Infiniti Details Their Dual Electrification Strategy, Announces Gas-Powered EV With Up To 429 HP

Infiniti is celebrating their 30th anniversary this week and the company is marking the occasion by revealing new details about their electrification plans.

While a number of automakers are embracing electric vehicles, Infiniti isn’t putting all their eggs in one basket. Instead, the company will offer both electric vehicles and “gas-generated EV models.” The latter will be equipped with a petrol engine that acts as a generator.

As part of the company’s “two powertrains, one platform” approach, future models will ride on platforms which can accommodate both powertrains. EVs will have a high-capacity battery pack, while gas-powered EVs will have a smaller battery, a fuel tank and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with variable compression technology.

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Infiniti Q Inspiration 1

Infiniti didn’t go into too many specifics, but confirmed gas-powered EVs will have a battery pack that ranges in capacity from 3.5 to 5.1 kWh. It will power an all-wheel drive system with an electric motor on each axle.

The motors will have a combined output ranging from 248 hp (185 kW / 251 PS) to 429 hp (320 kW / 435 PS). The latter high-performance variants will be to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in around 4.5 seconds.

Unlike plug-in hybrids, Infiniti’s gas-powered EVs won’t have a charging port. Instead, all electricity will be generated by the petrol engine.

The company’s dual powertrain strategy is a tad unusual, but Infiniti believes gas-powered EVs offer the best of both worlds. As they explained, they’ll have thrilling and instantaneous acceleration without drawbacks such as a limited range and a lackluster recharging infrastructure.

Furthermore, gas-powered EVs will have lower emissions than conventionally powered vehicles. They’ll also act as a “bridge to full electrification” as some customers aren’t ready to embrace traditional electric vehicles.

New Look To Accompany New Powertrains

Infiniti Qs Inspiration Concept 31

Future models will have a new look as Infiniti says designers won’t have to create vehicles around an “internal combustion engine, propshaft, fuel tank or transmission.” This means they’ll be able to explore new shapes and proportions as well more efficient packaging.

As part of this effort, future models will have a “Powerful Serenity” design that promises to be “progressive, seamless and [as] powerful as their electrified powertrains.” They’ll also be very Japanese and incorporate the spatial concept of “Ma” which is described as “emptiness full of possibilities, potential and anticipation.”

Infiniti says future electric vehicles will have designs that emphasize the smooth, muscular spaces between the sharp, sheer lines of their bodywork. The company also said the models will have “svelte, graceful and uncluttered” styling as well as surfaces and creases inspired by origami.

One of the biggest changes will be the elimination of a traditional grille. It will be replaced by an outline of a grille which features a prominent Infiniti logo.

The exterior styling won’t be the only thing that changes as the cabin will benefit from improved packaging and a battery located beneath the floor. This will allow designers to create larger and more spacious interiors that are “lounge-like.”

Note: Infiniti Q Inspiration and Qs Inspiration concepts pictured

Infiniti Qs Inspiration Concept 26

  • willhaven

    “Gas-Powered EV” ummmm – that’s not how this works.

    • DetrinKD

      Honestly.. it just may work for the people that just can’t process “EV’s”. Essentially you’ll be driving a car that you put gas in from time-to-time, just not a frequent.

      • TheHunnn

        Also helps spread the lineup to areas that do not have a good charging infrastructure, like rural America. For people out in the country, EVs are not a great choice as the range is not adequate for the way we drive & travel.

        • DetrinKD

          Didn’t think of that! Very good point.

    • Dude

      It sounds dumb, but it’s actually pretty smart. It’s more simple than most hybrids today and that should lower the cost. Nissan calls it e-power on their models and it’s used on some cars in Japan and Europe. The Note e-Power was one of the best selling cars in Japan last year

      • MarketAndChurch

        It’ll be like paying for unbelievably cheap gas.

      • Mr Mister

        Isn’t this just how the Volt operated, but with a lot smaller battery? Which that aspect, combined with the more powerful motors seems like a bad idea to me.

        • Dude

          No. The Volt mostly works like the Prius. It has two motor-generators and the engine does have a mechanical connection to the wheels. With this the engine only connects to the generator to create electricity for the motor(s) which are the only source of power for the wheels. This allows for fuel efficiency on par with the Prius but with more than double power (105lbft vs 236lbft) and lower complexity.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Two gorgeous Tesla-fighters. Very nice specs on a very brilliant two-pronged strategy, I like it!

  • benT

    Cannot WAIT to see their battery factory, production line, delivery strategy, plans to produce ‘en masse’ and be doing up to 500,000 unit production within 6 years.

    • Matt

      Cool story bro.

    • Mr Mister

      I’m not sure why you’re viewing a pretty simple announcement of a car company’s plans for adopting a more electric powered future like this like Infiniti is out to destroy Musk but…ok?

      • benT

        Mister Blister
        Best Regards
        (you disturb with your stupid misreading / interpretation of what I’ve said which is to question the network in place, or planned, in order to support the distribution of their car.)


  • DetrinKD

    I think this approach of shifting to a fully electric lineup is honestly pretty brilliant. It’s much more efficient and financially safe than creating separate models on multiple platforms. And people also say Infiniti doesn’t have a clear identity… I think this shift can help them define that and become a true challenger to Tesla. Just hope they have some more powerful options planned in the future. I feel like the 400hp+ models should be quicker to 60 than 4.5 seconds. Overall, as an Infiniti fan who just drove a Model 3 Performance for the first time, I am excited to learn more about the coming lineup.

    • Mr Mister

      I don’t think they are doing that at all though. This is just them saying that as they start to develop electric cars, they’re going to make those models electric or hybrid.

      I honestly don’t understand the weird positive reaction from the comments here. Not that I’m saying its a bad thing (I quite like it, and have been saying for some time that I wished we had more hybrid models – and especially ones developed from the start as such and not shoehorned in), but I think people are reading way more into this than it is actually saying.

      • benT

        well well well .
        Who’s the supercilious intellectual……

        “…..I don’t think …..”
        “…I honestly don’t understand …..”
        “…..Not that I’m saying …..”
        “…..I quite like it…..”
        “…..I wished we had more…..”
        “…..I think people are reading …..”

    • Matt

      4.5 seconds to 60 is fast in anyone’s book… you need to have a pretty serious performance car to get under 4 seconds.

  • SteersUright

    These look great. Nissan/Infiniti has made some amazing cars in it’s past. Im rooting for a strong comeback from the brands.

  • Six_Tymes

    range anxiety Be Gone!

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