Mazda EV Teased Once More, Looks Like A Coupe Crossover

Mazda has dropped yet another video teaser of its new EV that will debut next week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

While the last video revealed glimpses of the interior, this time we get to see fragments of the vehicle’s exterior. As most products penned by Mazda’s designers in recent years, this one too promises to be a looker.

The video may not show much, but it reveals a key aspect of the EV’s styling: the sloping roofline which the automaker describes as a “coupe-like cabin.” This gives us an important clue regarding the body style of the first production EV to hail from Hiroshima.

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We already know it’s a subcompact vehicle, so it would make little sense for Mazda to give it a four-door coupe body as that would mean practicality would suffer. A so-called coupe-SUV, on the other hand, would be a more logical choice.

Factor in the fact that the company has been testing the EV powertrain under the bodywork of a CX-30 crossover and the coupe-SUV theory gains even more traction. The automaker says the EV features the successful Kodo — Soul of Motion design language but also explores “new directions more in touch with futuristic values and changing lifestyles.”

Mazda claims this new approach has resulted in an original design that “embodies the expansion of Kodo’s expressive range.” We also learn from Mazda that its electric vehicle adopts a unique door concept and a front end with a “friendly expression.”

The model’s unique design will be backed by a dedicated platform featuring an electric drivetrain consisting of an electric motor delivering 141 HP (143 PS / 105 kW) and 265 Nm (195 lb-ft) of torque, powered by a 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery.


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  • Sean Sweeney
    • Eythan Aldrich


    • Joe

      I assume this is a mock-up for next week’s TMS special cover? Great find!
      Fit and Levorg and MI-Tech all look as expected. The Ariya is a surprise, guess that’s the e-Power Juke alternative for the JDM that keeps being mentioned.
      As for the MX-30… quite strange styling and material mix, but overall it’s decent. I don’t like the nose though, the leading edge of the bonnet extends too far/the grille is set too far back.

      • Gen Flauta

        I think this is indeed the real deal. Especially with other vehicles that haven’t been revealed yet, like what you said.

        Yeah, I totally agree that the front face isn’t what I imagined. I hope the rear doesn’t disappoint. Tho I knew it would have the suicide doors, like the RX8. The face reminds me a bit of a the Chrysler Pacifica. But overall, looks very clean and still looks nice. Pretty different from the rest of Mazda’s lineup. Now I see why some people claimed that the Mazda EV will have a “friendlier face” than the rest of the cars. I wish it was called RE-30, since it would have the rotary engine as the range extender, for some markets, and especially the RX8-like suicide doors.

        I’m happy that Nissan has another concept car to show, otherwise I’d be pretty disappointed on what they have for TMS, unless they would also bring their new Juke and even the IM02 Formula E, which would also be revealed on the 22nd, few days before TMS opens. As for the Ariya, I think this the concept that previews the production version of the IMx, especially when it’s going to hit showrooms in 2021. So makes more sense.

        And because this special cover is made by Car Top, I don’t doubt that these are legit, especially when they’re a very reputable magazine.

        Overall, I’m pretty pleased about these cars, tho I wish there’s some new sport car concepts, like new 86/BRZ or even revised RX-Vision. I can’t wait to see them in personal TMS!

    • Rocket
      • salamOOn

        i love mazda and their new design, but this is awful… they have shapes, dimensions and proportions really wrong with this one. (at least at that picture)

    • that is my link, you dumb gooN! i DEMAND THOSE FOUR LIKES!

  • or it will be called MX-30, based on the CX-30 and look IDK, just like this…Go home!

    • Mike anonymous

      As perviously stated : I personally wouldn’t consider that vehicle shown to be a ‘cross-over’ coupe. There are 4 doors (similarly styled to the “BMW i3” & “Toyota FJ Cruiser”) in addition to a hatch trunk, No more a ‘coupe’ than LR-RRS or The CX-30 which you have mentioned. In profile as well as in definition the staments and point made still stand.

      May I Propose to cease fishing. It may fair better if you read what is stated before making a comment.

      • WOw wowo hold the gluten beer. Just because a girl, me, fact checked you, you don’t have to be so hostile, use big black words an mansplaining m,e…

      • Marcus Meyn

        What’s with the bold and outline?

      • Stop typing like this.

        • Mike anonymous

          This is about the 3rd time I’ve explained this, But Don’t worry it is fine. I Specifically “Type Like This” as they are aspects within literature used for emphasizing and translating speech to text properly to convey thought, in addition to highlighting specific aspects that are ‘more’ important.

          Also you are not ‘required‘ to read that which I write. If something bothers you then why read it?

          (Used in relation to expression) This (again) is an aspect of English-Literature used to express, thought, points, or emphasis, on/into text.

  • MarkoS

    Interesting, but I am much more intrigued where that new inline-6 finds a home.

    • Kyle Newberry

      It’s pretty much going to be in the New 6, as they want it to be RWD to compete and maybe a coupe version.

      • MarkoS

        Oh that kind of investment will be for more than just the 6. It will find a sports car too.

  • Marcus Meyn

    And here is Nissan’s own version: Nissan Ariya. I’m guessing it will be Nissan Leaf derived.

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