Audi S8 Avant Is What Happens When Designers Call It A Day

There had been a few reports over the years claiming that Audi might develop an Avant version of its flagship, the A8.

Fortunately, full-sized SUVs caught on and there was no need for such a vehicle anymore, but we all know that it will only take one of the three main German premium brands to develop an estate and soon, all of them will follow suit.

This photoshop from RainPrisk shows how such a model may look like. It was based off the current S8 sedan. Its sportier character is highlighted by a sloping roofline, aluminum bits and blue paint,

However, it’s safe to say that Audi has no plans of producing such a model, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t want a similar S-Class and BMW has no need for a five-door 7-Series, but surely there are some who appreciate this rendering and wish for something like this to hit dealerships. Are you one of them?