Former Stig Explains Driving Modes Of Ford’s New Focus RS

Since famously leaving Top Gear, former Stig Ben Collins has been involved with a number of automakers, tire companies and TV shows and most recently, he had the opportunity to test out the new Ford Focus RS.

Ever since details about the new Focus RS emerged early last year, the automotive world has been going crazy for what is shaping up to be the best bang-for-your-buck hot hatch on the market. With a 350 hp, 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, it’s little surprise why the new RS hot hatch is so popular.

Certainly one of the most talked about elements of the new car is its ‘Drift’ mode, developed with the help of Ken Block. Until now, we haven’t known just how the drift mode works but in this clip, Collins explains the setup changes and driving experience of this rally-inspired persona.

The Drift mode works by switching the all-wheel drive system into ‘Drift’. Meanwhile, the dampers and steering are reverted to their Normal settings while the engine, electronic stability control and exhaust systems are all in Sport mode. All combined, this mode turns the Focus RS into a lairy, rear-wheel drive-bias hooning machine, perfect for use on a racetrack.