2020 Cadillac CT5 Is A Compact (Priced) Sports Sedan The Size Of A BMW 5-Series

Live images of both Luxury and Sport versions of the 2020 Cadillac CT5 from the New York Auto Show have been added to the gallery below. (Update)

Cadillac revealed a common ATS and CTS replacement, the CT5, last month ahead of its public debut at the 2019 New York International Auto Show, without going into much detail about the car. Now, GM’s premium brand has released a full specs sheet of the CT5, allowing us to have a better understanding of what it is.

According to Caddy, the CT5 will be classified as a compact sedan, even though its mid-size saloon dimensions would have you think it’s positioned to take on the likes of the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class.

Let’s talk size

The 2020 CT5 measures 193.8 inches (4,924 mm) in length, 74.1 inches (1,883 mm) in width and 57.2 inches (1,452 mm) in height, with a wheelbase of 116.0 inches (2,947 mm).

Despite its Fastback styling, it’s almost as long as a BMW 5-Series, which measures 194.3 inches (4,936 mm) bumper to bumper. Meanwhile, the CT5’s wheelbase is actually longer than that of an Audi A6 (115.1 inches / 2,924 mm). Also, here’s how it compares to a 2019 CTS: 114.6 inches (2,911 mm) wheelbase, 72.2 inches (1,834 mm) width, 195.5 inches (4,966 mm) length – the CT5 is bigger in every way except overall length, but again, that’s because of its styling.

Before you voice your objections in the comments, we spoke to Cadillac for clarification, and they insisted on describing it to Carscoops as a “compact premium sedan that will be competitively priced within that segment as well”, which includes the likes of Audi’s A4, Mercedes‘ C-Class and BMW’s 3-Series.

A fresh take on multiple segments

Cadillac says that the 2020 CT5 features a blend of distinctive design, performance and comfort, and that its all-new Fastback styling underscores its refined ride, as well as the driver-centric interior. Buyers can even tailor the car to their preferences with unique designs and trim in Luxury and Sport versions.

“Every element of the CT5 is focused on delivering an unrivaled experience, from the 10-speed transmission to Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology,” said Cadillac president, Steve Carlisle. ” The Expansion of Super Cruise to CT5 reinforces our commitment to bringing the most innovative technologies to our customers.”

Opt for the CT5 Luxury or Premium Luxury models and you’ll get bright exterior accents and unique grilles and fascias. The Sport version on the other hand has darker accents and performance-inspired details, like unique grilles, fascias, rocker extensions, a spoiler and standard 19-inch wheels.

The 2020 CT5 also features an “all-LED exterior” with signature vertical lights at all four corners.

High-tech and soft-touch interior

Step inside the CT5 and you’ll be greeted by elegant, wide surface lines and simple interfaces. You’ll also notice the 10-inch touchscreen display mounted high within the instrument panel for improved visibility.

There’s also a standard Adaptive Remote Start function and an available hands-free power-release decklid. The former automatically activates features like the available heated/ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel and other climate systems, while the latter allows you to activate the trunk release with your foot – same as in many other new cars.

If you’re still not satisfied, then you can look to the Platinum Package, which can be added to Premium Luxury and Sport models. It features an exclusive Sedona/Jet Black motif with Opus semi-aniline leather seating surfaces in Sedona Sauvage. Both front, heated, ventilated and lumbar massage seats feature additional bolstering and 18-way adjustability. Also available are the upgraded leather-trimmed armrests and center console, unique carbon fiber decorative trim and a thicker-rimmed steering wheel with authentic magnesium paddle shifters and alloy pedals.

Super Cruise

“Cadillac demonstrates its commitment to technology by bringing the Super Cruise driver assistance feature to the CT5. Cadillac’s Super Cruise driver assistance feature enables customers to drive hands-free on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways in the
U.S. and Canada, using LiDAR map data, high-precision GPS, a state-of-the-art driver attention system and a network of camera and radar sensors. The driver attention system helps keep drivers engaged by detecting and signaling when drivers need to pay more attention to the road.”

