Maserati Levante S Review: Does It Put The ‘S’ In SUV?

Despite the SUV boom and thew fact that they’ve been constantly improving it ever since production started in 2016, Maserati has been having a hard time moving the Levante off its lots.

Available in the States from nearly $77,000, the Levante is the closest thing you can get (so far) to a Ferrari SUV. You will want to move up the range get the full-blown experience, with the trident brand offering the S, GTS and Trofeo models from $88,000, $121,000 and $170,000, respectively.

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Compared to the base grade, the Levante S has another 79 horses with the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 pumping out 424 hp. Nought to 60 mph (0-100 km/h) takes 5 seconds and top speed is set at 164 mph (264 km/h). The engine is matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission and a rear-biased all-wheel drive system, with a standard rear limited-slip differential.

It also features dynamic suspension with five levels of height adjustment that either lift or drop the body, depending on what the driver has in mind. There are also two off-road settings but you won’t be encouraged to go all Land Rover Defender on it, as it lacks the proper structure to do so.

While the exterior does look unique, the cockpit borrows some elements from other FCA-owned brands, like the infotainment system and certains buttons. Space at the back is pretty decent and the Levante does sport a high quality interior.

Would you want a Levante parked in your driveway? Spoiler alert: if you can afford paying the price, then the answer is yes, but let’s see what else the following review from CNET had to say about it.


  • europeon

    Haters, bring it on!

  • europeon

    And here we go again… The comment section will be filled with hateful and ill-informed comments from people that have never seen a Maserati with their own eyes, yet they feel the need to regurgitate all the false rumors and misinformation that’s floating on the Internet.

    • pcurve

      And here I am! Come one, Maserati ain’t a Sasquatch.. it’s not that rare. What false rumor on the internet do you speak of? I see them plenty in real life. It doesn’t look like a $80-$90k product at all just like the rest of their product range, except for GranTurismo.

      • europeon

        They’re more that 80-90k and indeed, they look much more expensive. Have you seen the materials in a 140k BMW?

        As for the GT statement, I’m curios what exactly doesn’t make the others cars in their lineup compare to it.

    • Merc1

      I love it, you’re here just rail against what everyone knows. In a SUV crazy market they can’t even sell this thing. It is simply overpriced and has too much Chrysler poking through and everyone seems to know it but you. I guess every reviewer who says the same thing is wrong too right? DELUSIONAL.


      • europeon

        If by everyone you mean the crowd of dumb demuro fart sniffers that knows absolutely nothing about the car and keeps regurgitating the same BS, then yes, I’m here to stand rail against them.
        Also, the best selling car that Maserati ever produced doesn’t sell? Remind me of that guy with the exotics rental company, that asked the Internet which car he should add to his fleet, and he ended up selling the Toyota Supra the Internet told him to get, because nobody rented it in two months since he got it. That’s the level of disconnect between people like you and the people who can afford and actually buy this car.
        Talking about being DELUSIONAL. Ironic, isn’t it?

        • Merc1

          OMG man I don’t know where to start. What a ridiculous joke of a post. First off the best selling Maserati is a joke in itself. It doesn’t sell anywhere near the class leaders. FACT. Secondly I can afford one of these as I drive a BMW now that costs in the same neighborhood, so you fail there. I’ve been inside this vehicle and they’re nice, but they’re no where near being worth the prices being asked hence they can’t give them away unless they whore them out with cheap leases. Thanks for the deflection story.

          Truth of the matter is the entire industry has said that same thing about all these Chrysler based Masers and it seems to me you’re the only one that can’t accept the truth here.


          • europeon

            Does peddling the Chrysler BS makes you feel good? I don’t even know why I take someone like you seriously.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    I saw a nice sleek looking saloon today but that’s just a shed.

  • TB

    No…but I have no doubt it puts the S is Sucks.

  • Merc1

    Because no Mercedes from the C-Class upwards uses anything from Renault. It’s mainly the FWD models, trucks and vans.

    Do you think any Porsche is hobbled or compromised in it’s sharing of parts? What Porsche uses Seat or Skoda parts? They’re all VW parts to begin with.


    • europeon

      Do you think any Porsche is hobbled or compromised in it’s sharing of
      parts? What Porsche uses Seat or Skoda parts? They’re all VW parts to
      begin with.

      What a sad, uneducated fanboy…

  • europeon

    Please stop with the Chrysler BS. It’s fake and untrue.

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