Reckless Subaru Boy Racer Learns the Hard Way that Public Roads are Not Racetracks [Updated]

Unfortunately, for regular drivers minding their own business, sometimes they share the road with so-called boy-racers who mistake public streets for Need for Speed video game stages. Considering that many of these boy racers drive powerful cars, like the person in the following video, the outcome of their “adventures” is far too often a tragic one. The following incident serves as an example of what can happen when inexperienced drivers go too fast on busy roads to show off in front of their friends. The driver of a Subaru Impreza WRX STI pushes the accelerator pedal way too hard as he tries to follow an even more lunatic motorcycle rider, reaching speeds of around 190 km/h (118 mph) on a busy transit road, purportedly in Russia. He manages to dodge several cars at high speeds but when traffic suddenly halts to a stop inside a tunnel, he can’t slow down quickly enough and crashes into a line of stopped cars. Luckily for the innocent victims, the Subaru grazed their cars on the sides, as the driver tried to make his way between the vehicles. This accident could have ended much worse, so we’re hoping the reckless driver learned his lesson – or maybe the angry drivers that were hit helped him learn it.By Dan Mihalascu