Two turbocharged power units

The 2020 Cadillac CT5 is available with a 2.0-liter Twin-Scroll turbo engine, as well as a more powerful 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6, both working alongside a 10-speed automatic transmission. The four-pot packs 237 HP (177 kW) and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque, while the V6 is good for 335 HP (250 kW) and 400 lb-ft (542 Nm) of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels, unless you opt for the available AWD system, which you can get on all models.

Then there are the driving modes: Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and My Mode. They work by letting you calibrate your transmission, steering and brake feel, front/rear torque split and the exhaust note.

Sales start this fall

GM will build the new CT5 at its upgraded Lansing Grand River facility, with sales to begin in autumn. Pricing along with additional information on the range will be released closer to its sales date.



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  • Six_Tymes

    like it a lot. that color is gorgeous

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I wish my CTS-V had that interior . Seeing that the newer V outperforms the competition I’m looking forward to see what the new one does.

  • salamOOn

    nice interior.

  • no25

    lol at the random buicks thrown in the photo gallery. also, car looks decent. still miss the only “standard of the world” cadillac. don’t even know what they are now besides “glorified chevys.” interior is already pretty dated for a luxury car – looks like a bad copy of the BMW 8 Series (interior-wise).

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    I’d never get this over a C or E Class. Ever.

    ” The Expansion of Super Cruise to CT5 reinforces our commitment to bringing the most innovative technologies to our customers.””

    Is that why you didn’t equip the technology on the brand new XT4 and XT6?

    STFU, GM. You’re a joke.

    • Ron

      Super Cruise is coming on both of those vehicles. The autonomous technology GM has is far beyond other brands because they developed it with and for the US government, and thats no joke.

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        Super Cruise is a joke as is the fact that they released two brand new vehicles without it. Mercedes has a more capable system, as does Tesla.

        GM is continually playing catch-up with the market.

    • Stephen G

      I think I’d rather have this than something that’s looked the same since 1998.

      • Merc1

        What has looked the same since 1998?


      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        You should visit your nearest Lenscrafters if you think an E Class from 1998 looks even remotely similar to the current E Class.

        Nice try though.

        • Stephen G

          Trunk a little more round, grille headlight changes, wheels bit bigger other than that proportions all same, roofline same, even the gas filler is in the same exact location. MB=Snooze-fest.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            Yeah, so the exact same evolution as every single other sedan on earth. Gas filler in the same location? LOL. Great point you made there, bud.

            You can say the exact same thing with the 1998 STS and this abomination. Keep going though….

            Cadillac’s sales numbers = Snoozefest.

          • MayTheBestCarWin05

            We get it, you don’t like Cadillac.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            It’s okay, no one else does either…

          • MayTheBestCarWin05


    • :/ Yurr

      Your a joke with all that hate your throwing….at the car you havent sat in nor drove.?

  • MarkoS

    Everything looks great except that the awful treatment following the rear passenger windows. it throws the whole car off and cheapens it. Perhaps they should have went with a actual rear hatch and it could have been avoided. The at least shouldn’t have tried to highlight the designs obvious flaw.

    • Stephen G

      True that. What happened to those fantastic looking concepts that Cadillac produced the last bunch of years?

  • samurai

    No digital gauges? Shouldn’t that be standard for new luxury vehicles?

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      Please list all the luxury vehicles that come standard with digital gauge clusters….shouldn’t take long bc the list will be very short.

      • GT

        Pretty much all new models from Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          Unfortunately you’re incorrect. I confirmed this by checking the configurators for the brands you listed. Results below.

          BMW: only the 7 series comes std. with a full digital gauge
          Volvo: only the S90 comes standard with a full digital gauge (the rest, like the Cadillac, have a small 7″ – 8″ digital screen flanked by analogue gauges
          Jaguar: Only the XJ comes standard with a full digital gauge
          Audi: Only the A8L comes standard with digital gauge
          Mercedes: only the S class comes standard with digital gauges

          • GT

            Check again.

