2020 Cadillac CT4 Debuts With Two Turbo Engines Developing Up To 309 HP

Cadillac introduced the 2020 CT4-V in May, but now they’ve finally unveiled the standard model.

Set to go up for order later this year, the ATS successor has a bold new design which follows in the footsteps of the CT5 and XT6.

The styling varies slightly by trim, but the CT4 Luxury and CT4 Premium Luxury have bright exterior accents, metallic grilles and a relatively plain front fascia.

The CT4 Sport is more aggressive as it features a black mesh grille, dark accents and special 18-inch wheels. The model also has semi-transparent taillights and a body kit that includes unique fascias, extended side skirts and a rear spoiler.

The entry-level CT4 Luxury comes nicely equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leatherette seats and an 8-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility.  Other niceties include a dual-zone automatic climate control system, active noise cancellation technology and a keyless entry system with a push-button ignition.

Moving up to the CT4 Premium Luxury rewards buyers with leather seats, LED ambient lighting and textured aluminum trim on the center console.  The model also has a universal home remote, rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming mirrors and upgraded seats that feature more adjustments and memory settings.  There’s also an assortment of driver assistance systems including Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Braking, Automatic Emergency Braking, Rear Park Assist and a Safety Alert Seat.

The CT4 Sport goes even further as it adds sport seats, unique trim and alloy pedals.  The model also has a sport steering wheel with a thicker rim, dimpled grips and magnesium paddle shifters.

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Power is provided by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 237 hp (177 kW / 240 PS) and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm) of torque.  It is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the rear wheels.  Customers will also be able to order an optional all-wheel drive system.

Buyers looking for something more powerful can order the CT4 Premium Luxury which will be offered with an optional turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine.  It produces 309 hp (230 kW / 313 PS) and 348 lb-ft (471 Nm) of torque which is just 16 hp (12 kW / 16 PS) and 32 lb-ft (43 Nm) less than the CT4-V.

While it’s odd that the high-performance engine isn’t offered on the CT4 Sport, the 2.7-liter unit is paired to a ten-speed automatic gearbox.  Rear-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is optional.

Cadillac will release additional information closer to launch, but pricing should start in the low $30,000 range.

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  • WalthamDan

    Its such an underwhelming design. The front fenders. Everything after the rear door. I just do not understand Caddy’s design language these days. It seems to have taken the wrong path since the ’13 CTS which still looks good today.

  • TrevP

    I don’t understand what they are trying to do right now and all I can do is hope that they don’t screw up the new Escalade.

    • performante

      Offer a broad range of vehicles.

  • Stephen G

    Ohhhh! So close, so close.

  • Arct1c

    Sorry, but this car is far too bland to be a luxury vehicle. Both the CClass and IS are about to be redesigned, and their, now, old interiors are wayyyyyyy nicer than this CT4’s.

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      this doesn’t compete with the C Class…but you are correct the interior is waay nicer, but the C class also costs way more.

      • :/ Yurr

        And the upkeep for Mercedes is crazy. My aunt haves one …. $200 dollars for an oil change, $1,000 for a new wire for a headlight ha!🤦🏽‍♂️

    • :/ Yurr

      Well the CT5 competes with the C class and IS. Which the CT5 interior is a lot nicer than the CT4… which it should be…

      • Arct1c

        CT5 interior is the EXACT same, idiot. It’s not nicer at all.
        From the Cadillac site: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c4213db5291ac5c729764566f2539d0d57ec311adf1fdb5cfbfb47a26e74d6d.png

        • :/ Yurr

          Well actually it’s my opinion and you probably haven’t even sat in the CT5 yet. Your just bias 😒

          • Arct1c

            I’m sure no one has. Also: you’re*

          • :/ Yurr

            Just stop 😐

          • Arct1c

            I hurt the wittle baby’s feelings. Sorry. 🙁

        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          If you’re going to be a smug @$$hole, at least have your facts straight.

          The interior in the CT5 and CT4 are not EXACTLY the same.

          Similar. Absolutely. Exact same…no.

          For starters…here are some diffs:
          CT5 has 10” infotainment (not 8)
          CT5 has electric shifter (CT4 does not)
          CT5 has secondary rotary controls on center console (CT4 does not)
          CT5 has more open pore wood.

  • Mr. EP9


  • Jason Panamera

    I love this car.

