New Mercedes-Benz EQS Study Reveals Futuristic, Lounge-Like Interior

Following yesterday’s teaser of a new, unnamed EQ model, Mercedes-Benz has released interior images and sketches of the Frankfurt Motor Show-bound study.

Believed to preview the brand’s flagship EQS electric luxury sedan, the concept sports a very luxurious and futuristic cabin. It features four individual lounge-like seats mounted on a seemingly flat floor separated by a suspended center tunnel that flows from the dashboard to the rear screen.

The photos featured on Mercedes’ Facebook page are accompanied by a short description that reads “the EQ story continues. We’re pioneering the future of sustainable modern luxury. See the interior design vision of an all-electric four seater luxury sedan.”

The centerpiece of the dashboard is the massive display which rises from the center tunnel acting as the main interface between the driver and the vehicle. There are also four slightly smaller displays mounted on each door allowing passengers to control multimedia preferences and operate the windows.

We can also spot a butterfly-type steering wheel that likely retracts into the dash when autonomous mode is engaged. It’s not hard to imagine the front seats rotate towards the rear area to create a relaxing environment and allow passengers to engage in face-to-face conversation while the vehicle deals with the tedious task of driving.

As for the exterior, yesterday’s teaser images revealed a sleek four-door coupe silhouette with a rakish windscreen and a compact greenhouse. The production Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury EV is expected to ride on the new MEA platform and feature two electric motors with a combined output of more than 592 hp (441 kw / 600 PS) in the rumored AMG variant.

The EQS is likely to offer a driving range in excess of 310 miles (500 kilometers) when it debuts sometime in 2021.

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  • McFly

    We’ve seen rectangular steering wheels in concept cars for 50 years now.
    Prove that it works in an ordinary car, or let it go already.

    • Ben

      Rectangular steering wheels and square steering wheels have been used. Its not just a new thing either, look at the 1962 Chrysler Imperial. There are other examples too. You could also look at F1 and their use of square/rectangle steering wheels. Some argue, convincingly, that a square/rectangle steering wheel is the better choice. It gives more room for passenger legs, sits lower than the driver’s viewing angle of the road or gauges, and forces drivers to use a 9-3 grip which is better than 10-2.

      Corvette’s C8 is just the latest to fashion a square/rectangle steering wheel. I believe the reason its not more common is because of design rather than functionality. Circular steering wheels matches with circular buttons, vents, gauges, etc. A Square steering wheel would stick out like a sore thumb unless the interior was designed to flow with it. Now that gauges are becoming rectangular screens rather than circular pods, buttons are more square/rectangular than circles, vents are now sleek rather than circular, we may see more square/rectangular steering wheels.

      • McFly

        Note that I wrote “in an ordinary car”. In many racing cars there is no need to let go of your grip, so a rectangular shape makes sense.

        I think the reason we don’t see rectangular (not slightly squeezed circles like the C8 and Imperial 🙂 ) steering wheels in ordinary cars is that they are unpractical during low speed manoeuvres. And we see them in concept cars because they look good.

        If design was the reason we don’t see them, they wouldn’t have been used in design concepts for half a century.

        • Ben

          Design is tricky business, especially in the automotive space. Regardless of cargo capacity, fuel efficiency or other positive attributes, an ugly or “funky” design is hard to sell. People are need time to ease into a new design route. Look at the push back automakers get when they erase buttons.When working with models that take hundreds of millions, if not billions to bring to market, playing it safe is not a suggestion, but nearly a rule.

          Most people would classify the Corvette’s wheel as square, specifically when looking at what it was in the past. But if you deem “square” steering wheels as literal bricks the size of a tablet or small pillow, I think there is a safety reason behind not following through with the design. A small square steering wheel is technically superior than a circular wheel, but lacks two things in my opinion. The first being room for error. If you wanted square steering wheels the size of a tablet or small pillow, there is little room for a hand to slide to a different position. Its nearly 9-3 or no position at all. People’s grip slip all the time and you want as much gripping real estate as possible for such errors.

          The second reasoning for not incorporating “small” or literal squares as steering wheels is because leverage. In order to make a turn at low speed with such a small steering wheel you’d need to have pretty sensitive steering ratio which most drivers wouldn’t be able to handle casually. As you mentioned a quick steering rack and small ratio is better suited to performance cars. A wheel the size of the Corvette would be large enough for most drivers, offer the benefits of square/rectangular steering wheels without the disadvantages of one that was comically small.

  • Ben

    The video player UI on the passenger side is a dead rip from Windows Media Player LOL! C’mon Mercedes….

  • Jay_Sam

    Now we know how the new S class interior will look like. Under camo I thought the screen placement was weird but looking at that concept I think the new S class interior will be elegant.

    • PK

      i really hope those side screens are in for production model! that looks sick! <3

      • Jay_Sam

        Spy shots do not give even a slight glimpse about door panels of the S class. But let’s hope for the side screens. S class is known to be innovative in every gen. Maybe this is an exact innovation we can except.

    • no25

      Yes, but this is a concept, so let’s hope it translates as nicely to production.

      • Jay_Sam

        For sure.

  • Jason Panamera

    I’m curious if interiors of EQS and next S class gonna differ much.

  • Sjaak

    speed boat

  • Six_Tymes

    Other than the massive amounts of grimy finger prints you would have all over, I suppose you could wipe it down constantly. The design is stunningly gorgeous.

  • Mike anonymous

    I personally miss the “E-Cell” Naming Mercedes used for their Electric vehicles previously.

  • Jason Panamera

    Dashboard and screens remind me of a map from Trackmania.

  • TheBelltower

    Love this. This clean and minimal design is refreshing compared to the New Jersey stripclub inspired design of current MB’s.

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