“Bad Boys For Life” First Trailer Is Funny – And Porsche Heavy

It’s been roughly 16 years since we last saw a Bad Boys movie. However, the third installment is on its way and, on January 17th, Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett will return to the big screen in ‘Bad Boys for Life’.

The plot of the movie is described as follows: “Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector and Mike Lowery is in a midlife crisis. They unite again when an Albanian mercenary, whose brother they killed, promises them an important bonus.”

Aside from the two main characters, Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) also reprises his role as their Captain and returns to yell at Lowery again, which has always been one of the highlights of the two previous films. Unfortunately, Michael Bay (who directed the first two movies) was not involved this time; and no matter what you may think of his work, we believe is a shame since he’s really good at directing action movies.

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So what does the trailer reveal? For starters, a lot of action, yes, but also a lot of comedy, which was to be expected. It’s also great to see that Lawrence’s character is still as clumsy as ever when it comes to his partner’s sweet rides – that opening sequence is pretty funny.

As for Lowery’s car of choice, this time it’s a blue 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. In a way it’s harking back to the 1995 original, where he drove a 911 Turbo.

However, since he had a Ferrari (funnily enough, the producers used both a 550 and a 575 that are close, but not identical) in Bad Boys 2, one could have assumed that his cars would simply keep getting more expensive, not cheaper. Well, maybe a cop driving around in a Chiron or something would be stretching things too far, trust fund or no trust fund.

Overall, the movie looks fun and there’s still plenty of time between now and its premiere, which means more trailers will surely follow.


  • boo boo the fool

    ugh im here for this

  • Honda NSX-R

    I like how they’re using a 911 but I wish it was the Turbo model. I was thinking they’d use an electric car like the Taycan or something since that’s what Hollywood would want to push these days

    • Matt

      Taycan wouldn’t have been an option considering filming took place many months ago before the reveal.

      • Honda NSX-R

        Yeah Taycan is a bit unrealistic but I was thinking they’d be in something similar, maybe a Tesla Model S?

        • Matt

          It costs a lot of money to have your car featured in a blockbuster movie, and Tesla doesn’t spend money on advertising.

          I don’t really think the Bad Boys franchise is really the right platform to be pushing eco-choices either, considering all the helicopters and explosions etc.

          • Honda NSX-R


      • Jay

        I’d say it would’ve been an option. Quite a few movies have unreleased vehicles in them.. even the the rampage movie with the rock had the concept bronco.

        • Matt

          Yes but the difference is that Rampage was a fantasy movie so realism etc isn’t as important, therefore the Rock driving a concept car is fine. Bad Boys is based more in ‘reality’ so the cars they drive need to be actual cars you can go out and buy, no different to the real guns, helicopters etc..

          It would have been far too risky to use the production Taycan as the ease in which photos could be leaked from the set would ruin Porsche’s long teaser campaign.

          Porsche still wants to sell you a 911, and it’s not as rare so can be damaged on set and written off.

  • Bash

    We need more movies like this. Honestly it’s very refreshing and amusing, I can’t wait to see it.

    • Julien Lachemoi

      Another sequel from an old franchise is refreshing ? You must have a blast with all the sequels and reboot we got these days. 😀

      • Bash

        Yep, I don’t have a problem with that? Do you have a problem with that? lol

  • Enter Ranting


  • Nordschleife

    Wouldn’t it be funny if he was actually driving a Turbo but they digitally altered it for the trailer to make it look like a 4S because the Turbo has yet to debut?

  • Six_Tymes

    looks a bit too cliche’ for me, but maybe the rest is good?

  • Alpina

    It looks terrible and like a copy of the first movie – can’t wait to see it 🙂
    Also ML is so fat, and where are the gurls…

  • donald seymour

    The most stupidest thing I have seen. And I can’t wait to see it!

  • Nastinupe1911

    Not sure if I want to see it, but I want to see it.

    • Andrewthecarguy


  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Bad Boys 2 was one of those sequels that was actually better than the original and the original was great.

    I hope that this one continues that trend!!!

  • TB

    The rides aside no one needs to see this movie….again.

  • sidewaysspin

    How imaginative…

  • Reader 10,000

    It is being released in January. My wife and I have this superstition that good movies are never released in January.

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