Future Cars: A Modern Take On Aussie Ford Falcon Coupe

When people think muscle cars, generally, icons of America’s most noteworthy V8’s come to mind – Camaro, Mustang and Challenger to just name a few. However down under in Australia, where most things that crawl into your shoes will try and bite you; there are two RWD V8 arch rivals. Holden’s Commodore and Ford’s long-serving Falcon.

Sadly for our Aussie fans, both are a dying breed; Ford is stopping local vehicle production in 2016 and Holden in 2017. In Ford’s case it means killing the Falcon nameplate (one of the longest running in automotive history) and bringing an end to the blue oval’s last RWD V8-powered sedan.

Obituaries aside, what if Ford reversed their decision and even better still, revived Mad Max’s most favoured drive – the Ford Falcon Coupe? Great you say? So let’s illustratively explore with a proposal I’ve put together:

In a design sense, resurrection of such a concept would follow in Ford’s current styling ethos and embrace elements from the Falcon’s illustrious past. Inspiration is heavily borrowed from the XA/XB Falcon coupe of the 70’s, with its circular headlight lenses, flared up rear haunches and roofline profile.

You’ll also see an solid dose of 2015 Mustang in the overall proportions, with a long hood, fastback tail and general surfacing language. Rear stance is emphasised by an high-angled spoiler, quad exhaust pipes and full-width horizontal LED tri-bar taillights.

Under the muscular bodywork could lay the Mustang’s fundamental building blocks in body structure and mechanicals. Cue a rigid platform, EcoBoost four cylinder and V8 power plants, RWD and independent rear suspension. Another possibility is to carry over the supercharged (and highly underrated) 5.0-liter V8 from Ford Australia’s now defunct performance division – FPV.

Unfortunately, such an offering from Down Under would potentially poach sales from the Mustang in America. Therefore, one could only foresee it being sold in countries where people drive on the left and where the ‘Stang‘ isn’t available. However if it did, this 2+2 seater hypothetical would battle against Nissan’s 370Z, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro.

So come on Ford, how about giving back to the folks of the land down under by bringing back the last of the V8-powered interceptors.

Tell us what you think below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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  • That Ross Chap

    That would be good for them to make but the chances are so small they aren’t really worth considering. Regardless, this looks very good – muscular and aggressive as hell. The back seems a bit too short but regardless it looks good

  • Paul

    The numbers of XR8 and XR6 Turbo Falcons are being severely limited to avoid cannibalizing Mustang sales. The fear is if anyone drives a Mustang back to back with a performance Falcon the more practical, nicer to drive, higher performance Falcon will win hands down.

    • V8 Guy

      Wake up man your in dreamland

  • GreenApple18r

    Not feeling the rear but that three quarter view is simply stunning. Josh is certainly very talented. I loved his Elantra sketch too.

  • ford fan

    I would love to see that roll out of the ford factory

  • Anthony from Australia

    There is no way this would happen. It will be good to see our Aussie cars continuing but Ford don’t give a shit about us Aussies. They forced the closure of our production lines by neglecting the falcon and its suv brother, the territory. Ford did not even bother putting any advertising in the past five years which basically led the decline of the falcon. Meanwhile you have the Holden Commodore which is the fourth most selling car in Australia this year and somehow they decided its better to shut down in 2017. Ford should of taken a leaf out of Holden’s book and exported the Falcon to America and Europe as a four door performance car in either 5.0L Supercharged V8 based on the Cayote engine from the Mustangs or the 4.0 Inline 6 “Barra” Turbo Engine produced only in Austalia. Now that would of been something, seeing Ford vs Holden (Chevy SS) in other countries.

  • casho2015

    I would buy this. But it will never be made 🙁

  • Rod Topperwien

    Love it, too bad the yanks can’t see past their borders as to who can produce the best quality vehicles!

    • dumblikeyou2

      Oh please. I wouldn’t go that far with the quality statement. Average at best. And too damned far to export to the rest of the world.

  • Nooky

    This is brilliant.

  • Duke Woolworth

    In the US, the Falcon was a cheap economy car from which the Mustang was developed. Few Americans know the connection.

  • yo

    so these pics are basically a mustang. whats the big deal? Id rather see Ford make a hot rod LINCOLN off the mustang platform. And NOT just a rebadge!!!

  • shiv

    love the rear end…looks like the first time i have seen one on a car scoops rendition…as for the front end…looks great…would like to see how square headlights look..

  • fgx xr8

    if Ford America had any sence they would export the Falcon globally, not as a coupe but as a Rear wheel drive 4 door sedan, this way Ford Australia wouldnt need to shut its doors and the rest of the world could enjoy what Ford Australia has to offer, Our V8 comes standard from the factory supercharged with 335kw which actually produces alot more, we also have a 270 & 310kw turbocharged straight 6, also a 200kw LPG straight 6 for those who want economy.
    the latest FGX Falcon is by far the best 4 Door sedans in the world and would be perfect for those with a family who want a comfortable yet sporty car with plenty of power.

    • Sam

      The problem is the Falcon does not meet emissions and economy standards to be sold in countries other than Australia and NZ, its barely meeting the standards as it is which is why Ford has said October 2016 is the shutdown date as any vehicle built in Australia from November 1 2016 has to meet Euro V compliance and the Falcon wont, maybe with the Eco4 it would, but the Big6 wont. But again that falls back on the lack of funds for Ford Australia to invest in either revising the Barra or engineering the car to suit a US Ford V6.

  • yo

    its just a mustang. Call it what it is. Would rather see a LINCOLN version

  • Jeff Ax

    One word: BADASS!!

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