    • Rocket

      But this isn’t the traditional Cadillac way. This is Cadillac trying to beat the Germans at their game, and they’re getting their asses kicked in the process. At some point you’d think they’d get that they aren’t going to convert German sedan buyers with a mediocre knock-off. For Cadillac to win over a Benz owner, the product has to offer something they can’t get from the Germans. And no, a slightly lower price tag won’t do it.

      • TheBelltower

        Totally agree. I thought that Cadillac had a good path with the Cien and Escada concepts. Luxurious, bold and imposing. If people want Euro, there are a lot of Euro options from the standard list of European brands. Unfortunately, Cadillac stayed on the path of attempting to compete with the Germans.

        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          But is Cadillac really competing with the Germans in this particular segment?

          I say this bc all of the similar sized sedans from the Germans are FWD (A Class, CLA, A3, The China BMW 1 series)

          • TheBelltower

            No. Cadillac isn’t competing with those cars. All of the brands you mentioned are fairly recent, and/or derived from a car borrowed from their corporate portfolio of brands. Cadillac has done that, and they have proven to be terrible at it. If Cadillac does it again, even a hint of it, then they’re doomed. Audi, BMW and MB didn’t build their brand with entry level cars. They are simply (not so simply) balancing their brand equity with the kind of profitability these cars offer. And they do it with the hopes that they don’t torpedo a century of effort. Cadillac needs to start over. They need to study Lexus, Audi or Tesla. Even if they are decent on paper, they can’t just jump into making entry lux sedans and hope that they’ll have any success.

  • Chris Van Der Merwe

    This will cement Cadillac’s failure. I have zero interest in a 4 cylinder luxury car. It worked for BMW for a while because of brand recognition and it being an amazing engine at least. However, their falling sales indicate many have no interest in a 50K 4 cyliner car.

    • Jason Panamera

      As 4 cilinder luxury car is most of the sales of Benz, Audi and BMW. From Audi A3, C-Class, X3 to GLE and hybrid variants of 7 seires .

      • Chris Van Der Merwe

        Its because that is all they offer unless you want to spend a fortune (for the size of the car). They also at least have 6 or more cylinder options. I also feel that the general public is willing to tolerate those type of engine’s in a Benz, Audi or BMW. Cadillac needed something to make Benz, Audi or BMW shoppers think twice. This isnt it.

        • Jason Panamera

          Previous gens of BMW 530i and E300 were 6 clinder engines but now these variants are offered as 4 clinder engines with the same output of power what doesn’t mean they are bad engines. Downsizing is just just sing of our time.

          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            I dont disagree. However, an underdog brand like Cadillac needs to offer something that makes them special compared to class leaders like Benz, Audi or BMW who are also experiencing lost sales because people are not interested in even their vehicles.

          • Jason Panamera

            I get your point. I feel like Cadillac could do better but someone or something is stopping them from releasing their full potential. I think that Lincoln is doing their job better at the moment.

          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            Lincoln is killing it. They are releasing market leading SUVs with huge margins. I suspect a 100K Navigator makes Ford a pretty penny.

          • :/ Yurr

            I admit Lincoln’s are very nice now. But all that tech that they are adding to the engines, it’s just more stuff to break.

          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            I believe Cadillac has had a lot of leadership change over? In the auto industry it takes 4 to 5 years to see the outcome of a massive shift. If you have new leaders every few years it will massively set you back.

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      you realize the E-class can be optioend up to 65k w/ a 4 banger right?

      • Chris Van Der Merwe

        Agreed. Sales have also been decreasing heavily. I wouldnt be able to stomach a 65K 4 banger. At least Merc subsidizes the leases well enough where those that can stomach it can afford it. Cadillac hasnt done that in the past. When I looked at the ATS in 2015 their leases was several hundred more than BMW or Merc. However, Audi was more expensive.

        2018 45.481
        2017 49.473
        2016 46.740
        2015 49.736
        2014 66.400
        2013 69.803

        • Jason Panamera

          China sales of E-Class are getting better, in EU they are also strong. You have picked good year-range example becasue it is the time of SUV popularity rise.

          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            Those are just the most recent year. I agree that SUV popularity is contributing. Cadillac is actually doing really well in the XT5 Sales in the US. Cadillac is essentially dead in the EU (1k cars sold in 2018). They are doing well in China. It looks like the ATS-L does well over there. So the CT4 might do well there!