            You overlooked BMW 3 Series, Volvo XC40, Jag XE (new facelift), Audi A6, MB A-Class.

          • MayTheBestCarWin05

            Of course all these cars have a digital dash as an option. But it’s not standard.

    • Stephen G

      Nobody wants digital dash.

  • lagunas3ca

    Copying the same tapered rear window look as GMC models, what a joke.

  • Looks like an Altima from the inside. Disappointing.

  • DM

    I really like the front but the rear is a mess. It makes it look bloated and weird. Sorry to say this but no young buyer would get this over a C-Class or 3 Series. Shame, the Escala design was not well executed.

  • lagunas3ca
  • charlotteharry57

    I like it but it DOES NOT replace the ATS, only the CTS. There’s a purportedly CT4 coming soon to replace that.

  • Rocket

    I like the sound of the 3.0L turbo paired with the 10-speed, but I’m still repulsed by that C-pillar treatment. And since I can’t get past that, nothing else matters.

    Remember when luxury car makers put elegance first?

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    people can’t help themselves…..its a cadillac post.


    Side profile is a copy of the Nissan Altima

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    The Escala touches all over this vehicle are most welcome. From a design perspective, the interior doesn’t blow me away…but the materials appear good. The c-pillar will continue to be a controversial design choice, but at least it looks to be glass. The gauges actually look crisp, legible, and well thought out. These gauges are LIGHT YEARS ahead of what they gave us in the ATS…those gauges were atrocious. Pricing it like a 3 series, but sized like a 5 series is a good approach…bc no one is going to pay 5 series or E class money for this.

    While I’m sure the updated Alpha platform will continue to provide excellent handling/ride….I wish they would have kept the HP for the TTV6 @ 400 like it is in the CT6, but I assume they want to leave room for the Vsport and full V models to come.

    Looks promising Cadillac. You’ve come a long way, but still have a ways to go.

    • bd0007

      Unfortunately, the Escala treatment is better done on the CT6 even tho its only a facelift and not a full fledged new design.

  • performante

    It’s a tweener. GM said that from the beginning. Same goes for the upcoming CT4.

    • bd0007

      But competes in the compact segment.

      The CT4 will compete against the CLA/A Class, A3, etc.

  • Jason Panamera

    I like it. This purple paint and brown interior are convincing me.

  • charlotteharry57

    You must be talking about European segments because D in the States is large car (and E doesn’t exist). This does come close to the CTS in dimensions. So it appears that there is room for a CT4.

    • bd0007

      The D segment in the automotive industry is equivalent to the compact segment here.

      The E segment includes both midsize RWD sedans (E Class, 5 Series) and full-size FWD sedans (Impala, Avalon).

      The F-segment is full-size RWD (or equivalent such as the A8) sedans.

      The CT5 will compete against the 3 Series, C Class, etc.

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    As wrong as samurai is….there’s no need for name calling. #keepitcivil

  • Merc1

    Wrong. The A5 and A7 look nothing like this chopped off mess.


    • MayTheBestCarWin05
      • Merc1

        Are you blind? The A5 looks complete, not half-arse with a piece of black plastic stuck in for filler.


        • MayTheBestCarWin05

          Ahhhhh, I see now…..this isn’t a conversation based in objective observations. You’re just espousing your distaste for Cadillac’s design (which is totally fine btw), bc we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

          Plus, the ‘filler’ piece looks an awful lot like glass….or Cadillac finally figured out where to get high grade plastics from. HAHA https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5abd0d38e48cd10acb928b5179574e62bec431ca201d647bbb5ee7bddef7d133.jpg

          • Merc1

            And yet it still looks nothing like or near as good as the Audi, so you’re still in the same place as you started, being blind.


