2020 Cadillac CT4- And CT5-V Aren’t What We Wanted Or Expected, Max Out At 355 HP

In one fell swoop, Cadillac has unveiled the 2020 CT4- and CT5-V.

Set to be launched early next year, the models build on the legacy of the original CTS-V but eschew V8 engines and high horsepower ratings.

First and foremost, the CT4-V previews the all-new CT4 which will be unveiled in about a month. It follows in the footsteps of the CT5 and CT5-V as it adopts a familiar front fascia with a prominent mesh grille that is flanked by slender headlights and vertical daytime running lights.

Moving further back, the sports sedan has sleek and angular lines which echo the rest of the Cadillac lineup. The model also has a small rear spoiler and a four-tailpipe exhaust system.

The interior largely carries over from the CT5, but the CT4-V adopts a new leather-wrapped steering wheel, brushed metal trim and contrast stitching.  Leather padding also replaces trim on the doors and passenger side dashboard.

Unfortunately, downsizing is visible under the hood as the CT4-V is powered by a turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 320 hp (239 kW / 324 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. That’s a huge downgrade from the ATS-V which had a twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 with 464 hp (346 kW / 470 PS) and 445 lb-ft (603 Nm) of torque.

The CT5-V has a tad more power as it uses a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 that develops 355 hp (265 kW / 360 PS) and 400 lb-ft (542 Nm) of torque. While that’s good news, the model still has 285 hp (213 kW / 289 PS) and 230 lb-ft (311 Nm) of torque less than the CTS-V.

Both engines are connected to a ten-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the rear wheels.  Customers will also be able to order an optional all-wheel drive system. Other performance features include Brembo front brakes, Magnetic Ride Control and a limited-slip rear differential.

Cadillac will release more information in the future as well as details about “additional V-Series variants.”  Hopefully, by then, they’ll find their checkered flag instead of the white one used today.


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  • matrem

    That’s pathetic. Stick a fork in Cadillac – it’s done.

  • matrem

    All the goodwill they had from their concept cars, and they release these. I’m sure they will also be priced like bmws. What a joke.

  • Cadillac…Pfffttt

  • Rev360

    Performance power-wise this is a disappointment. Styling wise I’m not upset. I had hoped for more differentiation between the CT5-V and CT4-V. At least the CT4 will avoid that horrible C-Pillar on the CT-5 though. Overall their just OK. Not horrendous thank God. But definitely will be forgettable.

  • LJ

    I much prefer the CT4’s styling over the CT5.

  • dll1183

    On a long enough timeline nearly any nameplate or trim level used by GM will be used on something totally inappropriate.

  • roy

    I’m looking the interior actually. But exterior is just so forgettable, not bad per se but just very forgettable.

  • Craig

    I can’t figure out which one is which.

    • JRP

      Cadillac’s going German I guess

    • atomiccow

      You can tell them apart by looking for the fake window. The CT4 doesn’t have one. Too bad that’s also the best complement I can give it.

  • designer_dick

    Is the CT-4 actually new, or just a reskinned ATS? The glasshouse looks more or less identical.

    • Leconte Dave


    • The window line just looks like the ATS but it’s all new I guess.

      • designer_dick

        It’s more than the window line. The shape and proportions are also incredibly similar to the ATS, which implies there’s more than a little of the ATS’s hardware lurking underneath. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ece640f57b607743e5e9541afdc5a74b4282c32d30777e7d26112c6034ffa51.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/455e0977256a8c5d60ccd72ba0df927b73cf855338052c5ef62bdcf38300f3fe.jpg

        • You may be right. Car and Driver has also noticed the similarities in proportions between the two and is speculating that the CT4 is merely a facelifted ATS.

          • designer_dick

            I wouldn’t be surprised. I doubt there was a compelling business case for spending big money on the development of an all-new successor to a car that managed to move fewer than 150,000 units over six years on sale.

            If GM thought it could get away with slapping some new sheetmetal on the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa after seven years and 2.5 million sales, I’m sure it thinks reworking the ATS is a great idea.

          • Jay

            It isn’t a facelift. Too many body lines are different. It does look like it sits on the same plate form as a lot of the dimensions are the same.

