Black Ferrari 599 GTO With XX Components Is A Collector’s Dream

Not many people know this, but from the factory, the Ferrari 599 GTO could be specified with a number of parts from the marque’s XX programme as part of the ‘Track Use Aerokit’.

Just a handful of 599 GTO owners ever opted to have these parts installed on their vehicles and now one such example is up for sale in San Francisco.

This particular 599 GTO has been installed with all the available XX parts, consisting of a redesigned front splitter, the aggressive wings on the rear pillars as well as a large bootlid lip spoiler. This package has been designed for use on slower race tracks where maximum downforce is needed through the corners. On the straights, the additional drag makes it slower than a standard GTO and importantly, it’s reported that the aero kit isn’t homologated for street use, meaning it’s only legal to use on a race track.

Given the fact that this car has an asking price of $895,000, we can’t imagine the future owner being too concerned with this. After all, only the most well-informed Ferrari enthusiast would know that it shouldn’t be driven on the street; to most police it’s no different than any other 599. Judging by the fact it has 2,227 miles on the clock, it seems apparent that the previous owner drove it on the street.

Given the soaring value of 599 GTOs and the unique specification of this car, we can imagine it becoming increasingly valuable in the coming years.