          • MayTheBestCarWin05

            Hey man, current VW owner here…and i LOVE the S5 sportback. But I’m not blind because I like both.

          • Merc1

            No I’m saying that the design is not the same between the two cars just because the roof is sloped. The Cadillac is a mess in that area at the rear, the Audi is not.

            I actually like this CT5 except for that rear pillar treatment. The interior *appears* to have turned out much better than expected.


          • MayTheBestCarWin05

            Never said same. Just similar.

          • Merc1

            They aren’t even similar. Only having a curved roof like all cars do now, that is where the similarities end.


    • Stephen G

      This chopped off mess is currently referred to as a “coupe”. I think is used to be “Hatchback”.

      • Merc1

        And it’s still ugly on the Cadillac, so your point?


  • Merc1

    I shocked at how good the interior looks.



    • Stephen G

      …COMPACT SUV’s!

  • Dennis Scipio

    The C-pillar looks a lot like the Honda Accord.

  • TheBelltower

    With these engine options, if this is priced alongside the Lexus ES, then the CT5 will be all over every upscale neighborhood in the country. If they price it beyond that, then they’ll have to discount heavily. The athletic proportions scream for a V series. To me, this thing looks really sharp. The only question mark is that kink in the rear DLO. And the autosteer indicator on the steering wheel that looks like hospital equipment.

  • Enter Ranting

    Well, at least they FINALLY ditched that horrendous CUE system. As for the rest of the CT5 – it doesn’t even rate a meh. Cadillac is rudderless. This thing looks like a place-holder. In five years, it will be unceremoniously tossed out for a replacement with yet another naming convention. I’ve given up on Cadillac.

  • wonderdallas

    I drive a current CTS V-Sport with the matte kona wood with saddle brown leather and premium pkg. From the pics I’d say the CT5’s interior upgrades in all the right places.
    The Good:
    They kept the gorgeous matte wood and brought more down onto the center console in lieu of the piano black in the CTS.
    The CUE screen is glass and the touch response speed is way faster. Luckily you don’t have to touch with the addition of the rotary controller. The interface’s graphics are much more sophisticated.
    The HVAC toggle switches are a welcome change from the haptic approach in the CTS and the chevron layout is a clever touch.
    Minimal piano black and the deletion of too many textures. My CTS has suede, leather and perforated leather. That was one too many.
    I like all most all of the exterior.

    The Questionable:
    The center stack binnacle feels odd. Maybe too wide and bulbous? Its as if the CUE screen needs to be wider to fit the area. In fact the right edge of the screen should line up with the right edge of the air vents.
    Also it feels like the center stack loses a bit of sleekness by being so bulky.
    The cup holder is no longer retractable. I’m not sure if the new design looks better but it is probable less complicated and more useful with the open bin in front of the cup holder door.
    No more hidden area behind the HVAC controls.
    Are the lower door panels soft touch? the CTS’s are and I think Cadillac is backing off of that nicety if the CT6 is any indication.
    Is there an option for a full digital IP? If this is the standard IP, it is much improved but I do like the full digital unit in the CTS.

    The Bad:
    The two knobs under the CUE. I LOVE knobs but their placement is entirely functional at the expense of symmetry and beauty. They could have been done better and still been as useful.
    Stupid stickers on the wireless charging pad.
    The D-pillar

  • Rev360

    I actually like this car a whole lot. There are a few quirks like the C-Pillar. But that’s a minor aesthetic issue. It’s not anything worthy of me disliking the car. I’d love to see Cadilac introduce a virtual dash cluster to this car eventually. Overall design front, back and side profile is appealing to me. And I would consider this to an BMW or Mercedes equivalent. If the performance and quality is there why not?

  • Yishay

    Missed opportunity. The design just needed a little more attention

  • rover10

    Finally, a break away from the razor styling, now there is just a glimmer of hope Cadilac can forge a new path, and possibly, one that has international appeal?

