Toyota Taxi Driver Panics After Being Chased by Scooter Riders, Chaotic Scene Ensures

Taiwan is quickly ascending our list of favorite countries to watch dash-cam filmed incidents – but don’t worry Russia, you’re still the number one in our hearts and how can you not be with clips like this and this. But let’s get back to Taiwan and this video filmed on Keelung Road in Taipei. For a long time now, there’s a battle brewing between motorists in cars and trucks and scooter riders in the country – you can probably blame both, though, the videos we’ve seen point to a rather chaotic situation when it comes to motorcycles users who sprout from left and right (see the second video). However, the incident in the first video shows something different altogether as a Toyota taxi cab driver is being chased by several scooter riders – the Google-translated YouTube description mentions something about drugs and the car hitting a scooter, but as you may have guessed, it doesn’t make much sense. That said, bilingual Taiwanese readers are welcome to chip in. The car then scraps its bumper on a bus as it tries to get away before knocking down a couple of bikers! See the incident unroll in the clip below.