Buick Super Bowl Ad Will Feature Odell Beckham Jr & Emily Ratajkowski

Buick’s first ever Super Bowl ad will bring together the brand’s all-new Cascada convertible, NY Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr and model Emily Ratajkowski, over the span of 30 seconds.

The spot will be Buick’s first commercial to air in 2016, a year in which the brand plans to launch three new products, which is fitting considering how the Cascada is Buick’s first convertible in 25 years and is set to arrive in dealerships in the coming weeks.

Other models pegged to go on sale this summer are the redesigned LaCrosse sedan and the new Envision compact crossover.

“Super Bowl 50 represents a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our newest vehicles in a spot that delivers a mix of light-hearted humor and star-power to a global audience of millions of consumers,” explained Buick exec Duncan Aldred. “We wanted talent that represented attributes of the Buick brand and design philosophy. For Buick, Odell Beckham Jr. represents unique talent and commitment to excellence that mirrors Buick’s commitment to performance. Emily Ratajkowski brings style which aligns with the Cascada’s design and adventurous spirit.”

The NY Giants star himself added that “while I would love to be on the field during the biggest game of the year, I’m excited to co-star in Buick’s first Super Bowl ad.” Of course, one of the reasons why Odell Beckham Jr hasn’t been on the football field lately (aside from his team not even making the playoffs) was his one game suspension which came swiftly at the end of the season. Beckham Jr was “found guilty” of both unnecessary roughness as well as unsportsmanlike conduct rolled into one play in which he ran up to and intentionally hit Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman from behind, helmet to helmet.

While incidents of that nature might change some people’s perspective when it comes to certain players, it’s clear that Beckham Jr has a very bright future ahead of him in the NFL and Buick isn’t shying away from recognizing that.

As for Emily Ratajkowski, she got to check “being in a Super Bowl commercial” off her bucket list, while combining her love of sports, cars and fashion.