  • getoffme

    Dead on arrival.

    • Merc1

      I was ready to say that too, but looking at it, I don’t think that anymore. The interior shows promise. The main issue is that ugly C-Pillar treatment. The powertrains seem ok too. I think it has more than a chance.


      • bd0007

        The dash design is awful and already looks outdated.

    • GT

      Agree. Everything is fine, it’s ok. But it’s in a declining segment competing against the 3 Series etc etc. And that’s all fine, they’d know this and they’d know it’ll do some steady volume and be just worth it.

  • Joe E

    I have a second-gen CTS. The second-gen was successful because it was a “tweener”…5-series price, 3-series-ish prices. The CT5 seems to be returning to that exact formula. I just looked, and it’s only about 2 inches longer than my CTS with a much longer wheelbase. Good signs.

    I never liked the third-gen CTS. This CT5, however, looks like a promising potential replacement. If the C-pillar treatment is indeed glass (and I think it is, which is why they included that photo of the etched Cadillac script in it), it will look fine with tinted windows. That space was probably not worth cramming a real window into.

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      Joe. You are the man. All facts.

  • john1168

    The profile of this car is a styling disaster. Front door is too short, the rear door is too long and that C pillar… What were they thinking with that? It’s hideous! All that being said, the front looks good enough, the rear looks good and the interior looks really nice. I’m sure the car will drive well too as it’s riding on the Alpha.

  • Brabusbus

    This car is not bad, but it doesn’t have a soul

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      have you driven it yet? Aren’t driving dynamics what people are typically referring to when they discuss a vehicles soul?

      • Brabusbus

        I think a vehicles soul are not only about driving dynamics, but also their history.

    • Bo Hanan

      I want to like it (for Cadillacs sake) but yes, “no soul.”

    • diesel_vdub

      I might seriously consider this if it came with a Soul… maybe the GT line in Inferno Red. 🙂

  • kachuks

    That back hump looks very unappealing.

  • GT

    When are we actually ever going to see a Cadillac that has the wow factor, the presence, of their golden era.

    Sounds they are too reliant on customer clinics (as are most manufacturers for that matter).

    • Danny Boy

      If they would just produce their concepts…….
      Too busy trying to follow the Europeans when American ingenuity could make them leaders!

  • Socarboy

    I hate it to say this thing will be an absolute wallflower on the dealers lots and there will be some serious money on the hoods to convince the few that will actually buy one.

  • Ricki Boo

    terribly written post. some of the worst writing I’ve seen.

  • Paul

    I want to like it, but some parts look unfinished. Sort of like the designers gave up like the rear end and C pillar.

  • Craig

    I’m very quickly warming up to this car.

  • Astonman

    Get rid of that tail from the C pillar and it will look better. It will be closer in looks to the A5 which I think does a very good job.

    • disqus_6VWOvIAZzr

      Some GM fans have been demanding lower belt-lines. It looks like Cadillac designers wanted to make the trunk look longer without taking visual length from the roof.

      • Astonman

        You could be right. And they got it wrong.

        • CBV2020


  • eb110americana

    When the original pics were teased a few weeks back, I made an alternate C-pillar Photoshop:


    • john1168

      That looks much better for this car. Even with the black spacer in the C pillar, this would look good.

      • Socarboy

        Maybe GM should offer employment to you

    • ErnieB

      That would have been much better instead they blatantly went with a Honda Accord c pillar which looks bad.. Shame because it’s very obvious..

      • MarketAndChurch

        I personally don’t mind them copying the Honda Accord / Citroen. But if you’re going to copy someone, you have to improve upon their design, and not make it so that your copy is one of the primary things holding back the rest of your design.

    • Bo Hanan

      I see a Dodge in the profile.

  • dumblikeyou2

    There’s something clunky looking about it that reminds of the first CTS which weirdly enough actually looks better than this.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The taillights are slick. There’s some business about the whole thing but I am happy that Caddy didn’t just stuff the whole deal and just crap out another SUV.

