Bespoke McLaren 12C MSO Hits Japanese Market

As McLaren Automotive’s first production model, the oddly-named MP4-12C had its work cut out when it was launched.

With established models like the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 458 Italia already on the market at the time of the 12C’s debut, it’s not overly surprising that the British supercar fell short on a number of fronts.

Its main drawback was a lack of emotional connection to the driver, something its rivals had in spades. In spite of that, it was, and still is, insanely potent thanks to a 600hp+ 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8.

One of the most personalized 12Cs ever created by McLaren Special Operations has appeared for sale in Japan.

To its owners request, MSO fitted with an aggressive new splitter at the front, carbon wing mirrors, a bespoke diffuser, carbon engine cover, parking sensors and the optional “Stealth Pack”.

It also has a special order roof scoop, a towering carbon fiber rear wing, custom side skirts, 24k gold plated exhaust heatshield, lowered suspension, track-only exhaust system and a rare colour dubbed “Fire Black”. The interior includes leather upholstery, carbon fiber for the seat backs and a Meridian sound system.