Two New Electric Crossovers Could Doom The Lincoln Continental In America

Ford is gearing up to launch a Mustang-inspired electric crossover next year, but there’s a number of other electric vehicles on the horizon.

While the company has been tight-lipped on specifics, Automotive News is reporting two electric crossovers will be introduced for the 2023 model year.

Little is known about them, but the publication says they are mid-sized crossovers that are code-named the CDX746 and CDX747. One will be for Lincoln, while the other is a Ford.

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The models are slated to be built in Flat Rock, Michigan and will reportedly be about the same size as the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. Production could begin as early as 2022 and the company could built up to 65,000 units annually.

Interestingly, the report says the crossovers were originally slated to be built in Cuautitlan, Mexico. However, production was moved to the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. It remains unclear why Ford switched production sites, but the transfer will reportedly spell the end of Lincoln Continental production in America.

That’s disappointing news, but Lincoln only managed to sell 8,758 Continentals in the United States last year. The car’s death has been rumored for awhile and it will reportedly cease production in late 2021.

Like the Cadillac CT6, the Continental won’t disappear entirely as the model will reportedly continue to be built in China. It remains unclear if the Chinese-built model could be imported to the United States, but that decision will likely depend on the tariff situation as the trade war continues with no end in sight.

  • JTL2017

    If the rumors are true, then I’m afraid the continental will meet it’s doom. It’s simply not competitive enough with the rest of the competition because of it’s ford cost cutting. It’s crazy to see how much effort was put into the aviator compared to the continental.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Wow you mean something that resembles a giant Camry from 3 gens ago wasn;t a sales success.. Imagine that!

    • Road_AMS

      I think we’ve identified Richard Jensen…

  • Ben

    Bring it back with:
    1) A RWD platform (Aviator and Explorer have both gone RWD)
    2) Drop in a 450hp/600lb-tq Ecoboost
    3) Bring back rear hinged doors
    4) Add a segment leading concierge service (or add a Lincoln subscription for 1/yr for the first year)

    • brn

      None of that will matter.

      It’s really too bad. It’s one heck of car. Unfortunately, it’s a car.

    • Merc1

      The first 3 are a must, you don’t need #4 if you build a stunning car.


      • Mike anonymous

        If you build a vehicle and put your best ‘foot forward’ and truly put in your best effort, it does not matter what kind of vehicle your selling. If you can make it great, then people will want it, > if people want it then it is desirable, > and if it is desired, it will sell.

        The first part it to build a great vehicle. The Aviator was the first of Lincolns’ next generation (2020 line-up) of vehicles. This was followed by the Corsair, and will then be followed by the MKZ replacement the Zephyr, a new Continental, and lastly an all new Navigator.

        (Also this is an image I found in the back of a video regarding the Corsairs’ design, and although it likely was for the Corsair itself, it does show where Lincolns’ mindset is at for their next generation of vehicle in terms of design)

        When the current Continental came out, it was a bit of a disappointment from the concept, having gone to see one in person, it was ALMOST good enough, but not quite there (a few things keeping one (and likely may more) from making that purchase). Considering around the time of its’ launch it was great in comparison to competitors from Mercedes and BMW, but was quickly outshines by rivals ‘next generation’ vehicles leaving the Continental behind.

        Again, if Lincoln can put that same effort put into the Aviator and recent Corsair, this next Continental will be something to once again grab the industries attention. To My knowledge the vehicle should be moving up in class to somewhat of an S-Class rival (with relatively a bit of a ‘bargain’-like pice). So I suppose we will have to wait and see. I am 100% with you, I do agree!

        • Merc1

          Ford can’t build an S-Class. Simply isn’t possible at this point.


          • Mike anonymous

            why do you say that?

            I would say many people would have said something similar to Ford deciding to build a Half-$1,000,000 LeMans Winning Super/Hypercar, with a V6 EcoBoost prior to 2014. Yet they did and it still is to this day one of the best and most sought after cars in its’ class.

            If Ford ‘wants’ to do something, they generally do it. Therefore I was (am) curious to why you said it is not possible at this point?

          • Bash

            I was one of those guys doubting the aforementioned -LeMans Winning Super/Hypercar, with a V6 EcoBoost prior to 2014- … Not anymore, I’m actually now a big Fan of Ford GT. And so a millions of people around the world.

          • Merc1

            Because Ford isn’t going to give Lincoln the budget to build an S-Class let alone a better car than the S-Class. The Ford GT is awesome, but outdone by a number of less expensive cars because it doesn’t have the right engine and they benchmarked previous generation Ferrari and McLaren models. That said I still think it’s a hot car, but it isn’t the end all of the class either. Building a fast sports car is much easier than getting (sweating) the details of a luxury car and Ford has NO experience at building a car like an S-Class in the last 50 years. The Ford GT can trace is lineage to racing which gives them a huge starting point. Ford can’t even build a decent family sedan or a luxury one for that matter that is world class, but you think can just plop out a S-Class level car? You’re dreaming.