        • Celt Jochanan

          If they looked better instead of being less attractive, the carryover platforms wouldn’t matter. When will GM catch on to the fact that eurosedan luxury car buyers dont want Cadillacs?
          Since when do customers buy knockoffs when the real thing is affordable and easily purchased? GM needs to just LET CADILLAC BE CADILLAC. Although I dont care for it, Escalade is a perfect starting point. The badge engineered dollar/high profit suv is the only Cadillac with a name and it sells well in it segment. Why? Because it most closely represents what a Cadillac should be. Bold, memorable, powerful, luxurious, sumptuously comfortable, somewhat flashy and expensive. Build distinctive cars with the same unapologetic presence as the Escalade and $ell them for good money.


      • Merc1

        I hope you don’t really believe this car is all new. It uses the same platform as before and in looking at it, more than just platform is being recycled.


    • Celt Jochanan
  • caddy45

    RIP Cadillac.

  • Cadillac should have used the V-sport monikers for these two.

    • Celt Jochanan

      These two should lose the V badge and be offered and priced as the BASE models!

  • Marshall Boyce

    Oh, oh my. This is pretty bad.

    • Bo Hanan


  • Aelwyn

    Congratulations, Cadillac. You have taken the crown from Audi for producing the most boring, utilitarian-looking vehicles available.

  • Merc1

    One question, what do these cars compete with?


    • Bige Lee


      • Merc1

        I’m convinced that someone within GM/Cadillac wants or is tasked with making sure Cadillac fails miserably. These cars just plain suck.


    • Octane

      Think of CT5-V as like the M340i or S4 or AMG43/53. And the CT4-V as a competitor to the M240i FWD/AWD Gran Coupe (or competes against a non-existent RWD M240i Gran Coupe)

      So, the real question is, what will they call the “REAL” V models?

      This was disappointing, and seems to lack forethought.

      • Merc1

        The CT5 V is going to beaten by those cars, it isn’t bringing enough power to the table and it’s a size too big. If this is the case, what does the CT4 V compete with?

        None of it makes any sense.


        • Octane

          We don’t know how it weighs compared to the others. However, I do agree with you. With the B58 in the 340i putting down 360 plus-380 plus, the CT5-V (sport) is down on hp. But what about torque?

          The CT4 is the only RWD/AWD car in its class—-which contains the CLA, A3, and 1 series sedan in China, and 2 series Gran Coupe (soon to be released) for the rest of the world.

          • Merc1

            Doesn’t make sense to re-wrap the ATS (CT4-V) to compete with those cars. The ATS didn’t sell before because it was too small, that doesn’t change because they’ve decided to re-aim the car at this group of cars.

            The whole plan sounds dismal be cause the truth is Cadillac can’t compete head on so they’ve resorted to lobbing a bigger car at a smaller class of cars just to compete. If people wanted a bigger car they’d buy one.

            These cars will not be a success for them. Too much confusion and repositioning in a time where sedans are not the hot ticket item they once were.


          • Octane

            Who knows what they did to the leg room.

            They went back to the formula that they had for the 2 gens of the CTS, the tweener car.

            Instead of realizing what they don’t do like the Germans, is good PR/Marketing, and mid cycle updates/make overs, they do the opposite, which is become lazy and like a wallflower, letting the Bean Counters ignoramuses run the show. And then wonder why things went wrong. Hell, even GM didn’t do this with the Corvette, yet the Porsche 991.1 vs 991.2 got different base/standard engines, the 991.1 GT3/RS vs the 991.2 GT3/RS got revisions.

          • Merc1

            The problem is that 2 gen car failed because that strategy was scrapped.

            I’m convinced that someone on the inside is trying to see to it that Cadillac fails.


      • Cobrajet

        They are maybe going to bring out V plus again, I hope.

  • Rocket

    The one thing Cadillac was doing well was building truly sporty sedans. Now they can’t even do that. I guess they’ve officially given up on chasing the Germans.


  • Liam Paul

    well I got to say I like the Blue one a lot..

  • TheBelltower

    Good gawd, what is this BS? This is what happens when you put a GM veteran in charge… mediocracy. Can we get deNysschen back please?

    • Celt Jochanan

      The lead time for a new model takes several years. Unfortunately, these ARE DeNysschen’s babies.

