Explorer Appears In “X-Files” Reboot, More Fords To Follow

The six-part revival of the ’90s megahit bowed on Sunday with a Ford Explorer Platinum used to carry FBI agent Dana Scully.

Pairing the vehicle that set the bar for SUVs with the show that set the standard for sci-fi television is a great relationship. To be a part of an iconic television show that is so technology-centric is a perfect fit for Explorer – a vehicle loaded with driver-assist technology“, said Ginger Kasanic, Ford Marketing Manager, SUVs and Technology.

This isn’t the first time the Explorer appears in “The X-Files”, as one of its predecessors debuted in the popular TV series during the fourth season. However, the blue oval was present from the pilot and the first vehicle to pop up in the premiere episode was a blue Taurus driven by Mulder and Scully.

Ford’s collaboration with the revamped show will continue and the Explorer won’t be the only Ford to appear in the reboot, as the manufacturer announced the Escape, Mustang and Taurus will also be featured throughout the season.

The Explorer Platinum was launched last fall with features like active park assist, lane-keeping system, leather-wrapped interior and what Ford refers to as “industry-exclusive” 500-watt Sony Audio System.

The Explorer has an MSRP of $31,050, while the Platinum starts at $52,970.