2020 Lexus LC Convertible Spotted Undisguised During Photoshoot On The Street

Lexus is readying the promo material for the upcoming LC Convertible and that apparently included a photoshoot on a public road. Our spies were there to snap a few shots of the new sexy droptop model.

Last time we saw the upcoming Lexus LC Convertible was at Goodwood, where a near-production prototype made its appearance wearing a silver-black camo wrap. The car was driven up the famous hill at the hands of professional racing driver Nick Cassidy.

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The blue Lexus LC Convertible you see pictured here is probably the star of the company’s promo videos that will accompany the model’s launch in 2020.

The new Lexus LC Convertible will be offered with the same powertrains found in the fixed-roof version, meaning a hybrid 354 HP 3.5-liter V6 in the LC 500h variant and a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 with 471 HP in the LC 500.

The loss of the roof also means that the LC Convertible will come slightly heavier than the Coupe to offset the rigidity losses, featuring a different suspension tuning as well.

Changes in the design of the two-door Lexus are limited to the rear valance, leaving the rest of it as is; the Lexus LC was already considered one of the most striking models in its class, and the Convertible version will only build up on this. Rivals will include models like the BMW 8-Series Convertible and the Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

Previous reports suggested that Lexus preferred to launch a convertible version of the LC ahead of the long-rumored LC F range-topper, due to its potential for higher global sales.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Nordschleife

    It’s funny. I feel the side profile looks extra long without the roof but this car is still striking. I love it.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Lexus using a Porsche Cayenne camera car instead of using their own SUVs? ?

    • salamOOn

      are you serious or are you trolling?

      • Honda NSX-R


    • PhilMcGraw

      That’s not Lexus but a third party company that is filming it. If you look at the hood of the Cayenne you can see the word that appears to say “filmabeahnia” or something like that. Many car manufacturers contract out filmography to third party companies since it costs less to use them for a few days than having to pay to have them around 365 days out of the year.

  • marc wsm


  • Merc1

    Ding!!! We have a winner.

    Now can we please get a F version with a turbo (600hp at least) V8? LS F too?


  • EyalN

    I really really hate that grill but this car is stunning

    • Marc Gruben

      I really hate that grille also, but on the LC it actually works – and works well. I love the LC and the convertible even more.

  • MarkoS

    Not a fan of this styling on the rest of lineup, but it sure works on the LC. It is one my all time favorites. Stunning!

  • TrevP

    I will always want one of these. Convertible or or not the LC is beautiful.

  • Bob

    Would love to see Lexus debut some new engines and AWD in this…

    3l turbo and Hybrid version – 280-300kw
    3.5l turbo and Hybrid version – 330-350kw
    4l turbo and Hybrid version – 440-460kw

    The 5l V8 is still a great engine though…

  • DM

    Expect to see these all around Southern California… And I’m ok with that.

  • ErnieB

    The LC is the only Lexus I like. That blue is stunning.. wish the c8 had that blue- guess blue metallic is the closest.

  • SteersUright

    Beautiful-ish car. Still, Toyota has this awful habit of terrible powertrains that are also mismatched to the cars their in. The LC, with its massive size and weight, needed a far torquier engine. This amazing V8 has long been deserving of a lightweight application. All of their automatics suck and dont hold a candle to PDK or BMW’s ZF 8-speed. I’ve long been an admirer of Lexus quality and also waiting forever for a proper sports car for them that isnt priced in the stratosphere like the LFA was. Why can’t Lexus put something competent out to take on the Corvette, M2, Cayman, etc., without turning to BMW to build it for them? Kinda kills the whole “Lexus quality” appeal.

  • Zeuster

    Typical shoot with no creativity. Fourth St Downtown L.A. Model type people you wouldn’t hang around with. Do some something different art directors.
    I particularly enjoy seeing that fat rent-a-cop with the triple chin not doing his job in shoo-ng the spy photogs.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Nice car. It retains some personality, unlike other models.

  • Craig

    Say it isn’t so! Did Lexus seriously put a ‘rear seat’ in this thing? Didn’t they learn their lesson from the last time?

    • Marc Gruben

      Those tokens seats, meant only for Chihuahuas and handbags, also save the car from having a higher “sports car” insurance rating in certain markets. And as it obviously isn’t a sports car, that’s a good thing

      • Craig

        That being the case – a customer should have the option of deleting them.

  • An Existing Person

    Didn’t think the LC could get any better in terms of design, but Lexus really outdid themselves on this one. They have a masterpiece on their hands.

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