Brazil Carjacking Is Straight Out Of Grand Theft Auto

When not even one of the most violent video games can come up with a scenario where a bunch of kids relieve you of your car at gun point, you see that reality can be much more shocking than fiction.

The following scene took place at a gas station in Brazil, and the perpetrators chose a peculiar way to drive off with their newly “acquired” vehicle.

Everything happens really fast. The kids jump out of the SUV on the left and immediately get the owner of the car on the right to back down – which of course he does, as he has a gun pointed at him.

Then, they immediately open the doors to the car and pull out another passenger, also at gun point, who also ends up losing his mobile phone or whatever it is the kids had him give up when reaching in his pockets.

Once they’re done with that they set off with both cars, unaware that the car they just stole was still attached to the fuel pump.

Driving away with the gas hose still inside your tank can have serious consequences, and you’d expect to see some type of safety system in place if that happens, except this time everything remains connected and, eventually, the weakest “link” is bound to give in.