        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          Fair point. However, I dont think we can attribute a decline in E class sales to a 4 cylinder engine alone….perhaps buyers turning away from traditional sedans to things like the GLC and GLE are a bigger factor re: declining E Class sales

        • Merc1

          That sales decline has NOTHING to do with the E300 being a 4-cylinder.


          • Chris Van Der Merwe

            So you think every single lost sale was because someone wanted a GLC or GLE instead? Maybe. I think its because overall the E series isnt compelling anymore. When I bought a car recently I had that train of through. I was going to buy a 3 series. It was low 60Ks for a 4-cyliner. I was like well if I’m going to get an appliance I might as well get a more useful appliance so I got an X3 with a 6-cyliner because it was only slightly more expensive after incentives and financing.

          • Merc1

            Yes because most if not all sedans are suffering now. It’s not because of a 4-cylinder.


    • performante

      Pricing is set to start in the low $30k. Reading comprehension is key.

      • Chris Van Der Merwe

        Cool Cool because that means anything. Cadillac is notorious for high cost options, packages etc. If you want anything but a base base model you will to add to that low 30s fast. If the ATS is any indicator the low level models wont last past the first year.

        Look at the new XT6. If you want any color besides silver you need to pay an extra $625 to $1225. Do you want adaptive cruise? That requires a $1,300 package…oh that package requires you to add $2,350 visibility package. $3,650 for what you can get standard on a Honda Civic. Do you want floor mats? $550… Want Navigation? $1000…

        • TheBelltower

          I get what you’re saying… but Cadillac isn’t nearly as bad as Audi or BMW in their attempts at separating you from your money for optional off-the-shelf trinkets. After choosing an engine and transmission, you can easily further increase the cost of your Audi or BMW by 30% from options. And don’t even get me started on Porsche.

    • bd0007

      The turbo-4 variants make up the bulk of 5 Series and A6 sales (not sure about the E Class), as well as the bulk of C Class, 3 Series and A4 sales.

      A 4-banger for the CT4 is perfectly fine as it’s Cadillac competitor for the A Class, 1 Series and A3 (so 1 segment down from the C Class, etc..).

      • TheBelltower

        Cadillac is not Audi or BMW.

        • Merc1



        • bd0007

          Yes, but what does that matter when neither the A Class nor the A3 are available w/ 6 cyl?

          A T4 is the norm for the segment.

          • TheBelltower

            If Cadillac thinks they are going to rebuild a luxury brand by offering an entry level car with a feeble 4cyl engine and another slightly less feeble 4cyl engine, then it’s clear that they don’t understand how this segment works. For enough people to seriously consider a Cadillac, they have to do much better than just keep up with the Jonses on paper. That’s the problem that occurs when a company phones it in for a half century.

          • bd0007

            Why does it matter when the competition does the same?

            Plus, there will be a CT4-V, and unlike the competition, the CT4 is the only one that is RWD (have to give Cadillac credit for that).

            In top of that, there will be an even more powerful variant that will be powered by a twin turbo V6.

            Cadillac will have sedan offerings in each segment.

            Subcompact – CT4
            Compact – CT5
            Midsize – CT6
            Flagship – Escala

            And there will be V and even V Blackwing for the 2 higher end models (the most powerful variants of the 2 smaller models will likely get a different moniker).

          • TheBelltower

            Cadillac doesn’t have the credibility to offer cars with the kind of budget mechanicals that other carmakers offer. After a half century of building mostly garbage, someone at Lincoln finally decided to offer mid-luxury vehicles with the kind of design that you’d find in substantially more expensive vehicles… with hints of Bentley. If Cadillac doesn’t once-and-for-all make the decision to overdeliver and blow away the memories of decades of corporate neglect, then they are going to continue to be lost.

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    The design isn’t terribly exciting, but its handsome in a restrained fashion. The interior appears to be decent (love that burgundy color), and those gauges are light years ahead of the gauges from the ATS.

    Ultimately, i’m looking fwd to a small sporty RWD vehicle….especially one with 300+hp and 348lbft of torque.

    Good job Cadillac.

    • Enter Ranting

      The gauges in the ATS were from a riding lawnmower, so anything is an improvement.

  • Six_Tymes

    Everyone is hyper critical. if it had a bmw or merc badge, all the haters would be clicking on the Love button. I do like the burgundy and black interior a lot, it’s sharp and elegant and not overly busy.

