Tesla Cybertruck Could Get Innovative Electromagnetic Windshield Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck would be a good candidate for this wiper design thanks to its flat windscreen .

Ford Patent Reveals Electric F-150 Might Use Up To Four Motors

The electric Ford F-150 will use a body-on-frame platform unlike any other and sport either 2 or 4 electric motors.

SK Innovation And LG Chem Patent Feud Could Disrupt EV Battery Supplies

SK Innovation and LG Chem have filed lawsuits against each other in the U.S., which could spell trouble for automakers.

FCA Working On Turbocharged Inline-Six With Various Power Outputs

FCA’s new turbocharged inline-six is believed to eventually replace the aging Pentastar V6.

Porsche Patents Novel Seat Design For Autonomous Cars

Porsche has previously said it won’t ditch steering wheels and pedals from its future vehicles even though it will adopt autonomous tech.

Ferrari Files Patents For New, More Fuel-Efficient V12

Ferrari appears to be looking for innovative ways to ensure its V12 sticks around without electrification or downsizing.