The Concept Stradale Is A Stunning Alfa Romeo Hypercar Proposal

An Alfa Romeo hypercar will likely never see the light of day but we think you’ll agree that if such a car were to hit the market and looked as good as this concept, it could send shock-waves through the industry.

Designer Oscar Johansson is the mastermind behind this Alfa Romeo that he dubs the Concept Stradale. It looks absolutely gorgeous and would be perfectly fitting of an Alfa Romeo badge.

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The car has a very low-slung profile and clearly favors styling over practicality. Up front are a pair of huge tunnels that channel air across the vehicle’s underbody and out from the rear diffuser to generate downforce and eliminate the need for a fixed rear wing. Johansson’s design is made all the more beautiful with the pointed nose of the car.

The bodywork seamlessly stretches back from the front end, over the front wheel arches, and swoops its way along the sides where there are small doors with handles that sit flush. The cockpit is low and narrow and covered in black tinted glass. Completing the remarkable look is a simple rear-end with thin horizontal taillights and a third LED brake light this time positioned vertically. There is also a large diffuser.

While the chance of an Alfa Romeo hypercar becoming a reality is incredibly thin, we do know the car manufacturer is working on a successor to the 8C. The car will feature a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a twin-turbocharged engine positioned between the axles, a front-mounted electric motor, and have more than 700 hp. In typical FCA fashion, this model isn’t expected to arrive until 2023.

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  • paulgdeaton

    Stunning? Perhaps. Alfa? I don’t see it; the traditional Alfa styling “cues” are nonexistent, and it hardly fits any place in the Alfa lineup.

    Perhaps time spent on something more credible and realistic might be more productive.

    • europeon

      Came here to say exactly that. Like I did everytime when “designers” like this get in the news (“news”).

    • MarkoS

      Plenty of subtle Alpha styling ques there. The purpose of a concept is to explore new directions and this is heavy concept in this form. Its also a concept hyper car concept here in a few renderings.

      • Zandit75

        Remove the badge off the back and the four leaf clovers from the sides, and it could be anything. Where’s the Alfa grille?

        • MarkoS

          Its there, so are many other cues. Again a high concept hyper car.

      • paulgdeaton

        Maybe you see plenty of “Alpha” cues, but we are looking for “Alfa” – as in “Alfa-Romeo” – bits….

        • MarkoS

          cute, same difference/

      • europeon

        There are absolutely no Alfa design cues except the wheels.
        But, please, feel free to name some other cues you see.

        • MarkoS

          look for yourself and think about it. Some may see it some won’t. In any case this is a design study, it needn’t have immediately recognizable cues.

          • europeon

            I asked for examples.

          • MarkoS

            Ask away I am not your employee. Take an objective looks at a high concept.

          • europeon

            It was clear from the start you know absolutely nothing about Alfa’s design and heritage, you just proved it once more.

          • MarkoS

            Cute comment for a Child. I actually know quite a lot about Alfa Romeos design cues and heritage. Everything needn’t be obvious, and again this is a high concept rendering, not a production proposal. Being a thoroughly modern and a hyper car render it would be more abstract. Grow up.

          • europeon

            Sure you do.

            Help a poor guy which owned five Alfa Romeos to “grow up” by giving some examples of “Alfa design cues” you see in that render.

          • MarkoS

            You are funny, move on.

          • europeon

            Five posts later, yet I see no examples of those design cues you’re talking about.

          • MarkoS

            And with your attitude you won’t. Hint think abstract and actually look at the above photos. Move on now.

          • europeon

            Just one.

    • MarkoS

      Plenty of subtle Alfa styling ques there. The purpose of a concept is to explore new directions and this is heavy concept in this form. Its also a concept hyper car concept here in a few renderings.

  • botornot387

    now thats an alfa i want to see get built!

  • Bash

    There is something Ferrari about it and you know it!

    • MarkoS

      Yea, it is red.

      • Bash

        I’m not laughing.


  • Matteo Tommasi

    Could work as a mouse for my computer.

  • Enter Ranting

    Do you lay down to drive it?

  • [email protected]/FordBronco

    Beautiful supersports supercar much cute lines.
    Were Good by Alfa Romep made iin Italian Bellissima.

  • McFly

    Nice design work! He makes it look like an Alfa Romeo by using shapes, not by putting a trademarked grille in the front.

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