  • wintergraan

    The wheels look too small.

  • Merc1

    Cadillac just has no clue of what to do. Talk about being lost.


    • Bo Hanan

      -and it’s not funny anymore. They aren’t even trying to raise their game to Lincoln level.

      • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

        Lincoln Level? LMAO. Lincoln sold a pathetic 8.5k cars last month. You know you’re losing when you’re using Lincoln as a barometer of success.

      • schnittz

        Lincoln level?? They finally copied a Q7 and all of a sudden Lincoln has a level??

  • Porkopolis

    If GM doesn’t go full-bore getting Cadillac to build a QUALITY vehicle, I give it 10 years before Cadillac joins Plymouth, Pontiac, Oldsmobile… We’ll see how this does.

  • vanquishvantage

    This car is priced against the A3 and A class not sure I get the complaints here on quality……I’ve not been in the new A class but the the A3s interior is terrible like its barely nicer if at all than a VW Jetta or GTI while commanding a higher price. This car’s interior looks fine for the segment and since it’s basically just an updated ATS I’m confident it’s performance will be something to be reckoned with will buyers in this segment care probably not but for someone looking for a value priced rear drive sport sedan what’s the issue here????

  • rockyroad

    Cadillac somehow managed to make the ATS look bad

  • Nordschleife

    I just feel this design language looks better on the sedans than the XT6

  • TheBelltower

    It seems clear that Cadillac is not capable of making a true luxury vehicle. For the past half century, they haven’t shown that they know what a luxury vehicle is.

  • botornot387

    More hohum from the general. What a waste of a luxury brand. Every time i look at the interior, my eyes fixate on the gear shifter and how it looks lifted from a chevy impala.

  • ctk4949

    What is up with that screen?? Why is tilted like that?? Does it tilt forward when its on??

  • Cobrajet

    Interior is a mix of Lexus and Bmw.

    • Enter Ranting

      The interior looks like a rebadged Chevy.


    the car is no longer in competition with german compact luxuries

  • iggination

    This whole car is boring. There is no cohesive exterior design…just a bunch of random random lines and past design elements that no longer flow with what buyers are looking for.

    I bet the CT4 will flop like a fat man bellyflopping in a pool.

  • Allcarnews

    What a major MEH. After getting a hands on experience with the CT5 back in the spring, that interior is beyond disapointing… The exterior looks worse than the ATS imo and the proportions even seem a bit off, not very cohesive. And what on earth is bringing buyers to this versus the 3 series, G70, C-Class…. This is another huge flop for Cadillac.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Such a clean car. It looks better than the A3 and A-class.

  • xrnzaaas

    Cadillac’s design really sucks recently. A Kia or a Hyundai can make cooler and more upscale looking cars.

    • performante

      That’s just, like your opinion, man.

      Styling is subjective.

    • SteersUright

      Totally right.

    • Enter Ranting

      Cadillac is no match for Genesis. Heck, a Kia Stinger has more presence and better quality than this anonymous mess.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    The interior is ok, but the exterior is already hideously dated. The rear in particular is atrocious. There isn’t ONE compelling reason why you would chose this over any of the Germans or a Guilia. A total WASTED opportunity

    • :/ Yurr

      Well a Guilia is a Chrysler. BMW is boring, Mercedes are to damn expensive to keep up, and Audi is questionable…

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    So are you going to have this same criticism other manufacturers who do the same thing?

    Q7,Q8,A6,A7,A8 all have the same interior

    BMW 3-8 series all I’ve the same interior.

    Keep that same energy.

    • Arct1c

      They do have the same interiors. I don’t see what you’re getting at. This bum came into my mentions to try to tell me that the CT5 would have a “way nicer interior” when it has the same interior as the CT4.
      Keep that same idiotic tone, though.

      • MayTheBestCarWin05

        Granted. And thank you for clarifying.

        I wouldn’t describe the CT5’s interior as “way nicer”. I would call it better…but better is still not great or class leading.

        I used to be a GM fanboy until I got honest about their lack of competitiveness.

  • SteersUright

    Another crap car from Cadillac. Why.does it look 4 years old already? Why is the interior so bad? They’d do better to just buy Audi’s with a bulk discount and slap Cadillac badges on them.

  • Enter Ranting

    Well, at least they god rid of the CUE System.

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