Cadillac Reportedly Working On A Small RWD Sedan

Cadillac will apparently expand its sedan range to the compact segment, with the addition of a new rear-wheel drive four-door car.

The vehicle hasn’t been officially announced at this point, but Road and Track quotes Dave Leone, the company’s executive chief engineer, who confirmed that such a model is in the works during an interview: “We are working on something below the ATS“, said the Caddy official.

Leone did not have much else to say about the future car, but he did mention that it will be rear-wheel drive and will use the Alpha platform, which will be borrowed from its larger sisters: “The sedan would presumably use a version of the Alpha platform that already serves the ATS and CTS.”

Putting a compact car into production will be challenging for Cadillac because the Alpha platform has been engineered for larger vehicles and shrinking it will be tricky, especially since the future rear-wheel drive sedan aims at a price of around $30,000, but nothing is impossible and let’s not forget that the Alpha platform was adapted for the Camaro, which sells from $26,000.

However, if Caddy will pull through, then it will have a significant advantage on top of the Mercedes-Benz CLA, the Audi S3 and the Acura ILX, among others, as all ride on front-wheel drive platforms. Engine options remain unconfirmed at this point.