Christian Bale Pulls Out Of Enzo Ferrari Biopic Over Health Concerns

Christian Bale will no longer star as Enzo Ferrari in the upcoming biopic directed by Michael Mann.

Filming was supposed to begin in mid-2017. However, Bale has confirmed his departure from the project over health concerns.

While the actor is known for his incredible physical transformations for various roles, he decided it was too dangerous to gain the weight necessary to play Enzo Ferrari in such a short amount of time.

On the back of this news, Mann is looking for a replacement for lead role and hopes that the project will not be delayed.

Titled Enzo Ferrari, the film has been written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, who also wrote The Italian Job.

This biopic is not to be confused with Ferrari, another movie in the works about Enzo Ferrari and the automaker he founded. In this second film, Robert De Niro has been cast as the lead.

With De Niro on board the second movie, Mann better find an A-list name for his own flick. Any suggestions?

Christian Bale picture courtesy of Asim Bharwani