      • TheBelltower

        An entire platform takes several years and are designed to accommodate a variety of engines. Carlisle has been in this role for over a year. The final version of this car is on his watch.

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    1. Why are BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Cadillac in a race to dilute their performance sub brands?

    2. If there will be V models above these….Cadillac could have got in front of all the internet CEO outrage by informing us of their new naming convention for the V sub brand.

    3. That interior on the CT4 looks real good. I actually like it better than the CT5.

    • Merc1

      1. Dilute, but sales have never been better for those sub brands so there is your answer.


    • donald seymour

      I hope you are right.

    • They did say so during the unveiling and in the press release. Nobody is bothered to read or pay attention when they speak. Just a bunch of bashing. It was already known that the Vsport name wasn’t coming back when the name change for the CT6 Vsport was switched to V-Series.

      • Enter Ranting

        Right, but GM spent years cultivating the V name with powerful cars that were critically acclaimed. Now that more people are starting to notice, they make V the moniker for the diluted version, and will introduce the V replacement name at some point? Just come up with a new name for V sport!

    • Cobrajet

      Audi hasn’t diluted anything. They already had two-level sub brand (S & RS brands) to begin with. The rest are trying to follow.

  • Bo Hanan

    Only Cadillac can make a new car look 4 years old before it even debuts. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83b3fcd9f5fe91675d90e69f265f2dcf03f19f891e2a3a98a7b35a906c9b4861.jpg

  • Darnell Robeson

    Im so confused. And so disappointed. What happened to Cadillac? What is going on? CTS and CTSV is my favorite car. This is the replacement????? Wth?

  • Merc1

    The current CTS-V is a MUST BUY now. Even I don’t want to see that car go.


    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I was looking forward to the CT5-V but it looks like I’m holding onto my CTS-V for a long while.

  • Brian Regan

    The CT4 is a worked over ATS. Definitely more than a “refresh” but pretty clearly the same car. I’m not in the “Cadillac is dead” camp but this reeks of mediocrity.

    • Merc1

      “mediocrity” = GM.


      • ErnieB

        No no!! GM = Great Mediocrity

        • Mr. EP9

          Nah, GM = General Mediocrity.


    • Nick099

      Yep, GM is dead.

      They will never be able to compete with the Germans and the Asians in the high end market.

      • Enter Ranting

        Or the Koreans!

      • MayTheBestCarWin05

        Don’t think they care as long as people keep buying all their body in frame products.

        • Nick099

          You mean their trucks? I think even that is going to come to an end fairly soon.

  • RDS Alphard

    Massive disappointment

  • :/ Yurr

    That’s stupid , they are definitely ruining Cadillac.

  • BlackPegasus

    While there are lots of issues to point out here I’m just gonna take issue with the interiors of the CT4 and CT5. While I find both cabins decent, they clearly share the same design language with other GM products which is so typical of the General Motors of old. The screen layout says Chevy Blazer to my eyes… like WTF GM? ?

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d969ae8201e303b87aacf775d83c8d87bb44fa99e2921784dc78ee0779dfad5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/350d7f346ff62e53dcd20b01a57aa1b3d668be4544149f174e14ebe1296969a0.jpg

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      Stop it. Everyone tacks on the tablet like displays now. It’s not just GM.

      • BlackPegasus

        Look at the curvature of the screens in both photos. One is from a Chevy Blazer and the other is Cadillac. And when you’re done, take a look at the cup holders and the gear shifters. The entire GM lineup looks like it was designed by one person.

        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          Fair enough.

    • matrem

      Unlike Lincoln, which as of late makes sure its interiors do not resemble Fords, Cadillac is doubling down own the same bad habits. I doubt they will ever get it.

  • ErnieB

    I can’t .. I am dumbfounded by this complete design failure! This is way worse than what Toyota did to the Supra.. yikes!

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    I would love to see that rear-end on the new chrysler 300

  • Hot Twink
    • Mike Gauthier

      Thanks for the heads up, it’s been fixed

      • lagunas3ca

        Might want to fix the second sentence while you’re at it…

  • Mr. EP9


    This is complete step back from the ATS-V and CTS-V. GM really dropped the ball hard and they want more V badged vehicles? So we can get more mediocrity like this? Geez. Way to ruin a nameplate like what Mercedes and BMW did with AMG and M. At least in their defense they still offer V8s, GM doesn’t except for the CT6-V.

