BMW Confident Emmisions Scandal Won’t Affect Its Own Diesel Sales In The US

Despite around 600,000 of Volkswagen’s diesel models being recalled across the United States, BMW is still confident in the future of diesel driven cars in the country.

Director of research and development Klaus Frohlich recently told Car and Driver that, despite VW’s emissions cheating scandal, there’s no chance it will stop offering diesel cars.

“We have no reason to give up on diesel in the United States. It’s still one-third of the X cars we sell there, they’re strong on diesel. The customers that have had diesel cars from us are really diesel fans.

“The reality is that heavy cars in the US will stay with diesel power because they need to. There are very low fuel prices at the moment, so buyers aren’t jumping over to plug-in hybrids. And we have our corporate [fuel-economy] targets to achieve, diesel is the only way to do that”, Frohlich said.

Throughout all of last year, about 6 per cent of BMW’s sales in the US were diesel-powered vehicles. Moreover, since news broke about Dieselgate in September, there was no drop in demand .