JLR’s Structural Electronics Can Revolutionize Car Interiors

Jaguar Land Rover is investing in Lightweight Electronics Simplified Architecture (LESA) technology, which is used in flexible wearables and curved OLED TVs.

For cars, the tech has the potential to radically change the interiors of the future and could offer customers greater ability to customize their vehicles according to their needs. During system trials, this tech cut weight by up to 60% by containing wiring, sensors and computing power within non-metal materials.

By using LESA tech, JLR will be able to “manufacture body panel displays to show information only when needed to help designers achieve streamlined and buttonless designs for future cars.”

Such designs could include customizable interior ambient lighting systems, body controls, wraparound button-less dashboards and advanced fabric/leather heated steering wheels. We could also see digital displays appearing on surfaces like wood without the need for a screen, or solar panels being added to a car without adding extra system weight.

The system uses CAD (computer animated drawings) to virtually “unfold” a part into its 2D structure, then printing the electronic circuit onto the flat surface, mounting the components, before the CAD is folded back into its original 3D state.

The British carmaker has already successfully trialled LESA tech on an overhead control panel prototype, achieving a weight reduction of 60% and minimizing the part size from 50 mm (1.96 inches) to just 3.5 mm (0.13 inches).

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“Healthcare, aerospace, consumer technology and military industries are already harnessing the benefits of structural electronics and our research is leading the way in the automotive sector by bringing it into the cabin for the first time,” said JLR electrical research technical manager, Ashutosh Tomar.

“We believe LESA represents the future of vehicle electronics and will enable us to design and manufacture innovative, flexible and customisable cabins for our customers while also reducing weight and cost during production helping us reach Destination Zero.”

  • Van Hammer

    JLR and electronics? Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that…

  • Toronado_II

    When I see JLR, I always think about reliability.


      Did you know there has never been an unreliable JLR, ever?

      • Toronado_II

        Huh ?!?

        • MMMBRAP

          lol, I was being sarcastic.

          Your comment reminded me of a classic episode of Top Gear when they’re testing classic British sports cars:

          May: “Did you know in the entire record of TVR, there has been no recorded incident of any one ever breaking down.”

          Clarkson: “Oh yeah, I heard that.”

          *TVR in the background doesn’t start.*

          • Toronado_II

            Yeah, right…. Lol !
            Oh my…

    • sidewaysspin

      I always think about eminent bankruptcy.

  • Alduin

    Ah yes just what everybody needs screen!! screens!!! and more screens!!!! to add to your distraction while you drive.


      The best is when you have everything screens and incredibly long loading times, of which it times out after 4 minutes and freezes the entire system.

      That’s a safety feature.

  • Enter Ranting

    No to this gimmick. Buttons are better. Moving on…

  • designer_dick

    To JLR’s engineers – just make sure you test it well enough, eh guys? You’ve got a tendency to rush half-finished technology to market and use buyers as beta testers.


      Uh………that would be entirely un-British.

      The entire point of British engineering is that it never works at any given time.

      I would be appalled if they broke that tradition and started going for Toyota-like reliability.

      • Sydromir


  • rockyroad


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