Aston Martin Could Build Plant In Macedonia

The quintessentially British, boutique car manufacturer, is apparently considering building a new manufacturing plant, far from Gaydon’s well-established roots.

Aston Martin is currently deciding where to build a new plant to expand its product range. In fact, Reuters reports that the firm began with a list of 19 possible locations, but narrowed it down to two British sites, one in Alabama, and another in the Middle East.

Even so, it appears that the Republic of Macedonia (a country that was included in the first 19 locations, but ruled out in the meantime) apparently came up with better offer for the car maker, as one of the sources for the news agency said: “Macedonia is a recent and late contender having been previously ruled out. They came back with a stronger bid.”

The same source also said that was not enough clarity in the Middle Eastern option, and the site in Sutton Coldfield, central England, that was also considered, apparently “[…] has dropped a few balls of late.”

To top it off, a senior government official in Skopje confirmed that the country was in the running, succinctly saying that they’ve made a good offer.

A decision will be made in the following weeks, even though we have a feeling that a site chosen outside of the U.K will upset purists.