The Average Dodge Challenger Buyer Is 51 Years Old, Still Younger Than Mustang And Camaro Customers

The Dodge Challenger has been built in its current generation since 2008 but, remarkably, it is still selling well and as it turns out, is appealing to younger buyers than the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

Muscle Cars and Trucks recently had the opportunity to speak with the Challenger’s current brand manager Kevin Hellman and were told that the average age of a new Challenger buyer is 51 years old.

“For the Challenger, it’s the youngest buyer in the segment, so there’s something to be said about that,” Hellman added.

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While 51 is hardly considered young, information from the federal reserve reveals that the average age for a new car buyer in the United States is 53. What’s particularly surprising is the fact that the average Challenger buyer is younger than the average Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro customer despite those two pony cars being smaller, sportier and not to mention, much newer / modern than the Challenger.

2020 Ford Mustang pictured above

Jalopnik believes there are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps most importantly, Dodge routinely offers generous incentives on the Challenger and is often willing to provide financing to buyers with very little fuss. In addition, an argument can be made that the Challenger is a better daily driver than the Mustang and Camaro thanks to its more spacious interior, relaxed and comfortable ride, and its availability with an all-wheel drive system.

In the first half of 2019, a total of 28,668 Dodge Challengers have been sold. While that’s down a full 23 per cent from a year ago, it is still ahead of the Chevrolet Camaro with 24,516 deliveries but well down on the 38,542 Mustangs that Ford delivered in the first six months of this year.

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  • Ben

    I’ve been watching videos comparing the prices between used vehicles in the United States vs other countries. Its incredibly disproportionately high in the US comparatively. The videos didn’t offer an explanation why, but I see it more and more, dealerships pushing used cars over new vehicles. I assume this is because its because of the larger profit margin. Anyone got any explanations? Did people catch wise its best to buy used and flood the market with demand, thus raising prices?


    Mustang and Camaro have better lap times … blah blah blah the list goes on.
    I’d still rather go plunk down for a Hellcat … they’re simply cooler with a timeless design.
    Then again I’m almost 50

  • Craig

    According to a US government website more people [36.4%] aged 55 and over bought new vehicles than people between the ages of 16 to 34. [22.6%] And they bought more than those between 35 and 45. [29.9%] And more than people between 50 and 54. [11.2%] AND YET – based on what companies spend on advertising – those older than 35 but especially those over 55 DON’T MATTER AT ALL. It’s as if they don’t exist. And I say… that’s just stupid. The same is true when it comes to who is still watching TV. People 65 and older are ‘parked’ in front of a TV screen twice as long – each day – as 15 to 34 old people are. AND YET – TV programs are mostly created to appeal to millennials. I know WHY. Because an older person will buy something marketed to a younger person – but a younger person won’t buy something marketed to an older person – but still – there should be far more appreciation – and respect – for those who ‘butter your bread’. So to speak.

    • LJ

      Craig, are you old?

      • Craig


        • LJ

          You just seem bitter, is all.

          • Craig

            I am.

  • LJ

    Bought my first new car at 24, my second at 30 and my third last month at 37.

    • ace_9

      And was it comparable with camaro or mustang?

      • LJ

        Does it matter? The article says the average age for a new car buyer is 53.

  • Bash

    Yet, I have never came across anyone above the age of 35 who owns a Challenger/Mustange/Camaro, It must be that ONE guy who is a 100yo, who bought the challenger for his grand son, and resulted in that average in the process. 😀

    • LJ

      I see young and old driving those cars. The newer, higher end models are usually driven by older people.

      I tend to see younger drivers in the lower end models.

  • Ben

    You’re the buyer Mustang and Camaro are leaving behind. They’re too busy chasing Porsche’s tail on the Nurburgring. Other than their shape and having a V8, they’ve lost that heritage that’s made them a muscle car. Challenger is a true modern day muscle car and great cruiser. Mustang and Camaro are fine, but in my opinion they’re chasing other sports car’s heritage instead of staying with their own.

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