    • Merc1

      How exactly did MB and BMW ruin their nameplates?


  • SteersUright

    While every other luxury car company in the world moves ahead…

  • MarkoS

    Say what you all will, I quite like them. I still have not gotten used to the rear-window treatment on the CT5 but for me the rest all works. The CT4 hits the mark for me, my only real complaint with it is I would have liked to seen it as a 5 door. Plenty of HP for road cars, the HP wars have gotten absurd anyway. Let see how they drive.

  • Richard Alexander

    2.7t might be better than you guys expect…especially considering it is also a truck engine which means aftermarket tunes will be available shortly if not already.

    • Merc1

      How is a truck engine a good thing in a luxury car?


      • Cobrajet

        I wouldn’t call that a real truck engine.

  • Ray

    This is what’s taking the place of the V-Sport trim level. There will be another performance level above these.

  • no25

    RIP Cadillac. Shame you killed off a great vehicle like this CTS-V for these crap models. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82cb3f24d5d804502b3840486e876823dfafca5331979925dfbdeb277f2e1b4a.jpg

    • Jay

      Damn, that’s the best looking V model.

    • ErnieB

      And it looks way better and fresher too.. wtf was Cadillac thinking!

    • The best looking modern Cadillac. It’s like the last 20 years took them to the CTS now it’s going down hill.

  • DetrinKD

    CT-4 is definitely a HEAVY refresh of the ATS. What makes them think that rehashing this car will prove of any benefit? The ATS was simply too small, unless they plan to re-market it as an A-Class, A3, 2-Series competitor?

    But they HAVE TO be coming up with some new naming convention for the top performance model and these “V’s” are the equivalent of the former V-Sport models. Otherwise WHY would they even put themselves in this position? They had to know there would be major disappointment and uproar.

    • Cobrajet

      The body shell wasn’t bad to begin with. The 3 series stay the same with new generation.

      • MayTheBestCarWin05

        Come on now. People lose their ability to be objective when it comes to Cadillac / GM. Bc hating GM is the cool thing to do.

    • the ATS looked better ton me. When you facelift a car by adding shapes and lines… Something is wrong.

  • Shelby GT500

    Both cars have less power than old Cadillac sedans. Why didn’t they call them V-Sport then?

    • Six_Tymes

      good thought

  • Cobrajet

    Having a real V model released first was to good to be true. Real performance models take up to a year to come our after the base model is released.

  • RunningLogan

    Noooo! WTF Cadillac? So disappointed! This was supposed to be an awesome new car – not a styling package and 20 extra hp. A Genesis G70 has more power. UGH!

    • ErnieB

      The G70 is also much nicer to look at too..

      • Enter Ranting

        Aaaaaand more reliable.

  • Jay

    The hp numbers are disappointing but I think people will buy them because they look “fast”. Think about how many ecoboost mustangs sell.

    • lagunas3ca

      Yes, but there is a price reflection with the EcoBoost Mustangs. Unlike these Cadillacs where you’re paying more for less.

      • Jay

        Two more doors and American “Luxury” isn’t enough for them to justify the price?

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    Welp, it looks like I’m keeping my CTS-V. I could punch the Caddy execs for this stupid move.

  • Rocket

    Nothing says American luxury like a large displacement turbo four designed for pickup trucks.

  • ctk4949

    Why couldnt they just use a different name instead of V?? Then later come out with the real V models. So dumb!! Also it looks a little like a Peugeot 508, lol

    • LJ

      These should be V-Sport models and the top end variations should be just V.

  • ejd1984

    I like the overall styling of the CT4 more than the CT5

    Maybe with the apparent downgrade of the performance numbers, Cadillac is planning a package above the V-Series.


  • performante

    There is more to come for these cars. Everyone chill. This is basically Cadillac re-branding the V-Sport cars. While yes, they are diluting the V brand, these cars are getting a ton of publicity right now. More than the V-Sport cars have ever gotten.

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. These entry level cars are getting people talking.

