Polestar 2 Enters Final Stages Of Development Before Production Starts In Early 2020

The upcoming Polestar 2 has entered the final stages of its development process, as series production is scheduled to start in early 2020.

Polestar’s first all-electric car will be a high-performance sedan packing 402 HP (300KW) and 486 lb-ft (660 Nm) of torque and all-wheel drive, as well as a chassis tuned, according to the company, to offer “a thrilling drive by default”. 0-62 mph (100km/h) is expected to take less than 5 seconds.

In addition, Polestar will offer an optional Performance Pack, which adds larger Brembo brakes and a set of trick adjustable Öhlins dampers, to those wanting something even sportier.

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To ensure that the Polestar 2 performs as it should, the company has tested it all over the world, including the US, UK, South Africa, China, Germany, Spain and the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden.

“The car should feel alive when negotiating a South African mountain pass, calm and confident when cruising at speed on a German autobahn,” says Joakim Rydholm, Polestar’s lead chassis engineer and chief test driver. “Cool in Death Valley, cozy in the Arctic and relaxed on a wet country lane in England. As we hone each element along the way, to create that magical Polestar feeling, it gets very exciting. And we don’t stop until we are totally satisfied.”

Rydholm, who is also the man responsible for tuning the plug-in hybrid Polestar 1, wants Polestar models to offer a unique driving character that’s recognizable across the brand’s lineup.


“Our cars should feel alive and communicative but balanced and predictable. Suspension tuning is one of the most crucial elements in delivering this sophisticated ride,” he says. “With our Performance Pack set-up in Polestar 2, we don’t have overcomplicated electronic suspension systems. Instead, we make the smallest adjustments to the Öhlins Dual Flow Valve dampers to find the sweet spot. This really sets the car apart from other electric vehicles”.

Prices for the upcoming Polestar 2 start from €58,800 ($64,900) in Germany, with the Performance Pack being a €6,000 option. The fully electric Polestar will be offered with a 78 kWh battery pack that gives it an estimated range of 275 miles (EPA) or 500 km (WLTP). First customer deliveries in Europe will commence in June.

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  • Smith

    Badge engineering at its best: Geely, Volvo, Lynk & Co., Polestar and soon the Lotus SUV and more. Leveraging one design over numbers brands and calling them unique, but making them look as if they are all from one company, just isn’t working. But some suckers will buy them, no doubt, after ll they buy Tesla so what more needs to be said …..

    • ThatGuy

      Wandering_Spirit • 9 months ago • edited
      There is a political explanation. Since the world is shifting from competitive capitalism and neoliberalism (which is a transitional stage towards something else), oligopoly/plutarchy takes place in lack of state control (liberalism posits that the state should not intrude into the markets and that markets are perfectly able to self-regulate). This causes brand consolidations and overconsolidations. Overconconsolidations aim at maximizing efficiency. Maximizing efficiency and and profit implies standardizing processes, designs and devising synergies to share common components. This reflects in the monotone design of many cars (Audi, Skoda VW come to mind), in the way designers themselvers are trained (streamlining and global designing, loss of “national pride” over a more progressive “global outlook”, see Alfa Romeo and BMW) and in time is also shapes consumer’s choices. If your kid grows up in that world, as an adult consumer he won’t have other parameters to pick from. He’ll only know those models. Models with boxy shapes, tensed lines, often no curves (there are reasons for that too) and increasing similarities among all models.

      It’s a boring world made to strike a compromise between industrial and profit efficiency in a world of fewer brands under very few hands and the need to mildly appeal to an audience that increasingly lacks fantasy and imagination. A vicious cycle. In sum, there is lack of diversity. Lack of diversity and real choice cause a lot of problems. Beyond cars.

    • McFly

      The problem here is rather that the design was already finished when they decided it wasn’t going to be a Volvo.

  • Mike Davis

    I like the front view but the side just screams early 90’s Toyota Camry. Just google image it if you don’t believe me.

  • SteersUright

    Cool car, cool engineering, cool interior, terrible, homely exterior design.

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