Luca de Meo Is Renault’s New CEO, Will Report For Duty On July 1

Luca de Meo will be assisted by Clotilde Delbos, who will act as Deputy CEO.

World’s Lowest Lada Niva Is Ridiculous Yet We Can’t Look Away

Some crazy Russians decided the Lada Niva needed an extreme makeover – and then this happened.

2020 Lada Niva Gains A More Comfortable Cabin, Exterior Stays Largely The Same

The updated Lada Niva brings new seats and a refreshed dashboard, among other improvements.

GM Sells Off Russian Assembly Operation That Builds Chevrolet Niva

Buyer AvtoVAZ will rebadge the Chevrolet Niva as a Lada after the transition period.

Two Ladas Collide At High Speed, One Of Them Rolls Over As A Result

Two Ladas going way over the speed limit and one of them making an extremely aggressive move; small surprise it turned out badly.

Wash An Old Lada With A Fire Hose? Well, That Should Be Fun

Spraying a car with a high-pressure fire hose is a surefire way to ruin it – especially if it happens to be a rust bucket.

Niva 4×4 California Is A Lada You Might Actually Want To Buy

Lada has already previewed its own modern-day Niva concept, but this study doesn’t look bad either.

You Can Drive A Car With Manhole Covers Instead Of Wheels – But You Don’t Want To

As fun as that may seem, we suggest you do not try it at home. We know we wouldn’t…

Russian Army Cops Attempt 180-Degree Reverse Turn – And Fail Spectacularly

It would seem that the Vesta may not be the best car for attempting these types of stunts.

Renault Will Decide Next Week Whether It’ll Pursue FCA Merger Talks

A merger between Renault and FCA would create the world’s third largest automotive group.

Fiat Chrysler Officially Proposes 50-50 Merger With Renault Group

The deal between FCA and Renault could take more than a year to finalize however.

Fit An Ancient Lada With 38-Inch Wheels? Yep, That’ll Be Great!

Huge wheels on an very old Lada? Sure, why not said a couple of Russian mechanics.