question

    • Philip George

      Hahaha you’re very funny. There’s no such thing as a good Audi driver. You’re all still big time danger and full-on risk to other drivers. It amazes how you guys make it back home alive with all the dangerous driving, bad choices and poor decision-making you take on the roads. Sure, the Mercedes driver is wrong for cutting through two lanes but the Audi driver was approaching too fast in congestion knowing fully well other drivers could suddenly try to change lanes. It’s atypical of Audi drivers at the moment, so insecure of themselves and their cars they always need to prove something or try to show something off even at the pain of killing themselves, other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, old, young, aged, any road user or even bystanders.

      • Jonr

        What a crock! Defining people and their driving abilities by the car they drive is somewhat ridiculous.I consider myself a good safe considerate driver and respectful of others.My driving history also suggests that, 30 years without points or an accident.

    • ace_9

      I guess that the audi driver in the video was also considering himself to be very good 🙂

    • LeStori

      Everyone thinks they are goods drivers. Most are not.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I’m not.

      • ace_9

        Usually many people think they are good drivers because they don’t crash while going a bit dangerously. But if they know what it really means to be a good driver on public roads, they would perhaps not be so confident…

  • Stephen G

    This is why passing on the right is illegal.

  • Vassilis

    The Audi driver definitely shouldn’t be speeding but it helps to check the mirror before changing lane.

  • LeStori

    Bad driving from two drivers ends up in an accident. Who would have thought!…

  • NissLover

    I would say that was all on the Audi… Though the Benz did pull a quick two lane change, they could have judged that no one was in the far right lane looking in their mirror. There’s a chance the camera car could have blocked the view of the Audi when they looked. For that Audi to appear in the frame of the video THAT quickly and for the sound of screeching brakes to be heard just before it entered the frame, they were going EXTREMELY fast.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    They all agreed that no one was hurt and shared another drink.

  • TheBelltower

    Even if the MB driver checked his mirrors, he probably saw that he had lots of room to change lanes. And he didn’t figure that some moron would be driving like they’re at a racetrack in stop-and-go traffic while passing on the right. The C-class was moving slowly and had their signal on. From what I saw, the Audi driver is totally at fault.

  • SteersUright

    Speed on a track, go easy on the road. Idiots hurting other innocent people just trying to live their lives.

  • TheBelltower

    It wasn’t the smoothest lane change.

  • Погонщик жидов

    Russian morons in Belarus.

  • I live in Minsk and according our local news there was a man who was driving Audi and a women on it’s the front passenger side, they both were injured, the women was transported to the hospital. Both are alive. Plus, there is information that Audi driver has never had driver licence.

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