The Porsche Taycan Looks Like This If You Digitally Peel The Camo Away

A fresh set of renderings attempt to peel off the remaining camouflage of Porsche’s first electric model, the Taycan, giving us a better idea of what to expect when it finally launches.

A member of the Taycan forum posted a set of renderings in different colors to preview the final car. The effort was aided by the fact that the most recent public appearances of the test cars had pretty little camo tape on them, with most of it surrounding the head- and taillights.

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Porsche is set to reveal the production version of the Taycan next week, on September 4, and so far we’ve been bombarded with numerous spy shots and official images of camouflaged prototypes.

The finished item will feature a set of LED headlights similar to those of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept, while the rear is set to get an LED bar that runs across the width of the car.

The automaker has already released pictures of the interior, which get a very high-tech dashboard littered with displays – four of them, to be exact. The driver gets a glass-surfaced, curved 16.8-inch unit that can be configured in four different ways, while the main infotainment display measures 10.9 inches in diameter. The front passenger also gets their own screen, while the HVAC is controlled by – you guessed it – yet another display.

The Taycan will get different versions with varying levels of power and battery sizes, and according to the latest reports, the most powerful variant will offer more than 700 HP and 750 lb-ft of torque.

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  • eb110americana

    The black one looks pretty accurate. I’ll bet we’ll have trouble distinguishing that image from the production model when it’s unveiled.

  • Bash

    Yeah, very predictable in my opinion. And an excellent render.

  • Nordschleife

    I guess we’ll find out in 3 more days but I must say, this is pretty faithful to the concept. I think Porsche put a lot of heart and soul into the Taycan and it shows. It’s going to pay off immensely for them.

  • Six_Tymes

    That RIMAC looks like a Porsche

    • wintergraan
      • Six_Tymes

        They should call this car Ronald, and paint it red and yellow, It’s a rolling joke.

        • wintergraan

          How old are you? You act like a child. 🙄

          • Matt

            Personality disorder…

        • maxxweber

          Save up and maybe someday you will be able to afford one.

    • Matt

      Were you on the Taycan engineering team?

      • Six_Tymes

        are you? Porsche outsourcing drive-trains, THAT is sad.

        • Matt

          Is it? Rimac are one of the leaders in EV tech right now, it will take Porsche another few years to build their own drivetrains. You don’t want Porsche to use the best technology available to them?

          I think literally nobody cares if Porsche collaborated with Rimac on the drivetrain, except maybe you – and you’re making a deal out of it for nothing.

        • maxxweber

          Tesla outsources too.

  • Exotics

    More EV’s the better

    But this is double the price of a P100D which outperforms it

    Finally another EV that has great looks. Too many ugly EV’s out here. Thanks Porsche for not doing ugly

    • OS

      LOL the Tesla P100D most definitely does not outperform it. Keep living in your fantasy Tesla bubble. This Taycan will be a bigger hit than the model S and will bring in way more people that care about luxury..

      • Dude

        It’s obvious to anyone with common sense that he meant raw horsepower, as that’s the point of the P100D

        • OS

          read his post history…it’s obvious to anyone with common sense that he is a Tesla troll and didn’t mean in terms of raw horsepower…

          • Dude

            I know he’s a fanatic but no one is talking about track times with any Model S. It’s a gigantic barge but the 2.3 second 0-60 is it’s entire “performance”. Comparing the more expensive Taycan’s lesser figure when the highest performance model is expected to be much more expensive is valid even if you think that person is biased

      • HD

        Both have their advantages. The P100D is obviously faster to 100kph, we already know that from the numbers. Porsche will be faster on the track, as it is supposed to be from a sports car. Tesla will remain the choice for families, for obvious reasons again (more space).

        • OS

          Ya..possibly…but time will tell. Porsche was saying they later on increased the rear legroom space by removing a part of the battery, which gave them 1inch less leg room than the It might be more practical than we currently think in the production model. But Tesla clearly lacks the quality for that 90k+ price range that Porsche will forsure offer.

          • HD

            These are two very different cars. The Taycan base price will be double the base price of the Model S, what are we talking about? If I looked for big family sedan with tons of space that has long range and it’s affordable I would go for the Tesla, and I would enjoy that it can outpace nearly all cars in the world in real world situations (so not 200kmh+ races). If I looked for a great looking electric sports car with brilliant interior I would buy the Porsche.
            All these comparisons make no sense…

          • OS

            The Tesla model S long range base model starts at 80k, the Taycan S base model will start at 90k..not much of a price difference. The performance Tesla is 110k and the Taycan Turbo is the one that will start at 130k. The people shopping for these cars most likely have the luxury of not worrying about price and have more than one family car. I wouldn’t say they are two very different cars..these comparisons make sense because the Taycan was made to compete with the model S in terms of practicality, power, tech, etc

          • HD

            The 610km range Model S cost 95k USD in Germany. The similar range Taycan (they claim 500km+) will cost above 130k USD. This is a huge difference, no matter how rich the buyers are. I don’t agree that they are similar. Why would a family buy a Taycan instead of a Model S? Why would a track lover buy the Model S instead of the Taycan?

          • Scherpereel Clement

            Well I love Tesla AND Porsche but indeed they are very different cars. First the Model S is a Highway cruiser and a family car (huge range and 7 seats. The Ludicrous mode is here to make the driver feel powerful at the stoplight, demolishing everyone drag-racing. It’s also full of tech and the interior is from an other world in term of styling.
            The Taycan on the other hand is a drivers car, not as spacious, not as fast in a strait line but more agile, nimbler and with a tech made for high performance over and over.
            Different people will buy those car. Personally I would buy a model 3 and a Cayman S for the price of a Taycan

      • Richard Alexander

        0-60 is not the be alll and end all.

  • Andy Enright

    Not a bad try. Have another go at mirrors, fuel cap, bonnet and front apron.

  • Big Black Duck

    Ugly as Sin…..

  • maxxweber

    I hear the sound of Tesla fanboys whimpering.

    • serge charles

      at its hideous appearance?

      • maxxweber

        You obviously have no training in design or exposure to beauty. Neanderthal?

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