Corvair-Powered, Wheelie-Loving Isetta For Sale [w/Video]

This isn’t your usual Isetta, but we guess you can already tell just by looking at its widened body-kit.

The Italian-designed microcar started life in 1957 as a stock BMW Isetta, but became known as the “Corsetta” after a “shop class” had its way with it. Apparently, a lot of time and expertise was invested into the minuscule vehicle so it could accommodate a four-carb Corvair engine – hence the name.

So, if you were wondering why the car has adopted such an outrageous body-kit, the answer is simple: to cope with the extra grunt. Going from 13 hp to 150 in a car that weights roughly 475 Kg will certainly unbalance the handling, that’s why the car comes equipped with weights on the front to hold it down and a wheelie bar on the back – to prevent it from flipping over. So, the vanilla automobile just became a full-on widow-maker; in fact, the car was considered so cool, it was featured in Hot Rod magazine in March of 1977.

The seller says the car presents itself in a good condition, as it was refurbished prior to a new professional paint job. Moreover, wheelies appear to be the Corsetta’s strong point, as the current owner describes it as “scary fast” and recommends caution while driving.

This he machine is currently auctioned-off on eBay, although last time we checked the price had reached $20,100.