    • Danny Boy

      Always with the logically spoken comments. And pretty accurate based on my recollection and thinking. Two thumbs waaay up! Ha

  • SteersUright

    The way the side windows ends along with the perfectly tacky interior featuring disjointed design with bits n pieces all over the place, make this just another non-contender from Cadillac. Nobody in the market for a German luxury car will notice this was launched.

    • :/ Yurr

      Well it looks better than the a4 and 3 series, maybe not the C-Class. So that’s pretty much a win.

  • Thando_Gqabaza

    Front end is fine. The interior looks great. However this car will fail for one reason only – nobody wants a luxury car that looks like an awkward hatchback with that terrible C-pillar. Look how Accord sales have dropped and thats a normal car. This will flop because of the rear end styling.

  • atomicbri

    Not bad overall but the c-pillar quarter lights being fake is not my cup of tea. Ruins the aesthetic for me.

  • botornot387

    Think this looks good, and hoping its a win for Cadillac (Mostly because I am hoping the blackwing finds a home here). My only thing I would like to see in person before passing judgement is the infotainment screen. It looks so out of place in photos and just seems off. I feel like there could have been much better integration here.

  • LJ

    I thought the size of a car determines the class it’s in?

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    Heheh, I like the comment section being mentioned

  • Jay

    Yea, she’s looks good.

  • ErnieB

    A blinged our Honda Accord is what I see.

  • Danny Boy

    Honestly, looks as if it could be the next gen Impala. If not for the lights, this would be just a chevy.

  • CarBrough

    I’m just here for the comments…

  • BlackPegasus
  • MarketAndChurch

    I’m one of the few people who liked this car when the press photos were released, and I’m happy that it looks even better in these photos. But man… that c/d-pillar will always be an annoyance. I don’t mind them copying Honda, but your copy has to improve on what it is you’re copying. They could have just squared the D-pillar off after the C-pillar, and there are many beautiful cars that do that like the Peugeot 208 and 308, as well as the Maserati Quattroporte. Instead, what you have is an obvious design gimmick more annoying than fake air intakes, fake exhausts, fake headlamps, or fake diffuser’s.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d2eadfac42381d40f233e38eb6540c0c7be7ea7046e1a4be5c7a603b7f369d4b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe81e299cc1c3382199f6e46c2e15e43c6671b7ed4aea7852e32ec0f0f368eae.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/479d6732719de79988b1f28e4cd86cdaeec350df5c874625dba542ef528ccdd8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad9411ef0851f4456b5fff3d402e823b565d3ae408cfe6ae249fa1f81fec1b7a.jpg

  • FunctionForm

    That C pillar is lousy. For a car that’s supposed to be in the premium class, it’s just unacceptable.

  • mattjelonek

    Open-pore woodgrain. Love it.

  • Kir Rik Davis

    weak interior

  • Like the 5, 3 and 6 series GT it looks like it has a backpack. Like GT for BMW, it has the good design elements of the sedans… but proportions are bad. That C pilar hurts my eyes.

    • Ben

      Someone here once corrected me, saying these humpback sedans are officially called “Liftbacks”.

  • Matthijs

    Such a shame they let go of the previous grille and vertical positioned headlights. The uniqueness is a bit gone and looks more plain. Also that C pilar is just hideous

  • How can someone call a 5 series sized car compact? In what category would the 3 series go? Microcar?

  • performante

    Beautiful car.

  • Nick099

    Lame and boring overall with nice details and interior.

  • Joe E

    Looks a lot better in the live pics. Gives a better sense of length and proportions.

  • disqus_AzdXKETDwy

    At first I thought it was Honda Accord like, which it is a little. The C/D pillar is a conservative, and dare I say, successful attempt at a trendy floating roof. Having looked over the photos I have come to like the overall vehicle. The styling is an amalgam of many current styling elements. This vehicle seems to be all passenger cabin so I’m coining the phrase all-cab design.