          • Mike anonymous

            PAG. Premier Auto Group. If you are looking for the evidence of Ford Motor Company being able to manage and create luxury vehicles simple look to here.


            Lincoln, Aston Martin, Jaguar, LandRover, & Volvo Cars. These are the 5 luxury automotive marques Ford owned (beyond simple management). Each of these brands shared everything from engines, to chassis, (in the most extreme cases, the same degree Lincoln & Ford share (with vehicle such as The Aviator) today.).


            If fact, the MKC (now replaced by the corsair) was actually shared its’ chassis not with a Ford product as many assumed, but instead with the LandRover RangeRover Evoque.


            The most notable evidence of the greater years of PGA can be brought back to the days of Aston Martin. Producing such great and iconic vehicles, that Aston is only now beginning to replace the ‘Ford Built’ models, such as the DB9, Rapide, V8 Vantage, DB9 Volonte.


            So regarding Ford having experience in building a luxury automobile, they certainly have the capability as they have been doing it (simply under other brand names; Aston Martin, LandRover & RangeRover, Jaguar, Volvo, & Now Lincoln) for nearly 40 years (1981).


            Note all of this is coming from someone who owned a 2007/2008 S-Class (Built-By Mercedes) for about 5 years prior to 2013. It was a great vehicle and we absolutely loved it!.
            But we also had a RangeRover (Built-By Ford) another great luxury vehicle.
            … & When well taken care of, these vehicles were some of the best luxury vehicles in their classes on the market.


            Now consider that Ford mostly was putting their resources into Ford, Aston Martin, & LandRover, leaving Lincoln as the most neglected brand the automaker manufactured, in addition to the economic crisis.

            It has not been until only recently that Ford has been able to seriously recover from the recession and truly work at putting their resources into the only company within their luxury division they did not sell (which is Lincoln).


            I don’t want to go on for to long, but Lincoln as of today only has two ‘next-generation’ vehicles within their line. The Aviator and Corsair. (The current Navigator, MKZ, & Continental, are all ‘last-gen products’, (meaning the company plans to replace them with all-new vehicles) This is known at the company internally.).

            Now with Ford (owner of Lincoln) better managing their Line-Up, recently putting out consistently great products, with more to come (Puma, Escape, Kuga, Explorer) & On the luxury side of the spectrum (Corsair & Aviator). It is very clear this company is and has been getting their act together and priorities straight.


            If your paying attention to the internal decisions the company is making, (beyond the flash and show) it’s clear the company has intentions to build and deliver great luxury products with more clear focus on where they need to be. We also have to be aware of the history in Fords’ know-how in the luxury segment (beyond just the most closely related brand (Lincoln) or brands they designed, manufactured, managed, and owned).

            Internally Lincoln already has plans for two luxury sedans the upcoming Zephyr and Continental. Ford has already proven they have the know-how and ability to build and design great vehicles, and as of late, have shown great effort (considering that which we’ve seen are on the Entry-Level of Lincolns’ line-up) proving that if they want to do something they can. Now with the resources, influx of talent, better management and focus on their products, it would seem that now, if anytime Ford could build a vehicle on the level of an S-Class.

            You stated that it “Simply isn’t possible at this point.

            But if anything is clear to me, it would seem now is a better time than ever (at least as of the last 10 years) with the resources, talent, and experience, to actually do so.

            Hence why I asked: why do you say that?.

            Paying close attention to the company it would seem now/the-next-few-years is a better time than ever.


            Now do understand, I am NOT one of those Ford ‘Fans’ that praise every single thing they do and thing everything is amazing and on ‘another level’.

            To be honest, Apart from the Aviator and Corsair, the only other vehicle from Lincoln I was impressed by was the 2013 MKZ. Personally the Continental was underwhelming and just ‘not quite there’, the MKC was a bit disappointing for me although there was work put into the vehicle, the Navigator was even for myself a bit of a disappointment, and I’m personally not the biggest fan of the current iteration of the vehicle.


            … BUT with that said. I will not hold back or try to diminish the work and effort put in by a company for any reason (be it favoritism or personal preference). I will give credit where it is due, additionally knowing and understanding where that effort has been put in.

            (The Ford GT this generation and the prior are showcases of Fords ability to put in effort where it is needed, power figures and specs are not the only metric by which a vehicles value is determined).

            So does Lincoln have the ability to build an S-Class/7-Series rival. Absolutely. Do they have plans (as of now) to do so. Yes. But how badly do they actually want to make one,.. what level of effort will they put in… …I do not know. But the ability to create something great IS there,… all they have to do as I stated before is (not only put in the effort, but also) Put in the want to do it, as Ford has shown and IS showing… if they want to do something. They will.

