If This Is The 2020 Skoda Octavia Then We’re Glad They Fixed It

The official unveiling of Skoda’s all-new Octavia is set for November 11, but a photo that purportedly shows the new model has already surfaced online.

Posted on Czech Republic’s Skoda Home forum and picked up by AutoblogNL, the image looks very much like an official photo of the 2020 Octavia — apparently taken from the configurator. If this is indeed the all-new Octavia, fans of the nameplate should be relieved because the controversial split headlights introduced on the facelifted model are history.

The design seems to be consistent with the official sketches released by Skoda last week, especially when it comes to the design of the front end. However, as it often happens with design sketches, the actual car looks less spectacular. Compared with the outgoing third-generation Octavia, though, it appears as a significant improvement without being revolutionary.

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The design borrows some styling cues from the facelifted Skoda Superb including the emphasized belt line, as well as the Scala hatchback which serves as inspiration for the triangular headlights. Mind you, the headlamps look much better on the 2020 Octavia.

While we don’t have a photo of the rear end, its design should be similar to the official sketch, at least when it comes to the shape of the taillights which look like a combination of those seen on the facelifted Superb and the Scala.

As with the all-new VW Golf Mk8 which will be officially revealed on October 24, the fourth-generation Octavia will be underpinned by an updated version of the MQB platform.

The modular architecture will enable the use of mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains beyond the usual crop of 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline units as well as 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter turbo diesels. Higher-end models will also offer AWD.

The 2020 Octavia’s technology upgrade will continue inside with the latest infotainment and driving assistance systems. The model will continue to offer five-door liftback and wagon body styles, with performance RS and Scout derivatives also on the table.

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  • Andrew

    Has a bit of a Peugeot 508 vibe to me. That’s not a bad thing though.

  • Carenthusiast

    Nice baby superb! Will sell like hot cakes and of course it will have plenty of clever features…

    • Giannis Antypas

      Clever features: an umbrella holder and an ice scraper.

      • Carenthusiast

        Wrong! Nice try though

      • Andrew Montague

        Name another brand which offers these features..

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Such as?

      • Carenthusiast

        Wait for the reveal!

        • Loquacious Borborygmus

          Combined in-car cigarette lighter/coat hanger?

  • Jason Panamera

    Looks better than Superb.


    Phew, gone are those 4 hideous headlights…they really had to ruin the perfect car (talking specifically about the VRS estate version).

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Looks too good, facelift incoming to ruin it and keep the golf at the top spot.

  • Giannis Antypas

    Given that VW supposedly wants to play down its own spawn Skoda,
    this car should be uninteresting and mediocre.

    • Andrew Montague

      Have you tried a current Octavia? It’s an excellent car, punches way above its weight. The new one will undoubtedly be better still

  • designer_dick

    It’s a smaller, tauter, more dynamic looking version of the Superb with a suitably sinister looking face. There’s a sense of athleticism to the design that previous generations of the Octavia have lacked. I like it a lot.

  • JRP

    It looks like a Scala sedan.

  • Nowan

    wait for the price

  • Ian Polo

    The split headlamp idea was a major failure for the facelift Octavia. Glad the new one doesn’t have it. And the overall design look sleeker as well. Looking forward to see the estate model.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    VERY COOL! great stance.just as lovely & good looking as the Superb

  • William rowe

    the computer generated image looks no where as good as the 2 hand drawing images does.

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