  • SteersUright

    I feel as if American auto enthusiasts everywhere are collectively holding their breath to finally see an all new, gorgeous Cadillac we can finally fall in love with. And then they show yet another mediocre vehicle. Who do they think they’ll fool? Their sales are reportedly in the gutter. Either kill the brand or get it right already.

    • Danny Boy

      Sooo many reported deaths due to Americans holding their breath waiting on that gorgeous concept that everyone went bananas over, and was sure to place Caddy back at the top of Automobile ingenuity! One day, we’ll learn to lead again, and stop following all the damn time!!!! Ha

  • Cobrajet

    Interior couldn’t be more dull.

  • pcurve

    I like it. If they can offer lease rate that is competitive to 3 series, then they may have a shot.

  • Benjamin B.

    Actually the CT5 is smaller than the 5-Series. So was the CTS. The CTS Cadillac created to slot between the European compact executive class segment and the executive class segment. It was Cadillac’s first rwd sedan in decades. Anyhow Cadillac later unveiled the ATS, which more appropriately competes with the 3-Series. Anyhow the CT6 is a competitor to the E-Class. I’m disappointed the CT5 is still an in between vehicle. Cadillac doesn’t have a compact executive class vehicle anymore. There’s a rumor Cadillac will unveil a fwd compact entry level luxury car in the same class as the A-Class Mercedes-Benz. But nothing in the C-Class segment.

  • Pavel B.

    I still don’t understand why they couldn’t make a new and improved ATS. Then make this car to compete in the 5 series, A6 etc etc segment. Cadillac is basically saying that this vehicle slots into both of those competitive segments. Just odd to me.

    • Benjamin B.

      The CT6 competes with the E-Class. The CT5 competes with the C-Class, even though it’s a lil bit larger. It’s considered a tweener vehicle. It’s similarly sized to the Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, Acura TLX, Lexus ES and Kia Stinger. All these vehicles cost about the same and try to spilt the difference between the compact executive class and the executive class. The CT5 is actually smaller than the CTS, but has a longer wheelbase. Many people complained about legroom in the CTS, especially if the CTS was compared to the next class in which it never fit into. The ATS was always compact inside and was also a poor seller for Cadillac. Cadillac followed Acura in combining two cars into one. The Euro Honda Accord-based TSX and the American Honda Accord-based TL were merged and Acura had its own luxury sedan. Lexus is rumored to discontinue both the IS and GS, leaving the middle child ES to fill both shoes. Anyhow there is talk of a smaller Cadillac Sedan (no more Coupe), but it’ll (the CT4) be closer to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class than to the C-Class.

      Anyhow that torque-based nomenclature is ridiculous. Cadillac rounding up by 50 is false advertising.

    • Benjamin B.

      CT6 is the E-Class competitor. While the CT5 is smaller than the CTS, it isn’t small enough. Cadillac is in the executive class or midsize luxury sedan class (CT6) and also the midsize premium class (Buick Regal, Acura TLX, Lincoln MKZ, Lexus ES), but not in the compact executive class. With the XTS being discontinued, Cadillac doesn’t even have a full-size luxury sedan anymore. But neither does Lincoln. The Buick LaCrosse is slightly bigger than the CT6, but it’s not considered a full-size luxury vehicle either as it isn’t big enough. I hear the CT4 will be more compact than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and other competitors in the compact executive class, meaning it will
      probably compete more in the entry level premium compact class (A-Class).

  • KRogers86

    I never understood why Cadillac had to be compromised for China. Why couldn’t they just make Buick their big Chinese brand? Buick’s softer design language seems more appropriate for their market.

  • MrP

    I would much rather see these rolling around Australia being sold by Holden albeit not wearing a Commodore badge, than seeing the current Opel Insignia based “Commodore”..
    They should retire the Commodore nameplate and revive their showrooms with a car like this.

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