    • DMax

      I think Caddy has re-positioned these cars to go against M340i, C43 and S4 now. Probably a smart move because sales for CTS-V and ATS-V were pretty low. Still, CT5 is a bit under powered compared to the new M340i which has 380hp, C43 is 385hp and new S4 should have somewhere in the upped 300s too. But considering how good the Alpha platform is, it may be a worthy trade off and then we still don’t know how much it weighs.

      Another thing is that CT4 is smaller and should be well positioned against A35 and S3 over which is has the advantage of RWD and more power. Depending on what Caddy will want to charge for it, it may be a winner.

    • Nick099

      I’m sorry I just don’t agree with you. When it comes to cars good publicity is all that matters. Bad publicity is just that… Bad.

      As far as advertising goes GM has never spent any serious money on advertising any of Cadillac v sport cars. If they did they would have sold more of them. Just like they failed to actually advertise the Chevy SS. No one even knew what that was.

      Lately, there seems to be an institutional hatred to performance vehicles within General Motors.

  • Merc1

    So in other words it’s something in your mind, not reality. They day they can’t sell them at a premium then you can say they ruined their nameplates, that hasn’t happened yet. Unlike Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes aren’t hurting and they’re relevant all over the world no matter if they’re AMG or M or not. Quit trying to lump MB and BMW in with a long suffering loser like Cadillac.


    • no25

      no it’s because he mentioned Mercedes in a negative way, and now, as always, you’re butt hurt.

      • Merc1

        No it’s because like you he’s not that bright.


    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      What he meant was….There was a time when the letters AMG equaled hand built engines and true exclusivity. In pursuit of increasing transaction prices…Mercedes started slapping AMG on vehicles with non hand built engines.

      Of course Mercedes won’t have an issue selling them bc they’re Mercedes.

      But This is the dilution people are referring to.

  • Nastinupe1911

    Well anyone who owns a CTS-V Wagon or Coupe is about to see a huge jump in resale value. They just dodged a bullet… again. Those vehicles have officially become collectors items because of Caddy’s refusal to make anything better.

    • Nick099

      Yeah I think you’re right.

  • wonderdallas

    Same window frames and greenhouse. So clearly a heavy facelift. The elegance is lost for excitement but the wheels don’t fill out the wheel wells.

    I’m almost on board with the fronts but now all Cadillac sedans have a bit of a weak jaw. The light blades should descend lower (like the CTS) to the bottom of the grill surrounds. So I’m a bit lost.

    The trunk butt is too much on the CT4

    The interior is much nicer. I do prefer this D-pillar over the CT-5’s. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e06ee926718dbea2529e48fe07c9e47c9f118fea499261486401a3b5ef95519d.png

    • Nick099

      Aside from the mousy Obama motors. The greenhouse is just too big. From the side the back end looks like every other car.

    • Roland Fairwater

      I totally agree.

  • Emoto

    They look like nice cars to me.

  • DMax

    Mark Reuss confirmed that this is just the beginning of a new V-series cars – a V8 CT5 is confirmed pretty much. So what’s the fuss all about then? Oh, I know, because it’s fun to hate on GM/Caddy, some people will hate no matter what. Heard people say Stinger/G70 crap is better then these, what a joke. Good job Caddy for getting rid of the stupid V-sport (that had a V badge on the cars anyway) nomenclature. Has anyone heard about AMG-Sport? No. M-sport or S-line? That’s just a styling upgrade for base models. So yeah, V-sport – good riddance.

    • Nick099

      I don’t have a hatred towards Cadillac. I’ve owned quite a few of them. In fact, I was thinking about buying an ats-v in a few months. However you do not reveal the lowest powered version of what everybody has been waiting for. That is just plain stupid. I doubt Reuss is telling the truth.

  • MrP

    I would much rather see these RWD/AWD CT5-V’s rolling around Australia being sold by Holden albeit not wearing a Commodore badge, than seeing the current Opel Insignia based FWD/AWD “Commodore”..
    They should retire the Commodore nameplate and revive their showrooms with a car like this.

  • New interiors BMW americanized, cool, it works, CT6 great looking sedans, CT4, and mostly CT5 those volumes, those backs are ugly! Who said yes that looks good, let’s make it?!?!?!

  • SgtBeavis

    Cadillac is now the new Lincoln.

    Lincoln is now,,, I’m not sure but I think something special is brewing over there. There certainly is nothing but crap brewing at Caddy.

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