Peugeot’s New Fractal Coupe-Hatch-Convertible Concept In All Its Photo Glory

Peugeot’s teaser videos didn’t really shed a lot of light on their new Fractal concept, but these official images that landed on the web moments ago do.

They show a sported up coupe-hatch concept (think something in the likes of VW’s Scirocco) with a retractable roof and seating for four in a 2+2 layout.

It borrows more than its fair share of design elements from Peugeot’s recent digital racer for the Gran Turismo 6 game, mixing hard lines and edges with curvy surfaces on the body, together with the shape and styling of the slim LED headlights and tail lamps, and some of Peugeot’s more production elements like its trademark front grille.

We don’t have any information on what powers this dynamic looking sports hatch / convertible yet, but in one of the interior pictures we did notice a battery charge icon that reads “62% – 98km” on the instrument panel, so it’s either a pure-electric model or a hybrid/plug-in hybrid (we can’t tell for sure if it has tailpipes).

The new Fractal concept will debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

H/T to V! Pics via Autowp

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