Toyota Avalon “Mean Machine” Features Lots Of Batman Stickers And… Studs?

We think it’s safe to say that the Toyota Avalon is hardly the first vehicle that comes to mind when you think of tuned cars.

Sure, Toyota itself released a sporty TRD trim for the latest-generation model, but one does not see that many tuned Avalons in the wild. That should not come as a surprise, since the Japanese saloon is preferred by customers who want a reliable and comfy ride. Still, when a modified example does make an appearance, it’s very likely to be a special sight.

Take this previous-generation Avalon, which was spotted in Missouri recently by a Reddit user. When it left the showroom floor, it surely looked nothing like this – yet its current owner decided to spice things up a bit…

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While we don’t think it’s a looker, the truth is it must have taken a lot of painstaking work, dedication and attention to detail to turn it into “The Mean Machine” you see here.

There’s so much going on we don’t even know where to start. While it’s clear that the owner is a Batman fan, we don’t get why there are so many studs attached to the body. There are so many things sticking out of the bodywork and covering the original paint that if this Avalon were a person, it would be full of tattoos and piercings.

Oh, and one more thing: all the add-ons seem put together in a perfectly symmetrical way. Well, whatever tickles anyone’s fancy – and, in any case, we find all those studs much weirder than that…

  • Smith

    That is disgusting. Cannot imagine anything this ridiculous would be legal in any develop country, must be in the USA.

    • Six_Tymes

      If a comment could mimic a design, your comment is the equivalent of the way that car looks.

    • PB0000

      haters gonna hate. USA

  • Bo Hanan
  • Wandering_Spirit

    That is what style is all about.

  • Bo Hanan
    • Six_Tymes


  • Bash

    Something we know for sure here is that no one will park next to it.

  • Six_Tymes

    and mean people suck.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    That’s added thousands to its value.

  • McFly

    Batman stickers? I see generic bats, dog heads and Transformers. A mess so messy it feels mean to make fun of it. I hope this soothed some itch.

  • Nobody

    How to ruin a car’s value in nothing flat. I think the picture was taken at Walmart, which would be appropriate.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      Hey, that literally will buff out. No worries.

  • Paul

    What an ugly abortion, I think somebody needs to get a life.

  • Infinite1

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should


  • SnakePlant

    Toyota Sentry Mode

  • PB0000

    Haters and losers need not apply. USA

  • Mr. EP9

    My eyes.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Could replace all that with one window sticker that says ‘40 year old virgin inside’

  • MrWilsonxD

    Why does my body hurt

  • robotlogic

    Looks like someone won a shopping spree at their local PepBoys.

  • Robert

    Being that it’s a yawn worthy Toyota to start with – this may be the one time this ridiculousness is a improvement.

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