            (P.S. I don’t want you to think I am ‘coming after you‘ or anyone else. I love Mercedes vehicles and that company as a whole, But do I now think Lincoln Overall is as great as Mercedes all of a sudden, (in my opinion… NO they are showing and proving themselves, but they still have a ways to go), but my main point is that Ford has shown that they have the ability to do something if they want to, the main “?-mark” is, do they want to?. Hopefully you understand what I am getting at. Anyways, please don’t allow anything I’ve said to upset or frustrate you if it has. Seem to be a nice person with occasionally great points. Therefore, with that said. @Merc1:disqus, have an awesome day, & see you around).

      • Ben

        True, but it would be nice, if you bought the halo vehicle you also ‘unlocked’ the rest of Lincoln’s models.

  • Merc1

    If you redesign this car with the same effort as the new Aviator and place it on that RWD platform it will become relevant again. Contrary to what all the excuse makers say, people are still buying certain luxury cars. Naturally when the market gets tough the weak die off, the story of the American car industry.


    • krusshall

      All things being equal – price, performance, content, why would someone choose a Continental over an Aviator?

      • Merc1

        Is that a serious question? Because they don’t want a SUV. People are still buying luxury CARS. Nor would all things ever be equal between a car and a SUV.


    • Ford should also do a new Falcon sedan on the same platform just without all the fancy bells and whistles of the lincoln.

      basically a 4 door mustang with a slightly taller greenhouse, it could fill the gap left by the Fusion and Taurus and split the costs of the mustang and Continental by sharing some componants!

  • Craig

    FLASH FORWARD: The year 2027. SUV’s sales plummet. People want cars. Ford, GM and FCA file for bankruptcy .

    • krusshall

      What would draw someone back to a car/sedan?

      • CJKnox

        Fads. They come and they go.

        • krusshall

          That’s a non-answer answer. Fins were a fad, whitewalls were a fad, altezzas were a fad, black wheels are a fad. What would draw someone back to a car/sedan?

          • Dennis Scipio

            SUVs in my opinion, will never go out of style because they have benefits some Sedans could not offer. (e.g. more interior space, to carry a ton of cargo and/or people, ground clearance, most offer All Wheel Drive, although some sedans offer that) They’re available in multiple body styles , The perfect alternative to a Minivan, for Growing Families, etc. There will always be a market for them.

            Not that I’m saying that Sedans are unpopular, each type of car has their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the consumer wants.

          • CJKnox

            Fins and whitewalls are not vehicle types, they’re just design features.

            Vehicle types(SUV, sedan,coupes, etc) tend to vary in popularity depending on the mood of the consumer.

      • Craig

        It’s NOT what ‘mommy and daddy’ drive. That’s often all it takes.

      • Bill Nguyen

        I dunno if “regular” sedans will ever come back to be honest. I think maybe sedans will be like the sports coupes of today, they’ll probably even call sedans coupes, and they’ll be the really performance oriented cars in the future.

    • Bash

      I honestly was expecting to see the word imperial somewhere. lol can’t hide my surprise.

      • Craig

        Give me an I*M*P*E*R*I*A*L! And what have ya got?! IMPERIAL! YEAH! [There. Happy now?!]

    • again…

      though arguably modern crossovers really aren’t that bad with fuel efficiency.

  • ME

    The Continental is a really nice looking car. Why can’t they just quit with the gas engine and install an electric motor in its place?

  • SteersUright

    Was never the car it should’ve been anyhow.

    • Bash


  • MarkoS

    Bring a true rear drive / AWD Sedan. Lincoln needs at least one.

  • TheBelltower

    The Continental and Navigator gave us all a taste of what Lincoln could do. They aren’t class leading, and some of the design elements are a bit unrefined and horsey, but baby steps in the right direction are better than what we’ve seen from Lincoln in decades. IMO, the Aviator is spot on. The styling is seductive, the drivetrain is impressive and the interior appears to be in the game with the class leaders. Lincoln should always have a large sedan in their showroom. The next one should continue with the progress they’ve made with the Aviator.

    • Merc1



  • dumblikeyou2

    Wait, I thought this was already dead. Never see one on the road so ya just assume.

  • i’m not surprised. i assumed the continental would go away with the fusion it’s based on…

  • 85ZingoGTR

    Thank you Ford for producing them in the same factory where the same American workers will be working and not simply closing them in favor of Chinese and Mexican production. Unlike another pretend American company that shares a 2-letter acronym with the term “Garbage Motors.”

  • Merc1

    Because I don’t want a SUV. What aren’t you getting? A luxury car rides and drives better than some lumbering SUV.


    • krusshall

      I get that you can’t help but argue but I’m not making an argument. The “better” vehicle type is in the eye of the consumer and I wanted to know your rationale.

  • MarkoS

    Lincoln should try a real Continual first. A Flagship sedan is a must, if it a top seller or not. It has the new platform and the design chops..

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