Tesla Model S Prototype Allegedly Demolishes Porsche Taycan’s ‘Ring Lap Record

The fastest lap timed manually by a witness was 7m23s, making the Model S prototype 20 seconds quicker than the Taycan.

Mazda MX-5 Breaks A Record You Never Knew Existed, Always Wanted To Try

A modified MX-5 Mk1 broke the record for the most hairpins driven by a car in 12 hours.

Watch VW’s ID.R Devour The Tianmen Mountain Hillclimb In China

The all-electric racer sprinted up the spectacular, and very dangerous, route that has 99 (!) corners in just 7:38.585.

New Record Set For The Largest Bentley Gathering Ever

1,321 Bentleys gathered at the courts of Blenheim Palace during the 2019 Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance .

Largest Ford Mustang Gathering Ever Enters Record Books With 1,326 Vehicles

Owners from all over Europe managed to set a world record for the most Mustangs in a single parade.

Aiways U5 EV Reaches Frankfurt After Epic 9,334-Mile Drive From China, Sets World Record

The two Aiways U5 electric SUV prototypes covered 15,022 kilometers after crossing 12 countries in 53 days.

Koenigsegg Congratulates Bugatti On 304 MPH Run, But Points Out They’re Still The Record Holders

Despite Bugatti being the first to breach the 300 mph barrier, Koenigsegg still holds the title of the fastest production car ever.

Hennessey Believes Bugatti’s Top Speed Chiron Prototype May Have Had 2,000 HP

Bugatti’s top speed Chiron prototype was 40 mph faster than the Chiron Sport.

Bugatti Says Chiron Prototype Could Have Gone 15 MPH Faster In Nevada

The Bugatti Chiron didn’t have its top speed verified by Guinness because it only ran in one direction.

Audi RS Q8 Prototype May Have Set An SUV Nurburgring Record

The Audi RS Q8 reportedly lapped the German circuit in around 7:47.

Hennessey Congratulates Bugatti On Top Speed Record, Says It Wants To Hit 310.6 MPH (500 KM/H)

Hennessey wants to go one step further with the Venom F5 and steal the record from Bugatti.

VW ID.R Sets Record With 7:38.585 In Heaven’s Gate Run

The fully-electric VW ID.R race car conquered the road’s tricky 99 hairpin turns in less than 8 minutes.