Genesis USA’s New Boss Hails From Audi – Just In Time For SUV Expansion

Genesis Motors North America has appointed former Audi USA boss Mark Del Rosso as its new CEO.

Del Rosso will be responsible for overseeing all Genesis operations in North America and “continuing the growth of the brand.” That should come naturally with the brand’s expansion into SUVs, the first of which to arrive is the GV80 midsize luxury crossover. The executive will start working for Genesis on October 21, 2019 and will report directly to Jose Munoz, President & CEO Hyundai North America, and to the Genesis global headquarters in South Korea.

Erwin Raphael will continue as COO of Genesis Motors North America. He will be responsible for Genesis’ strategy and operations in the United States, including sales and marketing, and will report to the newly-appointed CEO.

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Genesis Motors North America new CEO, Mark Del Rosso

Mark Del Rosso has a rich automotive experience, having worked over 25 years in the industry. He dedicated more than two decades to the development of luxury brands like Lexus, Bentley, and Audi.

Before joining Genesis, Del Rosso was the President of Audi of America, the third largest sales volume region in the world for the German carmaker. Prior to his most recent stint at Audi, Del Rosso was the President & CEO, Region Americas for Bentley Motors, the largest sales volume region in the world for Bentley.

Before that, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Audi of America where he launched and executed a premium “go to market” strategy that resulted in 77 consecutive months of increased sales. As a result, a sales volume goal of 200,000+ units per year was achieved five years ahead of plan.

Genesis G70, G80 & G90Photo: James Lipman / jameslipman
Genesis’ current lineup consisting of the G70, G80, and G90

Before joining Audi, Del Rosso had amassed 17 years of varied industry experience through his work at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, where he mostly had roles within the Lexus division.

“Given Mark’s overall proven track record and extensive experience leading luxury brands, I’m thoroughly confident that Genesis Motors North America will be positioned to accelerate its growth and climb the ladder of luxury automotive brands to the top,” said Jose Munoz, President & CEO Hyundai North America.

Genesis remains a low-volume player in the U.S. compared to more established luxury brands. Still, its sales are up 67 percent to 14,909 vehicles through the first nine months of the year, despite the fact that the brand’s lineup consists of just three sedans: the compact G70, executive G80, and flagship G90.

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  • Marc Gruben

    Hyundai-Kia scores again! If you look at all the high-priced and high-powered talent that Hyundai-Kia is pulling in from all over the industry, is it any wonder that Hyundai-Kia-Genesis is on a roll? Mark Del Rosso, Karim Habib, Luc Donckerwolke, Peter Schreyer, the three guys from BMW’s M Division… either H-K is offering a lot of money, or the environment at H-K is such that everybody wants to work there, or maybe it’s a combination of both. Regardless, the rest of the auto industry better keep a sharp eye on the South Koreans.

    • kan hu

      Yep. I think so too.

    • Smith

      And they have achieved nothing since. Hyundai/Kia is the same as it was and always will be, cheap cars with no resale value, just cheap cars.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    He’s got that Blue Steel look down, that’s for sure.

    • Smith

      Yeah, that smug, arrogant look, that’s for sure.

    • pcurve

      It’s almost like he’s spoofing himself.

  • Smith

    What is Genesis? Never see them on the road but saw them at the Detroit show 10 years ago and then nothing since. Lots of articles and no product. What a waste of a brand.

    • kan hu

      Get out your home.

    • pcurve

      I see a lot of G80 around where I live… in lighter color, it’s very striking looking.

    • boo boo the fool

      consider getting a social life or… I dunno… drive around

    • Jawohl

      It’s a pseudo lux brand.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    If he was made from chocolate, he would eat himself.

    • Six_Tymes


  • baofe

    If you want a brand to succeed in today’s climate you NEED an suv. Look at what the Cayenne did for Porsche, why Audi BMW and Mercedes are all focused on SUVs, and even Bently/Lambo’s in on the game. These SUVs will help fund more sports/experimental cars. You’re basically shooting yourself in the foot by saying those rude remarks.

    • Netsphere

      had a bad morning, had to vent, after all thats what internet is for. dont really care what people think of me or my remarks as they mean absolute jack shnitzel.

  • D3X

    Yep. Genesis can continue to take more things from Audi, that grill, front end, the rear lights and now even executives. Seems like a winning model.

    • boo boo the fool

      have you seen the genesis gv80 renders and spy shots? I don’t think you have

      • D3X

        Is that supposed to look good? Previous generation 2019 current models look better despite being heavily inspired by Audi.

  • pcurve

    hey why not. cars are made from parts sourced from different countries too. lol

  • boo boo the fool

    this might be the worst comment I have ~ever~ seen outside of stan twitter

    • Netsphere

      much appreciate it, keep these down votes coming

  • Jawohl

    They copy most other things from Audi so why not…

  • Six_Tymes

    They are Lucky to have him. Now if Hyundai, err um, I mean Genesis could up their reliability, that would benefit them even more.

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