Carbon Fiber Mini Ducktail Spoiler Now Available for Tesla Model S

The rear of the Tesla Model S is nicely designed, modern and houses a big boot that can even take two rear-facing kid seats. However, because of the fastback-style short boot, a mini ducktail spoiler like the one you see above seems to go really nicely with it, if you have the cash… It’s the product of a new company called EV Autosalon, and it’s actually their very first product. They won’t focus exclusively on Teslas or the Model S and will release mods for other EVs and hybrids. The spoiler itself fits nicely with the outline of the deck, and even if we don’t have a shot of it taken from further away (so as to see how it affects the lines of the entire body), it looks like it works cosmetically. Don’t forget, though, that the Model S is a car designed to be as slippery through the air as possible, and EV Autosalon had better make sure it doesn’t affect high-speed stability and/or range – the one that Tesla officially offers and can be ordered with the car is claimed to improve on the former. Going for $1,200 in carbon fiber (glossy or matte) and $600 out of fiberglass, this aftermarket one is the kind of thing your must really want and like in order to buy, as it’s a bit on the pricey side. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: green.autoblog via teslamotorsclub